Sunday, 2 November 2008

Last words on Altantunya

I didn't post for a few days. I think many were't so shocked Razak Baginda's been acquited.My thoughts on his acquital goes along these lines. MOTIVES & ACCESS

Who wanted Altantunya dead? Why did they want her dead? Who had access to delete her immigrations records & C4 bombs - both to make her disappear?

Those facts makes it NOT your average run-of-the-mill murder

Actually I can't see Baginda personally doing the act. Maybe in a moment of desperation, he somehow hinted the wrong things to the wrong people?

So, maybe he did abet the crime? He musta known about the "results" from the perpetrators no?

From who the 2 accused are, I think their training includes "report upon completion of task" or at least an "update" to whoever gave the order, no?

BUT to be fair - had we been that person who somehow misordered, neither would we report that to the relevant authorities!

2. Yes. Much as I hate to malaign someone who can no longer defend herself - & nobody deserves to be murdered; much less bombed up the way she was - but somehow from what is written, I think greed had brought her to this end.

It's hard to imagine anyone disagreeing that she did not blackmail.

It's difficult to justify a mere translator (or whatever) will be promised such a big take outta the deal. Not 1/2 million Rgt or whatever millions.

Right now. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the last 2 stooges will also be acquited. Why?

The sentence.

IF they were found guilty, what's the sentence? I think it's death by hanging, ain't it?

EVEN I find it difficult to believe that these 2 stooges will wanna die - without taking anyone down with them

Unless ofcourse the sentence is reduced to something else - manslaughter with a C4 maybe?

The real victims in the end are the family of Altantunya and us. Yeah Malaysians. Think about that

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