Sunday, 2 November 2008

Like Hell on Speed

Patrick Swayze ("Dirty Dancing" Star) who's undergoing Chemo now for his cancer said "The effects of Chemo is like Hell on Speed"

I dunno what Speed's like but I got the picture. I post some photos here to help us all get a better picture. These kids below are some of the poorest here.

This is our Grace Kelly. She's 15 & weighs maybe 35kgs. All skin & bones before Chemo & now Chemo. But she is always so serene with never a scream nor complain that unless we see her throw up, we often forget she has cancer. I can learn a lot from this young lady.

Check & Jeanie from Melbourne are helping to sponsor his Chemo. He's 15 & seems healthy. However look closely. That's his arm & shoulder - that bulge under his special teeshirt. He has bone cancer..& so far we have seen the odds on such cases. But we still HOPE !

Jeanie & Check..this is another case you are helping to sponsor for medication. That red bloody mess larger than his face? That is his eye. This eye is likely to be removed. The dressing ointment for the future hole in his face? Iodine. If you think it hurts on a scrape on your knees, don't even try to imagine what it will feel like in a newly operated eye socket.

This is 9yr old Sunny - can you guess?? He's the one who asked for a car ride but he has deterioriated so much, he can no longer hold up his head. His mother is holding his head up. We were told he is now so out of it, he can't be moved. That bandage there is covering up a new bulge on his eye which appeared in the last 3 weeks. He has had Chemo & it seemed to have helped him 2 months ago but now..??
I hate to say this but signs are that many of these kids' parents have kinda given up on hope on them. They somehow seem to accept the likellihood that the kid will die is high, so they accept this truth now.
But from what we've seen, I can tell you, those kids who survive (very very few) are the ones who are determined to survive. They are helping themselves to their own dose of courage and hope.
None of these kids have any financial support. Which is why my hands are always open if you should so choose or be so inclined.

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