Friday, 28 November 2008

No win for the Thais?

My good friend Wanna is so distressed abt what's happening in Thailand, she no longer tunes into ANY news about Thailand.

Instead she is cooking up a storm to take her mind off what's happening. ( my shorts, I AM the beneficiary of all that delicious food...burp!).
In return I help throw darts at the photo above

You see, Wanna is the quintessential mix of what Bangkok & the rest of Thailand is about. A little bit rural, a little bit urban. Kopi/Teh champur.

From the South but schooled & worked in Bangkok, Wanna has grown to HATE the guts of Thaksin for his manipulation of politics for his own greed & power.
He's even "divorced" his wife in the hope he still has a political career to salvage & seems like they've transferred hundreds of millions of $$ to their cook for safe keeping.
You wanna be his cook too? Stand in line after Aunty here please!
Now. Wanna is particularly upset that Thaksin has even dragged her VERY MUCH BELOVED King into the fray. (And please out of respect for Wanna, do not do any rude jokes on the King of Thailand here. I figured he must have done good stuff to have so many people love him)

But ofcourse, Wanna also knows that, for democracy to have a chance in Thailand, she will have no choice but to accept that Thaksin's party has to lead since the majority voted them in.

Doesn't this story sound familiar? I sorta see this as a test case.
What I don't think I will ever see will be the Solidarity of thousands & thousands risking their lives & limbs to march against the government
So far these Thai protestors seem to be getting away with it.

I know. I KNOW.
In some other countries, the law enforcers will be busy arresting people to:
- block the roads & "clear" traffic jams
- Ensure businesses do not complain of no biz
- Plus put demonstrators, protesters, candle lighters under detention for their "own safety"
WAH! So clever one ah? Did I hear you say "Peru"?

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Crankster said...

Hahaha. Like all Asian countries, Thailand is plagued with corruption. I've never seen so many Shinawatra-affiliated companies than when I was in Bangkok some time ago.

Oh yeah, anti-govt protestors will be arrested for their own safety. Unless of course, they're protesting against Condoleeza Rice. Then it's ok.