Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Are we on the same planet?

This posting is on the Economy. Sometimes it feels like I am living on a parallel universe as the rest of the world. Sometimes it feels almost like this is Heaven. And yet - ofcourse not Dufus!
Ofcourse you are right.
I have absolutely NO experitse to blog on a matter I know precious little about. To my only defence, I have been following the economic news AVIDLY on a daily basis since Oct 6 this year when the world started downhill skiing without a ski.

And this issue affects everyone on this planet right now - except us

Oh yeah. The ENTIRE global economy is in Recession / Depression mode. Feel free to argue this ain't happening.

But somehow "miraculously" Malaysia (are we developing or emerging?) seems to be escaping the same fate affecting 90% of the world with our forecast of 5% growth in forecasted GDP.

World Bank & IMF has predicted that the ONLY positive growth may well come from Africa's economies - where the base is almost zip...so there's really no place to go but up.

The West is panicking. Japan is panicking. China is panicking. India is panicking. But we? We are coo...oooler than a cucumber.

If there is only ONE thing on which I agree with Mahathir, is that Malaysia must be an economic miracle that we will escape this global calamity

Ofcourse information (or its lack) such as unemployment rates, default rates, NPLs & all those stats that turns Economists on - is exactly what is calming us now. Ain't it?
What you don't know don't hurt you.
Crime rates going up due to desperate acts?
People unable to afford their homes?

Any of you NOT worried or being affected? Call me COLLECT if you ain't

Or are you wondering what our Government is doing to keep us in a Job, keep businesses going, get more foreign investments, ie. how do we stimulate the economy?


Ya I know. What planet are we really living on?

And btw - I thought I will just warn any racsists posting intimidating messages to me.
1. I can not be intimidated
2. Better than that, I will be using the power of my Ownership of this blog to delete your racists comments...so go Suck on a Duck's Egg if you don't like my censorship.
Or hey! Start yr own blog!


Anonymous said...

Some view blog as a way to express oneself whilst others perceive it as a 'poison pen'. Regardless of which stance you make, it is up to the readers of blogs to make their own judgement.

All religion will support good deeds only!


GobloKing said...

Readers can read at their own risk.

And ofcourse make their own judgement. Also welcome to comment so long as it's not hurtful, harmful or malicious.

I take blogging like gardening. I grow my garden, if ppl like it, come on in. If ppl don't like it, please plse walk past

I also weed my garden of plants I don't like. LOL

Coments fr anyone who is unable to be civil will be weeded out.

After all it is still My blog. :)

But japan, you are civil & peace loving. You are welcome here.

svllee said...

pl don't weed me out!

lasig said...

Yes, but why put a picture of a dog while talking about melayu and kesultanan melayu?

respect is a 2 way street