Thursday, 13 November 2008

Politically Incorrect Questions

U all know awreddy. Aunty not smart. Also Big Mouth. Also Blur. Also dunno many things. I ask some Politically Inkorek Questions. All Answers welcomed

Plse do not ISA me. Only Questions, k?

1. Malaysia politics is Race - based - or so says the Great M.
Then how come UMNO got so many members who are not 100% Melayu ah?

Then how come not even ONE PM is 100% Melayu hah? Thai blood, got. Pakistani blood, got. Indonesian blood, got. Chinese blood, got. All Got!

I know I know. You say so long as walk, talk, breathe & live as one right? Then like dat, technically speaking, MANY MANY MANY of us - so long as we convert - also Melayu right? Or???

Also how come you know what race The Maker, the Great Universal Being is ah? If He (or She?) is of the wrong race, then how? No gostan, u-turn you know?

2. Rockybru is President of Allblogs, right? I hate to ask this question because I think he damn cool dude BUT!!!How come he did not post anything on his blog re: Bloody Sunday's Bersih gathering?

Many bloggers there wat. So is Rocky representing Allblogs or only Someblogs?

3. This Ketuanan thing. Who is Tuan, who is servant ah?
4. How come got some people with higher class blood than me ah? Like I say before, ain't all shit smell the same? Your blood not red meh? And are we all not holding the same type of IC ?

5. How come got people say I am Pendatang when both sets of my grandma & grandpa arrived here before 1920? Just how LONG does one have to live here before not considered Pendatang ah?

6. If you dun want Pendatangs, then why not send all Pendatangs balik kampung ah? What is stopping you??

Thank you. Terima Kasih.
This is all the unPC Qs Aunty ask today.

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