Tuesday, 18 November 2008

When is a PhD not a PhD? When is a Datin not a Datin?

I had to stop somethin' leakin' south of my bellybutton when I read the following (found on Malaysiakini & reproduced for viewing on MT)

It would seem that some of our (il)luminatis may have suspect higher degrees include "Deputy Speaker of Malaysia Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar with his PhD from American from the Southern California University for Professional Studies in 2005."

You guys just have to read it yourself. Does this shock me? No...oooooo.

I dunno what air we have in Asia but face & titles are more important than some stupid values like humility & honesty. Buying a PhD doesn't give you brains, or get you more respect. You just THINK it does because you are deaf & can't hear the howls of laughter behind your back. I would include all those Honorary Doctorates in this category.

Unless you are Nelson Mandela & you earned the Honorary Doctorate the hard way!

Back to some other bizarre stories I know

You Msians should know this one well.

This muka story are all those instant Datins you see. On a good hair day when I enter a shop sometimes, I become an instant Datin.

Or you meet some big shot Datuk & he has this floosie with him & you are forced to greet him. He is Datuk & she is ???

Just call her Datin lah. Because if she didn't want to be recognized as Datin, she surely won't be with the toad in the first place. Get the Drift?

Then there is this one:
A certain hairdresser "changed" her face, caught her rich cat, married him, & became Datin. But when her family showed up, ppl started wondering "aiyoh! she looks so different fr her parents"

So Datin had her parents go under the knife, do the chemical peel, the laser, wrapping the body & hands in avocado so that they will resemble her more closely.

Now she & her entire family has literally lost all of their old friends because you can't have the world saying "HAIYAH! I knew them before they had a new face!"

Which shows you how wrong she was. The whole world is saying that anyways.

Then there was someone I met at an event where all of us had to wear our name on a label. But this lady stood out by far because she had to use TWO labels. Her name was "Dr. Mrs Mohammed Al-Fatish Leila Mansouri Kazam" Or something long like that

Dr MRS ? Does that mean she is the Mrs of the Doctor or she is a Mrs who is a Doctor? Turns out she was the former. So if you are the wife of a Doctor who is a Datuk, do you become Datin Dr ???

And if you are a Doctor, and your husband is also a Doctor like Siti Hasmah, should her full title then be "Puan Seri Dr Mrs Dr Siti Hasmah"?
Aweso....oommme Baby! I LOVE MY COUNTRY !!!!


Anonymous said...

With due respect to all PhD holders, there are many who earn their PhD in a short-cut way. For those getting PhD in a dubious manner, I am pretty sure their PhD means "Permanent Head Damage" or "Permanent Hair Damage".


GobloKing said...

Well put utoplainjapan! LOL

That is EXACTLY why I did not pursue a PhD (as IF!)

Head already damaged, hair already going...no need help!

Now..where did I put my PhD in Physics & Brain Surgery from Univ of Marshall Island)?

hamba Allah said...

Is it not enough that you chinese have your places to drink, your spas for sex, your casinos to gamble, your porn DVD, your discos to do drugs.. now you want to flaunt us Muslims?

Are u challenging Islam as the official religion? Why do u keep attacking us muslims? Are u chinese so pure and guilt free ?
Are u trying to do the work of the muslims ?

Why dont u look at your racist chinese politicians instead? Stop attacking muslims because u are playing with fire

zorro said...

Wow, this Hamba Allah drops his droppings on your blog too. This gnome is craving for attention....and he is warning us with his plastic toy keris. Better we hide, huh? I velly aflaid of pire, sistah.

zorro said...

Wow, this Hamba Allah is drops his droppings on your blog too. This gnome is craving for attention....and he is warning us with his plastic toy keris. Better we hide, huh? I velly aflaid of pire, sistah.

GobloKing said...

Hi HamDan!
Love u! Please drop by again!

Did I say only Muslims are Datuks?
Did I say only Muslims have fake PhDs?
Did I not say I too hv PhD in brain surgery?

don't lah sensitive! I know how u feel when that time of the month datang. Try Primrose oil.

btw which mushroom r u eating? I want some too!!!

K.Barsha said...

keep hitting us. careful though..we will bite back. remember may 13th

Anonymous said...

Dear Hamba Allah,

I have read GobloKing's posting again to make sure she did not bias in her writing.

Unfortunately, the name quoted (as a real case to illustrate her point) is a Muslim name.

There are many Chinese (British, American, Russian and the list goes on & on) who also claim to hold dubious PhD degree.

As the Malay proverb says, "Siapa Makan Cili, Dialah Rasa Pedas".


juanito said...

may 13 may 13 may 13 may 13..

u guys got nothing to do better else than shouting may 13... less u are forgetting that u are also an immigrant in malaysia or tanah melayu or watever u would like to call it..

it is because of your stupidity and pea size chicken brain that u guys got brainwashed to believe harun and tun razak.. and you know what? lucifer told me that they are rotting in hell lately..

dont be so childish and stupid la... grow up la for goodness sake..

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juanito said...



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