Thursday, 20 November 2008

Who is living in an underdeveloped country?

This is a very localised posting. Not exciting if you have water supply.

Quite interesting if you have a water supply problem.

This also hi-lites the diff between a developing & underdeveloped country.

Today I was surprised to see the photo of someone I know, A.S. Foo complaining about the lack of water supply in a mature estate in PJ where he lives.

This has been happening to poor Foo & family for 6 months. Despite many calls to Syabas, he’s had no action & so his family lives on what water they have stored up painfully whenever there’s water.

Aisay! I thought these things don't happen in a developing country where we boast of 1 of the highest buildings in the world & our very own Astronaut (sic) ?

Hahaha Foo! Miss Schadenfreude here!

At least where I am, I wake up everyday KNOWING there is water supply despite ancient pipes built into hilly, difficult-to-access terrain. So sorry Foo, I have no problems with water supply or water pressure.

& Yes. Foo. There is yet another difference between living in an under-developed country & a developing country.

Where I am, this poor underdeveloped country has prepared a Giant Comprehensive & Comprehensible Master Plan outlining the entire development needs & focus for the next 10 years.

With timelines & infrastructure goals. For eg. It has x # of kids so it needs x # of schools, teachers to be built by 200x.

This document was communicated, & broken down into details down the line & issued to every village.

I was suitably impressed when I stopped in a village in the middle of bumf**k
nowhere (4hours to drive 40kms – my butt was grass by the time I arrived)

The village head who's had basically 4 yrs of education told me proudly – pointing to his copy of the plan what they are doing, their milestones (hello MBA!) & how they are going to achieve it.

And Lordy, Lordee, LORD! They seem to be getting there!

But back to the developing country, Malaysia.

Does anyone know what Malaysia’s plans are?
Do we know where we are going & how we are getting there?

What's more important? Face or Water?
But we know ONE thing for sure & that is - Who’s paying for the Face. wink wink

So who's living in an under-developed country now?


juanito said...

auntie, u sure likey...check this out

Jarod said...

Oh well, I am not too sure whether Malaysia is heading to the right direction or not. I cannot even SEE IT.

SYabas is always as "GOOD" as it is. Talk about first world facility ? This is what we got? :( leak water and etc... too much to be mention here.

Anonymous said...

Not sure whether we are living in underdeveloped country. BUT, I am pretty sure that we are living in a country where corruption, racism, nepotism and those wrongdoings are rampant.

Majority of our politicians are big-headed; bulk of our citizens are inconsiderate; countless of our permanent residents are lame ones and the list goes on and on