Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What's that over my eyes?

This was in NST today. What 3 BN reps said about Ketuanan Melayu
Green hi-lites below is what is reported
Blue italic hi-lites are my own thoughts

"During a debate on the state 2009 Budget, which was tabled more than a week ago, Ayub Jamil (BN-Rengit) led the call to quash any racial provocation by political leaders who tend to confuse the people with a malicious interpretation of the ketuanan Melayu concept.

He said Malay supremacy was not a "slave and master" relationship.

Instead, Ayub said it was a concept that was long held in the highest regard by people in the country, which was the authority of the Malay Rulers.

"There is no such thing of Malays being the 'master race' while others merely serve as slaves.

"We have a sultan. Our master is the sultan, who rules the states and country. I am disappointed with the current state of racial unity in the country."

Even the 'ketuanan Melayu' concept is being questioned."

Is your only master really the sultan?

And if BN is acknowledging that the Sultan RULES the states & country, why are there elections? There will be no more need for PMs. Ruling means to take charge - or is there another meaning (yet again) to the word "Ruling"

I am pleased there is now greater importance & relevance placed on our Monarcy & Royalties.

Some of our Royalties are such firm favorites of mine, that in my dreams, I wish that they could rule because better an enlightened monarchy than an Idiotic Despot.

Or is it a matter of "now that we need them, let's wheel them out on parade"?

BTW are the Sultans insisting on this concept, or Some Commoners?

Next clarification came from:
Tahir Taat (BN-Bukit Serampang) questioned the sincerity of leaders who claimed to raise such issues for a more united Malaysia.

He said the country's forefathers who fought tooth and nail for independence had clearly understood the concept of ketuanan Melayu."

Excuse me? This concept or term was in use when? Since the time of independence? Please do point to those citizens whose forefathers "fought tooth & nail" where in the Constitution this term is found?

What I do know is - from the time of my 1st memories, my father (1 of those who fought) believed in his Sultan of Selangor. He voluntarily hung a photo of the Sultan in his office - without being told to.

He said the Malay rulers did not see themselves as kings only for the Malays. Tahir said for example, Sultan Iskandar of Johor had never addressed the Malays as his only subjects."Whenever his majesty called upon the rakyat, he would address us as rakyat (people) of Johor. "He did not address them according to races. "He is the sultan for all," said Tahir.

Let me reiterate this question "are the Sultans insisting on this concept, or Some Commoners for their own political agendas? "

Last view about Ketuanan came from
Datuk Abdul Halim Suleiman (BN-Puteri Wangsa), who said "such disruptive political views could only hinder the democratic process in the country. Should such sentiments persist, then the country would be in disarray following irreparable racial rifts."

I agree. But please ask yourself "Who are using this concept to divide the Nation & All Malaysians?"

I love my BTWs :)

So! BTW -
I am NOT a PKN, DAP, MCA, or Gerakan supporter.
I support NOBODY
I only support whoever advocates a Fair & Just Country for ALL who lives in it.

And common sense dictates that in a Fair & Civil Society, concepts meant to Subvert 1 race/tribe to the advantage of another should be Annuled, Deleted & Seen no More lest the History of a Country be Shamed!


anita said...

Firstly, you are talking about malays and ketuanan melayu and you put up a picture of a dog at the top knowing very well that a dog is considered najis to our religion, Islam.

Secondly you are a chinese in another country so its not your place to come and talk about my country and my people.

GobloKing said...

Should I apologise for publishing a photo of a dog or is that a fatwa now?

LOOK at the Bigger Picture..Hair over the eyes?

Dear "Anita"
I am Malaysian

Which part of the "my father fought for independence" have you not read?

Or that he was a Chinese born in Malaya negates any other factors of his contribution to Malaysia?

Hmmm....did I say "Ketuanan"?

Secondly I love dogs & respect them.

If we can all be as loving & forgiving & yet guard our loved ones the same way as dogs - the world will be a better place

Thirdly the photo of the dog with hair over his eyes was the only one available.

I did try to look for a photo of "Wool over a Sheep's eye" but to no avail

Fourthly I published yr comments because while the tone is racial, it is not Racsist to the point of being uncivil.

svvlee - You KNOW you are always welcome because you are always civil.

Bashing is ok so long as it is civilised.

Anonymous said...

" a concept that was long held in the highest regard by people in the country, which was the authority of the Malay Rulers."

This is fine...except this Ketuanan concept has gone to everyone's head and we get a display of this Ketuanan thing everywhere. It comes out as sheer arrogance thinking that Malaysia belongs only to them. Repeated usage of phrases like "don't test our tolerance", "this is sensitive", "we have given you people citizenship" and all other rubbish goes on to exert their feudalistic lordship over other races. There is constant threat of aggressive retaliation to the slightest remark that makes the people who have insisted on this Ketuanan thing to feel insulted. The real truth is that the other people are the ones who have been tolerating all this while; working hard and contributing to build up this country. We have progressed economically and everyone is having a higher standard of living. The non-Malays have a substantial part in this progress. So what is this Ketuanan sensitivity about? What has and can be taken away from the Malays thus far? Nothing. Every first priority of opportunity has been given to the Malays to progress, just that many chose not to take on such opportunities. The other people just make use of the secondary opportunities and worked hard and excelled. That's all.
What is unpalatable is having people regardless of race to just expect to be given and give and take and demand and spoon fed without doing anything and not wanting to do anything and think that they have a right to everything because of a misconception of inheritance. I did say regardless of race.
Remeber that the other races cannot take anything away from the Malays and do not intend to. They have made good on the smaller pie and will continue to do so. What is objectionable is that some people use this ketuanan concept to take more away from this smaller pie and to imply feudalism in this country. That is not right.

Anonymous said...


Please check your fact correctly. If you are a true Muslim, you should be aware that dogs are not forbidden in Islam. If you have travelled extensively around the world, especially Middle East, you will notice that there are many Muslims having dogs as their pets.

Let me enlighten you the reason why dogs are forbidden by Muslim in Malaysia. The reason is that dogs in Malaysia might accidentally (or being fed by owners) eat the 'haram meat' from the gabbage.

Now, you realise how the ACTUAL has been twisted in Malaysia.

GobloKing said...

I too am puzzled about Muslims not having dogs as they are "najis"

Religious muslims I have seen fr Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran keep dogs as PETS.

So I guess it's a matter of interpretation?

anita said...

Gobloking said:
"Religious muslims I have seen fr Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran keep dogs as PETS.

So I guess it's a matter of interpretation?"


Well as for interpretations, countries like Pakistan, Indonesia and Iran would render kafirs who threaten Islam in their country as "free game" to take their lives away.. In their "interpretation" of Jihad.

GobloKing said...

WHO is threatening Islam?
Or Muslims?

I certainly did not.

The Muslims & Malays I know are Good, Kind, Understanding & Abhors terrorists who calls themselves Muslims by taking innocnent Lives

You would read a Storm from a Teacup.

And here's a travel tip
Go to Africa "anita".

I DARE you to go there & call ANY African a "Kafir"

NOW that's also an interpretation!

Anonymous said...

Seems the offended ones are always so SENSITIVE. Reading too much into nothing and get themselves offended. After that... threaten and threaten and threaten and threaten. Always hiding behind the race and religion and claiming that the race and religion has been insulted. Actually, it is all about a big chip on the shoulders of the individuals. It is all about INSECURITY, LOW SELF ESTEEM, LACK OF CONFIDENCE and a MISGUIDED NEED TO FEEL SUPERIOR. Who made them that way? No one can. Only themselves.
From these insecure, inferior feeling people who would only know how to threaten and retaliate violently, the race and religion gets a really rotten name. How one perceives you is the fault of none but you yourself.
Show yourself as magnanimous and that would reflect on your race and religion as well. It's that better than threatening others to try to change your image? Another matter of interpretation?
Don't agree?? By the way, all the above is non-racial nor religion specific. So whoever you are, if you want others to misunderstand your race and religion, continue behaving the way you are behaving and continue to sow more hatred.
Continue to quarrel and show the world how stupid you are and bring more bad names to your race and religion. By all means explain and not threaten. Then there will be harmony. No race nor religion owns the earth.

Anonymous said...

Anita & Autie,

This is the matter of MISINTERPRETATION!

Many 'blinded' followers get their messages wrong as the actual facts have been twisted by politicians or even religion scholars themselves!