Thursday, 4 December 2008

well..well.. Well!'s the "I just LOVE my delete button" look.
Can you fee....eeel the love Baby?

And can you fee...eel me seeing from where all those foul mouths are comin' from?!

Dearest Racsists / "Me Tuan, U Hamba" supporters & Anyone else who can read somethin' fr nothin'
SIGH! There just ain't no pleasin' you.

You're right. I ain't here for your popular votes. So I shall continue my arrogant, merry, unrepentant, recalcitrant (thanks for popularising that word Dr M!) ways as I see fit.

Oh yeah. YOU have a choice. Click that mouse away or continue to comment garbage and I shall continue to "delete".

Can you see why I'm here & you're NOT?
And believe me. Photos of dogs, cats, snakes, & all manners of bitches on heat shall continue to appear here with impunity..

Because as surely as I will need to answer to my Maker, so will you to your's!

Also - For ye who feels that the "marginalized should just stay dumb so that you may take your time to pity them enough to let them eat the scraps from your table?

Remember Rosa Parks

And Ditto for you who says that err....Dogs are not for Muslims; can you please tell that to the Police Dogs Handling Unit?


juanito said...

did u photoshop the dog ah auntie?? why so cute one? or is it something wrong with the pic?

Inac_Ibab said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
GobloKing said...

I just posted this comment for sane readers to have a taste of the type of "apocalypse now showing" rants I get.

Read it fast as it SHALL be De...eeeleted after today


jaunito- that's me lah. nothin wrong with the pic..just another bad hair day for us bitches is all!

juanito said...

ai yo auntie, that is not a bad hair do la.. in fact i feel like giving the dog a very big kiss ... so lovely dog..

GobloKing said...

myself did not publish yr other comment in case got the peeps say aunty here biaised - WHICH SHE IS!

Problem with life is I have yet to meet a dog I didn't like but can't say the same for peeps

Just reading the comment fr inac & you can decide if my prev para has a morticum of truth to it

& hey juan, you r right. u gotta kiss a lotta dogs to find the right one. Aunty here have some toad tales u won't believe either!

Anonymous said...

dogs are noble animals created by god .from the blind to the horrors of war ,they have been used.A real bond between a dog and its owner run very deep.
to inac_ibab i pity you,since you never experience such a thing.such a sad human.

Anonymous said...


I applaud your gumption and courage to stand up for what you believe in!!

That is the problem with morons. They twist and turn facts to their own advantage.

By the way, where is the comment by inac_ibab? I have been searching high and low for it...

How are you? Please allow me to play host if ever you are in my neck of woods ya?

Take care and hugs!

GobloKing said...

hi the wordsmith!
I deleted that racsist remarks. Just absolutely refuse to publish any uncivil comments out to inflame me, my country or ANY Malaysians!

inac is GONE! plus any alias he comes in, will be GONE. I still publish anita - for now. "She" will also soon be unpublished.

I dunno how guys don't see that women can see through their "cover"

I was fair as I also did not publish any of the other racsist bashing from of the others either