Tuesday, 4 November 2008

"Lucky to be born Malay"?

Eh! Syed Hamid! WAH! Whatever it is you are taking, I also want some please?

You are SO...DA man!
(I can just see the hairs growing visibly under your shirt man...grrr....rrrrRRR!)

Methinks you must be working hard, day by day to prove you are from another specie of life altogether; the specie of The Supreme Melayu Beings ya?

Ofcourse you've proved it. You have AMPLY proved it... but sorry...I still would need that shit thingy k?

You said "Zaid is lucky to be born Malay"?
Ditto you dearie Syed Hamid.

Because you know - if not for Luck & Fate, you & your family too might well not have become ...Kaboom!! Overnight Melayus - isn't it?

And yet on another topic.
How many of you out there were taught to be respectful of people who -through no fault of their own - were mentally challenged?

But what do you do if ppl ain't mentally challenged but is mentally incompetent through their own making ?

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