Sunday, 14 December 2008

The (No) need for Vernacular Schools

I have been surprised for a long LONG time that 1 generation after me have been sending their kids to vernacular schools.

When I ask parents why they do so, they say "These schools are better"

Better? What's wrong with a Sekolah Kebangsaan? Didn't we all "survive" that? Or are those SKs from my days different from those of today?

Parents today, yesterday or tomorrow are no different. They just want the best for their kids. They want teachers who can teach. They want discipline. They want their kids to LEARN great stuff & greater manners.

But our schools & education system has failed us for too long.

The deal isn't that studying Mandarin or studying in Mandarin is superior. It's the overall system

Because sure as hell, we don't speak mandarin at home
& we ain't gonna "balik Cina"

I think Chinese schools sucks! Kids are so stressed with a never ending round of Classes, homework & tuition 7daysxweek.

How can constant classes & studying be better than having a Childhood ? Better then tadpoles in the longkang? Playing Badminton, & riding bikes with in the neighbourhood? Sharing 1 ice kacang with 3 spoons?

Our educational system sucks so big time that even Ministers & high ranking civil servants send their own kids away. They didn't use to. I am pretty sure almost every leader we have today has had their schooling in Malaysia.

So until Malaysia reforms our education system PROPERLY & give parents the type of schools that they themselves would like to attend, there is little choice but to keep vernacular schools.

And really peeps. I really do NOT like V.Schools..but what's the choice to ensuring your kids have a good foundation in their education?

And don't be surprised when our next generation of leaders speak like Bush, Tony Brown or Rupert Murdoch. They surely didn't go to school here.

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