Saturday, 31 January 2009

OK at midday

We are fine. Better here at least 1 nite with friends as we are too central in town.

There is no resolution - which is bad. Military is out.
Only (?) 10,000 are out to hear the Opposition who proposed to have a transition regime. Last saturday the crwd was 5x more

My neighbours tell me it's calm at home. They are all watching out for our house. We lied to the guard & said we are somewhere out of town. Hope to be home by tomorrow

It has been traumatic, sad & stressful not knowing from 1 minute to the next what will happen. We have prepared what we can - and I am relearning how to stay calm

Imagine how I feel when I locked the house today - not knowing if this is the last time. Left everything there. We can always get more stuff but we can't get back our sense of security.

Thank god uncle slept well last nite after a week of nonsleep.
Thank god our girl dog kept patrolling so well
I am relying on muesli for food although we have so much food at home. We are prepared for a stockade.

Thanks Diana, Justin, Lorna, Robert, Julie, Paula, Bernard, Greg for your calls, support & calming me down. I have just been crying & crying especially due to stupid messages from embassies telling us " High alert. get yr neighbour's phone numbers" WTF is such a message for? To calm us or scare us.

The problem is the Legitimate government has remained virtually incommunicado with the people & many in this govt are ready to turn coat at the drop of a hat.

Uncle feels sad that all he built & turnaround are likely to go out in 1 day or less when the opposition takes over. Here the opposition unfortunately is worst than the current government!

Keep you all posted! Wish us luck. This may continue for days or only minutes. Nobody knows. I wish only for a definite this or that instead of living minute to minute not knowing where the wind blows

Friday, 30 January 2009

Deadlock on Friday or Dead-line on Saturday?

We are biting our nails.

In 1/2hr, Dud1 & Even Bigger Dudwannabe (young punk) has agreed to meet with international ambassadors & church elders to observe & mediate.

Only problem is Dudwannabe has said he will stick to his guns to ask Dud to step down & being kind & obliging & absolutely respectful of democracy, he has decided he will appoint himself the unelected head of a transition government.

What Dudwannabe has always brushed aside is that his father-in-law happens (surprise!) is the man the ex-pressie (in exile in Paris) appointed to look after all his personal & biz affairs left in Madland.

So who's backing him huh?

Aunty went on an extensive translation of about 150 comments of what the peeps here are saying.

Most called Dudwannabe an idiot. I am being kind. They were ruder. Too young. Too stupid. A puppet. "Hey! If I wanna be King, can I just become King?" "Who asked you to be my leader?" (quote verbatim)

IF there is an impasse - which there is 100% to be, as Dudwannabe says he will not give up his demands, then tomorrow he will call a large rally to demolish the government.

More gunshots. More deaths. More fearful. Economy royally f**ked. Already even some Multinationals have sent the wives & kids off.

There are ofcourse people in Dudwannabe's camp working in the government - ready to take over (again another surprise?) but they are equally as guillable as Dudwannabe about their abilities. But they are top experts in what they want. TO BE KING!

France is playing both sides of the card. Just in case but ofcourse deny deny deny. Too obvious.

When all the lootin' happened, only 1 supermarket chain was spared. Absolutely spared. Or it's a miracle & coincidence they are french owned with the same rollup doors everyone had - which got bashed in by looters.

I would ask the same question too if all the neighbour's houses are bashed - saved for one.

Last night, we slept maybe 3 hours from all the stress. I even took an aspirin resulting in only my legs sleeping. Wierd huh?

Maybe we will be so tired tonight we may sleep well?

I doubt it.
The next 3 days will be the longest weekend night ever. Don't laugh. But Aunty here is practising her non-existent golf swing because as long as I'm around, nobody is gonna touch a hair on Uncle's head.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Viva La Mad-France!

Today is calm - ish. I ventured out. To get a visa to Europe, in case the only flight out when things go belly-up would be to Europe. Got the visa.
Against the advice of Uncle, I decided to cook & deliver the meal to the cancer kids. (Does anyone really listen to their spouse?). All the Local markets were opened & everyone walked around as if nothin's happenin'.

And if you think the poor were grateful you turned up - despite a big increase in prices for everything & personal risk to one's limbs - to deliver the meal, you may be slightly wrong. Anyhoos.

On our 30 minute ride through the city, I didn't see a single soldier or law enforcement officer.

Young Punk has asked people to stay home & declared this city a Ghost Town. I guess the only ppl obeying this are them law enforcement people. I saw people on the streets but ofcourse, far fewer than usual.

The INTERESTING thing is I THINK I know where the police went. A friend of mine has hired 3 of 'em with guns to guard his premises. He's not alone.

Result? The Government has just announced a total change of the Heads of Police Force. 'bout time Baby!

I went into a neutral website to check what the locals are saying. Many of the commentators asked very valid questions of young punk (ie the Opposition)

They held him responsible for the looting & pillaging & people getting out of control. They also felt he did not live up to true values of Democracy he was propounding. IF it is a Democracy he is advocating, then isn't he supposed to go through that little process called "an ELECTION"?

But if you were the govt & troops sent out to protect people & biz, what would you do to control hundreds of looters? Shoot or Not? Don't shoot. They loot. Shoot? YOU KILLERS!!!!

The estimated damage to this country is HUGE. It will take years to rebuild. Investors & Donor Confidence is one. Another is the shortage of funds from donors - seeing as countries are trying to help themselves before others given these times.

The looters looted not only furniture & electronics. They looted food. So did they loot food due to hunger?

I don't know. It seems everything was sold especially foods.

I mean if you are looting to evade starvation, wouldn't you keep the food & sell the electronic?

What are they going to do with the money? Hint: Cheap Rum is really cheap here

The result now is: The poor majority who did not loot find themselves out of a job, busineses are closed, closing, empty. Prices have shot up, rations are scarce & investors are now SURE to leave.

This will now give the French the best excuse to take over via Puppet Punk.

A driver gave me an interesting perspective.

He said they all knew the French wants this resouce rich place for themselves & they were all doin' brilliantly here before the current govt who allowed (dear god!) the other countries into the "action" or THEIR rightful wealth; this being a former colony.

Now if the Fs are behind the Punk, then Madland could then be declared a protectorate of France - thereby ensuring the people here lotsa EC money PLUS they will all become French citizens.

Didn't I say "interesting"?

Now if I didn't know that the French are having more than their share of economic crisis, immigrant problems, & they are only a part of the EC so they can't simply say "GIMME $$$" then I could believe this theory.

Or maybe the few who could make BUCKS here don't mind their country or that sucker EC inheriting 18 million very poor people?
If France can make this Madland a protectorate & give endless money, then I sure think my Madland stands a better chance to get the French to "protect" us & give us the endless EC money instead.

What to do with a Yoga Mat

I seem to have too much time on my hands - too nervous to do anything constructive & constantly jumping when the phone rings, ears flat out trying to listen for any shots.

For a once fastidiously clean & neat person, the house is in a mess. Turned upside down in my search for stuff.
Clothes not ironed? Fuck it. I may never use it again
Food Bland? Fuck it. Be happy we are able to eat a meal
Floors dirty? Fuck it. We may be leaving any time anyhow
Dogs not bathed? Fuck it. Who's got time to look good now?
Plus his Uncle-ness is home (from all that political meltdown) & he's occupying almost 80% of my net time. Claims he has to work on files & he is SUPER stressed, like an enforced holiday only worst.

The cell phone turned out to be best communicator on what's happening out in the whole country. Shootin', lootin', plunderin' & a general show by the power who wants to be & the power who is clinging to be over whose penis is bigger. I've spend half the talktime comforting others out in the country suffering the same fate as here.

"Don't worry. It will be fine. Just stay home" LIE LIE LIE!
BTW - Why are men so stupid?

It's all about POWER ain't it? POWER leads to other goodies like wealth, fawning syncophants & general grovelling. Yeah. I can get to like that too.

Mr Young Turk (Opposition) says "I am all about the People"
Yeeaahhh HA!

Yet plunging the country into chaos & even more poverty (as if that is possible?) is far less important than seizing power?

"FUCK foreign investments & aid. I just wanna be King & I will be a good King. So we lose some lives but we must lose some to gain some. Because I am 34 yrs old. I KNOW it all. The French & ex-regime loves ME"

Yeah right. Get a Reality & Sanity check plse?

The King? He just ate too much. Yeah. He not only eats what he has, he eats what others has, leaving NO CRUMBS

If you so much as let him smell what you are cookin', you would lose the entire kitchen, house & dog to him.

"MONOPOLY RULES! Why? Because I AM KING! And I am benevolent..oh yes. That's cause I model myself after Lee Kuan Yew. My people are NOT starving!"
(you know how you always gets the apple-cheeked kids standing in the front of the North Korean orphanage when a VIP visits? same here!)

"Lookee my new Jet costing US$60million. Why? I NEED A 25 seater Jet. That's why"

I lied. He actually said on TV "You have to be powerful to have a jet. Not everyone has the power to (be able) to use a jet like this"

ON TV!!! No wonder People are MAD at him.

BIG REALITY CHECK just got dumped on his lap.Maybe he can get a promo rate if he & Turk goes together? Why are they not talking? Both still checking out the size of their little manhood, that's why
Yeah. The poor are revolting, stealin' & dying.
Meanwhile a rich & powerful nation's & an ex-despot (you mean to say there's an honest despot out there?) are using that poor deluded shithead Young Turk as the matchstick (he looks like one too) to "light the flames of democracy"

DE-lusion or what??

It's like Aunty just now.
Uncle says part of our escape path involves climbing over a wall with rusty barbed wires. So I offered (with all sincerity) to throw my brand new Nike Yoga Mat onto it to pad it up.

We both looked at each other & burst out laughing. "Your brand new NIKE yoga mat? How inappropriate are you? In a time like this & a place like this, you mean you think your Nike yoga mat can save us?" FINALLY. A light moment in this time of stress.

Seems like they are spraying Delusion into the Air again!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Money for Nothing ??

Sometimes we only understand the worthlessness of stuff when we are forced to pack a life into 1 luggage. We packed the “nice to have” luggage IF there is any need for an orderly evacuation. I looked at all those stuff we had - which thinking I am a prudent Aunty, was saving to eat, use or wear for a special occasion.

Ohh Baby. Last nite we celebrated my foolishness by eating expensive nuts & choccies. Even the doggies find themselves having extra treats! My friend tells me the only thing one can hope to take out if things gets bad is a passport & money. I agree.

His Uncle-ness has maintained his stance that he must continue his responsibility. To run away while head of an essential service of the country would be an act of cowardice. He refuses to entertain any other thoughts until he has proof his life is under threat. Or the threat is in his face.

I don’t know if I should applaud his act of Heroism or to cry. One never knows a choice until confronted directly with adversity.

Who is the kettle to call the pot black? Which is why I am supportive of his decision.

So far, none of the foreign missions see any need for evacuation yet but the Swiss are contemplating this seriously as they have a tiny contingent here. We know & understand the Americans for trying to leave because they are always blamed for something but it is a personal decision.

The “hit list” so far includes: The Chinese & the Chinese Embassy, The Koreans, The Germans, & a smaller extent the Indians.

His Unc-ness also wrapped 2 kitchen knives in a kitchen towel & put it into his essential bagpack. I took the news calmly. Later I told him I wouldn’t be able to use it. He says he will - if pushed. Not easy for a gentle soul to say this.

But there is no point of a kitchen knife against a machete or a gun.

All Parents pay attention now please. Let yr kids watch telly!
All those years of watching tv has paid of. I recalled this trick. Throw a stack of money into the air. People will stop to pick it up.

Non-violent & effective

Money is useless unless you can use it. I am only happy that today seems "normal". What made me feel better is we have our loyal Jean, a local who is going to stay with at our house to translate or at least to talk "sense"

Let Paula Khoo fly!!

I shall be sending out Love from the Universe to Paula on Jan 28 exactly fr 8-15am for 10 minutes. Sorry only 10 mins but you know lah, Aunty here has ADD problems

Paula our Lady of Peace is NOT ALONE.

I actually wrote this "I had vinegar for dinner tonite so that I have enough to piss on the Illegal Gathering shitheads in this world" but I have decided to be positive so that my Universal Love Theory will work

Paula If you see a Bird flying high today you will know I AM with you

err...actually if anyone looks hard enough at the sky at any one time, you can see birds flying high...but you knw what I mean?


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Shooting near us - TOO CLOSE for comfort

Too close.

Don't believe a woman who says she doesn't panic. I panicked when I heard the continuous popping & banging. I went immediately into my "run for the mountains" mode. Screamed at Uncle (who's home from work as situation is still hairy) "get our bags!" while slamming all doors & windows shut. Also accidentally locked the dogs into the toilet.

We have 2 backpacks ready to evacuate. Ofcourse we will leave everything behind - his gripe. He thinks we will have time to pack & leave. I would like to see us leaving in an orderly fashion too but I doubt that's happening. I don't think packing my clothes & nice stuff is my priority now.
Passports - check
Computer - check
Father's little buddha - check
Some watches etc - check
Personal photos - check
Documents & Papers (equal to the weight of our 2 dogs 10kgs!!) - check
2 small dogs who will never understand anything but english, meal & bone times - not checked.
We intend to bundle them off or they had better learn another language
Uncle standing on the blinking balcony chatting with the neighbour (whose husband had run off in the direction of the shooting) - CHECK!

You damn MEN!

The Military has come back to life today. They have agreed with the Mayor (the young punk who started all this shit; NOT that he's wrong, just too power hungry & inexperienced) to stop the looting, burning, pillaging.

The shots are from the Military protecting a small supermarket here. The other big supermarkets have already been looted & stripped to the bone. I mean it. Every last plastic bag & shelving's gone. EMPTY.

Am I calm? NO. I am way tired, tense & frankly scared from the shots. God bless this Land. Why is it that the poorer the land, the more f**ked they are / get?

Not Christiane Amanpour reporting fr Ground 0 here

I know I would make a bad reporter.
Going into a war zone? Looking presentable & also be coherent? Grace under fire? How aptly that does NOT describe me!

I was not that freaked out until the news that ALL the prisoners from the largest prison here - less than 2 km from our house escaped during last night's lawlessness - NO police or military to be found!

Hello! Don't ask me why I choose a house near a prison. Nobody tells you such (non)sallient features when they are renting out a place & I don't think we think to ask "Is this house near a prison, mortuary, grave yard" etc.

Yes. You are talking to someone who's rented a place right next to a mortuary before. I had no idea of this until someone pointed out to me that my bedroom was actually facing the entrance to the mortuary & this mortuary even had a large signboard saying "XXX hospital mortuary"

Anyways. Prison break. I did not take this piece of news well so I thought I would spread my unhappiness around by telling my neighbours - who all freaked out.

It's true what they say. A worry shared is a worry halved. I told them this news under the pretext of asking them to be more vigilant.

I dunno how any of us can be even more vigilant given that there is only so much you can do.

Here, just like in Malaysia, grills are everywhere to keep people out but also to keep yourself in - because how to escape leh? Nobody is the incredible Hulk you know?

To make me happy, at midnight, ye olde Uncle sought out an escape plan - which is why there are now 2 chairs hidden in the back for us to climb over barbed wires, & hide amongst 10 sq meter of shrubs & bushes if things get bad. He alone will take up 9sq meter so I will have to contort myself into that remaining 1 left.

But that is not the world's best laid plan. We have 2 dogs, who if left out of the realm of Mummy will immediately come to that spot to bark - thereby alerting all & any intruders as to where we are.

As to the political situation here.

Currently there is NO leader in this country. Yeah. There is one but he is the target of all the bandits' & people's looting & burning last nite.
The Opposition leader who started the spark could not hold back the flames. He is a 34yr old who thinks he can hold all the power himself. Sounds familiar no?

NOBODY knows who can control the Military or internal security. They are taking orders from NOBODY. In fact the entire military went into hiding. In fact, they themselves are not sure who they want to listen to, the elected leader? the Opposition? Or their own divided faction.

This morning we woke up early from hardly any sleep at all. The night always makes things look worst. And to realize I shoulda taken taekwando now is too late. Our "defence" weapon is our 2 dogs. They know when things are bad. They even took turns to sleep guarding us.

Sometimes animals are much better than humans, ain't it?

Monday, 26 January 2009

The Burning & other things continuing

The calm here in our house belies what's happening outside somewhere..and it seems everywhere.

I am also totally floored by Uncle. He has directed all non-essential staff (about 2000) to go home by 14-30hrs.

I am alone at home with 2 oblivious & happy dogs & 1 unhappy guard, whom I would like to send home but he lives some ways away so I am scared he may not get home safely. What to do? I haven't a clue.

But we have enough to feed everyone because I happened to stock up last week.

As of 1 hour ago, there are some fires in the city. The fire engines have been stopped from going in to put out the fire. This place isn't far from Uncle's office.

And there is nary an enforcement guy in sight.

What a contrast to Malaysia who gives us 4x or more of the enforcement we don't need at peaceful gatherings ain't it?

My friends who live on a hill overlooking the burning parts say 2 state radio stations are burnt, & they see many people on the march. They who have lived here through 2 other riots say this is the fastest & worst they have seen. I hope they are kidding me!

When I asked Uncle (nicely but firmly) when he is coming back - since even his own Ambassador has directed all its nationals to stay home, Uncle mustaseentoomanywesternmovies says "I'll come back an hour after all the staff has left"

WTF was that? All the other people with the same nationality as Uncle are home EXCEPT him.

I shall try to stay calm. To distract myself, I am preparing some rations, candles etc in a not-that-secret-a-room in the event we need to hide.

I hadn't realized my New Year will be this exciting.

May a thousand flowers bloom

As I post this, I realize I am posting this for my own cold comfort.

I didn’t want to say anything this far, in case our family gets nervous & then I realized that hey! They don’t really read my ramblings.

Here, the past 2 weeks has been one of some great unrest.

Unfortunately it has culminated in last night’s spotty troubles, & today’s call from the Opposition for a nationwide strike.

Ok. If I were to compare last nite’s bit of a rampage (grenades, military, barricades, cars set on fire), it doesn’t seem as bad as when soccer hooligans ran mad in Frankfurt 12 years ago.

The diff here is we live in the centre where the “action” is.

More critically, the better half is err….quite “critical” to the country’s service here, & many know him as "He who is ridding the company of corrupted people" & the same now wants to get him so they can get back to cari makan again

How did it get where it’s gotten?


The issues affecting here are no different from those affecting Malaysia.

And you are wondering “WHAT? Even dirt poor people feels that the right to be heard, & to rid the country of greed, cronyism, corruption are important?”

Yes. Surprised right?

I support that people in a democracy should have their rights. But most times, we are mere pawns in the hands of powerful & manipulative men

So in the end, we get taken in for the ride of a promise for a better tomorrow.

Here people are just like us in Msia. They too feel someone else MAY be better than the current people? Who knows? Let’s take a gamble.

But unfortunately you know how it is. Same clothes, different day.

Seen too many new regime who’s just like the old regime

Last nite showed us how hairy things can get.

Although we heard that there were sporadic demos around town this weekend, we were assured all was ok.

That’s why we kept to plan & a group of us went out for dinner. We even called the restaurant to see if all’s ok & indeed all seemed fine as the restaurant was full. As we passed through town, it seemed quieter, we didn’t see a single police or military person, lots of cars, just less people.


Throughout our meal, everyone’s phone kept ringing.

Every time a phone rang, the whole table of 14 went quiet to see what the situation was. We kept getting calls that the situation was getting a bit dicey. So we rushed home after dinner. So much for Reunion Dinner celebrations.

Today the situation seems to have grown tenser.

We hear that buses have stopped running, many are milling around the city, both civilians & military because the nationwide strike is supposed to start at 10am.

We are less than 5 mins from this dateline. My better half has gone off to work to reassure his staff that life goes on, & he is there with them & for them.

After all, what good would it do anyone to be without power or water?

All I can do is to pack him some food (in case he is cut off from me), & have all our important papers in a bag.
I pray for the people here that they will be fine.
I am tired. I spent ½ the night keeping an ear out for any untoward sounds. I wanted to protect my better half. What more can I do?
But I also hope for a thousand flowers to bloom

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Goody goody! Paula's Buka-ed Her Kedai again

Thanks all for visiting here in Support of Paula.

NOW all of us can go back to visit masterwordsmith because her kedai has terbuka-ed - or else Paula will have to belanja me many popiahs for intercepting her well wishers on her own behalf!

Here is Paula's reply (verbatim)
Dear Gobloking and What a Lulu and other readers,
My deepest apologies to every single reader, especially DAP leaders and staff.

Yesterday, when I responded to Gobloking's post, I was in an emo state and quite overwhelmed emotionally and I FORGOT to mention the support of the DAP leaders.

Before coming to post, I put a post script to my comment in Gobloking's previous post and then I came here after reading the latest post.I am truly sorry I forgot to mention the vital support of DAP leaders particularly MP Chong Eng, MP Liew Chin Tong and also ADUN Jagdeep Singh.
MP Chong Eng has been a pillar of strength to me radiating her positive energy to me via many phone calls and also encouragement and advice.

At the same time, I will never forget that MP Liew Chin Tong was there throughout my detention on November 15th and stayed right till I was released. He also gave me his advice and directed me to his friend who could advise me better.

ADUN Jagdeep Singh has also expressed his advice for me.

MP Jeff Ooi was there when I was detained and came straight from the airport upon his return from an overseas trip. I did not meet him and thus did not have a chance to thank him personally.

For all the DAP leaders, bloggers such as Gobloking and What a Lulu etc.who cared enough to write to me or about me, I am forever indebted to you.

I am sorry for overlooking mention of DAP support. In such trying times, it is easy for me to focus on worrying. After I closed my blogs, I went offline and tried to wean myself off blogging and surfing and felt completely cut off from blogosphere.

Upon realization that many of my blog readers were still visiting my blogs daily, I told myself that I will not disappoint those who have faith in me and who enjoy reading the articles I posted so I reopened both my blogs.

And that has been quite a cathartic experience cos I was able to unleash some of the lessons, very precious albeit painful lessons learnt in this lonely journey.I will never understand why it was me and me alone and all I hope for is for my life to return to normal and my case to be dropped.

My family have suffered enough especially my 10 year old boy and I pray that you will support my family and I in prayer that somehow, there will be a breakthrough in my case.

For all DAP leaders and staff and blog readers, friends and relatives who have been with me for the past 2.5 months including Gobloking and What a Lulu et al, my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all of you. I am certain your reward is in heaven.

God bless you all....sincerely,Paula

My Postscript to whatalulu who commented
"you bloggers think you are so powerful" in relation to those of us who might we are so influential we can move political parties with our blogs

I can't speak for the world so I speak for myself. I blog not with the purpose of thinking anyone' can be swayed with my words. I blog purely as a form of self expression.

I don't flatter myself that any political party can be moved by my words.

Wah. If political parties can be moved by my blog - then I Fatt Tat lor(canto for get rich).
When I hantam BN, I get hate babimails. When I hantam the Opposition, I get hateauntymails. HELLO? Can anyone see Aunty here reserves the rights to hantam one & all - so long as it is my blog & so long as I see "Injustice"?
Isn't that what we are all trying to get? The RIGHT to be a Voice?

Now can someone please ask DAP to increase the number of people physically supporting Paula by being there with her ?
Myself quite busy today putting up my non-existent Chinese New Year decor lah! AS IF!!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Is DAP a Turtle?

I could be wrong but where is DAP in Penang as far as support to Paula Khoo's case is concern?
Or is DAP in PG doing a "turtle"?
All I can do is to say to DAP "Eh. Come out of the shell & give some support to Paula ok?
Or is it because Paula's case ain't "political"?
I think it is. After all, doesn't democracy covers the right to have a voice?
And was Paula's voice offensive?

Or GASP!!!! Is DAP like MCA ?

"We represent YOU"
Ya ke?
Well. Here is Paula Khoo. A fine example of a Rakyat!

So be a Mensch. Go to see how she is.
Your Support for Paula will mean alot
And no. This ain't no paid advertisement. It's only the small voice of an Ah Soh.

Friday, 23 January 2009


I know.

Maybe it's asking too much of you, seeing as 28th of Jan is the 3rd day of Chinese New Year but please spare some time to support Paula Khoo at the Pattani Rd Police Station, 8am.

I can't really verify the place & time as Paula's gone off-air as masterwordsmith but if she's reading this, she will guide me gently to the truth.

All I know is Pattani Road Police Station 8am, was the place & time Paula was asked to appear in Dec to post her bail.

Am I worried? Frankly. YES

Seeing as our 23 folk heroes in KL/PJ have been charged today for illegal gathering.

Yes Peeps. Once again you are all right.
ONLY in bananalalaland, do we have more than our share of morons & oxymorons co-existing so well.
Must be a combo of the amno air they breathe & the bananas thrown to them by their keepers that makes these apes go wild.

BUT I trust you Penangnites to do the Honorable thing

After all, if you read this & do nothing, it's only your conscience that you have to live with

After all I thought Penang is the "rebel" state?

FYI - Paula was arrested for attending the anti-ISA gathering in Penang because she helped to pack stuff up & she sang!

"FARK ME" you said?
"Where the fark is DAP?" you ask?
Ye..eeap. I ask the same too.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Citizen N on Bigots & Racsists in Pakatan Rakyat

I was moved when I read Page 14 of The Sun today on a piece by Citizen Nadeswaran (above photo). I like Citizen N. He's a good columnist. Go read his piece on what one PAS councillor from Sepang said.
Nades only confirmed what I felt about the many "discreet" forms of racism.

Sure. I will admit it. I USED to & occasionally still do, harbor some sort of insane racism especially towards very dark skinned people.

I can only rationalize (?) it was because I was never exposed to Africans or their culture.

And yet, I was never fearful of people whose shade of skin was slightly darker or lighter than mine. Isn't that farking insane????

Later (& I still continue to learn today), that it is entirely up to me, as a Mensch, to suppress my ignoble feelings & rationalize that racism is absolutely NOT RATIONAL, LOGICAL OR SANE.

God has been giving me lessons I didn't know I needed. One great one is on NOT discriminating.
I have met lovely white, yellow, brown & very dark skinned people. Conversely I have also met nasty, crazy white, yellow, brown & very dark skinned people.
I just try my darnest not to let negative experiences wipe out the positive ones.

And I continue to learn that one can never judge a person's heart by the color of his skin.

Back to the thought provoked by Nades' piece. What saddens me is that it would seem that PR is no different from BN.

Scratch the surface within the cadre of "leaders" of Pakatan Rakyat & one confronts the same demons that we think exists only within the hardcore Keristuans of UMNO.

PR would do well to ask ALL its candidates, councillors & MPs to sign a declaration & promise to uphold & upkeep Bangsa Malaysia, regardless of color & faith.

What if they were to break this Promise?

Shit man! Fire the shithead! Don't tell me all good (wo)men are dead?

A Good Person regardless of his faith will not break a promise once they have made it.

Think about this PR.

Think about this People

Meanwhile, Mr PAS COUNCILLOR from Sepang. Please go get a life & live amongst people of other faiths & colors & know that the color of our blood's the same as yours.

Monday, 19 January 2009

1 Banana, 2 Banana, 3 Banana, FOUR!

While Nik Aziz reminds Opposition Supporters to be humble in their victory in KT, BN comes up with yet another assessment of their performance.

Umno’s VP, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam has called for a change in approach by BN to woo voters. And the secret to changing approach?


He says that “while BN is responsible for doing all the work and bringing development, yet opposition supporters continue to vote for the Opposition” and this is the punchline “in the belief that they will go to heaven”. I hope Bloggers who posted such unflattering - obviously doctored - photos of all that non-development in KT will take note.

After all. WHO put KT on the Map if not for the Prestigious Monsoon Cup? Of the island bought by Datuk Seri Ferrari?

Yeap. BN has indeed novel & creative approaches to winning hearts & souls. Don’t call people idiots or gobloks to their face. Just imply that people are simpletons & buffoons.

We ain't smart enough to see through THIS new strategy.
I guess he must also be impling that is the selfsame belief why urban folks voted for the Opposition in the last election?

Sure as hell now that we’re told we’ve been “had” will we vote BN next round.

At least in KK, the Parti Bersatu Sabah president Joseph Pairin Kitingan was a tad more sensitive when he notes that BN should “put their ears to the ground and read the implications seriously”.

He believes that BN needs to “re-brand”

Now. IF I recall, a re-branding exercise is more an effort to to change an image rather than modifying the product or service offering.
Because that's like saying, "Hey. My stuff's great but people aren't buying. Must be we need to make the packaging more attractive"
Err...No. I don't think so. Ask yourself this
“If customers are not convinced the product’s performing, are they likely to buy the same product in a different packaging?”
But then WHO KNOWS? So long as BN believes we are the same people voting in the hope of an instant Heaven Pass, maybe just a rebranding effort surfices?

And the Opposition would also do well to remember the lessons of BN.

From what some of us have heard, it would seem that some leopards who joined PR have not lost their spots. In like manner they too have demanded the spoils of the victory in the form of lucrative contracts & positions.
Does this mean that some of the Opposition leaders are no different from the other party?

Yeap. 1 banana, 2 banana, 3 banana, 4. All are the same banana.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

In Sickness & in Health, For Richer for poorer?

Man vote for the Person
Aunties are likely to vote based on the partners standing by the person for whom they will vote

OK. Slay me if you like. I ain't a hardcore feminist.
Ofcourse we (notice the "we"?) women are smart.

Because we KNOW who is a critical influence in a Man's life.
I mean, WHO can make a better man great, and a great man worst? (Other than the mother lah!)

Which is why I have posted these photos for you to decide who's the one on whom the Rakyat are most likely to lay their trust...based on the WITH the spouse in the equation.

I may not support Anwar.
Or Badawi.
Or Najib.
But given the lesser evil?

And since you & I know Pakatan Rakyat does not have the majority in Parliament, and UMNO will still heads the roost, WHO will you choose?

Please lah.
I am sure Badawi WILL step down or else why is he doing a "Goodbye Tour like Bush?

So who will be the next PM?
Najib is so unpopular, it ain't even funny anymore. Not only does the Rakyat feel he ain't the most Ros-y smellin' guy, his Rose have too many thorns.

For one, we women stick together. Why & how on earth do we want to support a home wrecker?

I would rather support an unpopular man whose wife is considered a saint than an unpopular man with an even more unpopular wife!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Will KT be the Gallipoli of umm...- NO?

Before I even go on, today, tearing myself away from a really f**ked up net connection, (I am still bitchin' & harrasin' the providers), I visited Masterwordsmith's site & was SHOCKED to see that she has logged off from blogging. I hope it's not forever because that would be a waste of fine brains on some dumbasses who arrested her allegedly for "helping" to organize Penang's candle-lite GATHERING.

I wish you GodSpeed Paula & we will always be SISTAHS!

NOW. As to that dumbass same person who keeps comin' to my site under different dumbass MF names - so long as you drop racsist dumbass comments - I will just continue to DE...EE..LETE! Comprendez vous?

Ya. I am totally DEMOCRATIC! Do I look like I give a damn? nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Now.Back to the KT elections. I have the strangest feeling that KT will be ummm....NO's Gallipolli. I can just picture those poor ummm...No footsoldiers not knowing if voters will take the bait - despite all those attractive freebies . KT people should know who paid for these freebies. YA. YOU DID YOURSELF!!!

Now why do I have this "green" feeling?

From doing my usual "extensive" research from my armchair ie reading main-& not-at-all mainstream media, I can tell you people.
No need to bet on who's gonna win.
No need to stay glued to the news.
No need to drink Brands Chicken Essence to go to work next day because you stayed up late for the count. (Keep that Brands for the late nite soccer match)

Wah Aunty! You so sure KT will go green meh?

Oh Totally baby! Cause..IF I was a resident of KT, I will ask myself.
1. Oil money go where ah? How come the federal gomen dunno KT gets flooded every - single - f**king year? KT flooding's more predictable than my bowel movement & they still haven't done dick for this long?

2. Someone much wiser than me said that the non-Malays who live in KT know exactly that the Malays in KT are nothing like those ummm...putttt...uitas from the big city. The threat of PAS & hudud do not scare them

What has scared them is the disunity within the Opposition. But that shoulda been settled because the parties within PR has signed an agreement to act in mutual agreement on all matters.

On the other hand have you heard of disagreements within BN? And have you heard that they have come to an agreement to be mutually agreeable? NO, right?

Lastly, and not unimportantly. I don't understand why Handsome Khairy went to KT. I thought he is perceived more as an arrogant playboy type than a serious politician. They shoulda send Siti Norhaliza. She woulda gotten more positive reaction for sure.

And talkin' about arrogant playboy types.
For once in my miserable existence, I am totally sucked up into the world of chinese soaps - with this stupid "The Gem of Life" (TGOL). Now when my connection gets up to speed, I would rather waste time downloading TGOL than trying to get the foregone GREEN conclusion of the KT elections.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

SELAMAT DATANG Robert Mugabe & Family

Pi Daeng my Thai friend called me very early this morning. To say I am not that smart in the morning is an understatement.

PD: Good Morning my Rich Friend!
Me: Hah? Who's rich?
PD: YOU or at least yr country. You guys beat us Thais this time
Me: Soccer? What? What have we beaten you at?
PD: Robert Mugabe is reported to be retiring to Malaysia. You guys are good at attracting foreign investors. With 1 guy, you have the equal of many MANY.

So I quickly hung up & fished around the net & found this news on our very own Malaysia Insider.

YOWZAH!! It is true? Malaysia Insider reported that the world's surviving greatest living legends of malevolent dictators, Robert Mugabe (Owner of Zimbabwe) has bought a house in Malaysia.

Further diggin' around the net reveals an underground posted from Zim that says Grace Mugabe has literally cleared out a bank in Zim to bring her money to Malaysia (January 10, 2009).
Even as we speak, the Mugabes are on their way, or at least it is reported that Grace M is already in Malaysia.

On behalf of my fellow Msians, I would like to bid a warm “Selamat Datang” to the Mugabes.

Now please People.
Don’t get moralistic on me as to whence or with whom the money cometh.
The important thing is we are helping out a fellow man needing a safe haven. The important thing is the money will help Malaysia simulate our economy.

Or is it stimulate? Anyhoos.

The important thing is
This shows the world that we have Bola !!

Who cares what the rest of the losers in this world thinks of us accepting into our bosoms the ill gotten fortunes of Zimbabwe?

(Dontcha tell us all you Sarkozys, Browns, Bushes etc have yr fortunes fall from the Heavens?)

So what if the Mugabes have cost (directly or indirectly) the deaths of thousands & thousands of Zimbabweans?

Has 1 Malaysian died there? No, right?

And what does it matter if the Mugabes have bankrupted & devastated a country once known as the Bread Basket of Africa?

You guys with the hands purer than the driven snows, betcha wish you too had a chance at doing the same?
We have a wonderful track record of treating people well. Whatever the source of wealth!
I personally think the Mugabes can bring a lot to Malaysia; and that is much MORE than their wealth or reputation.

I think the Mugabes should share their management experience with Malaysians.

Because, who in the world can boast of having managed an economy with >2 MILLION percent inflation rate?
Adoi! Don't get technical with me on who caused that in the 1st place.
So PD darling. I think you are just plain old jealous of our entrepreneurial skills in luring investors to our fair shores.

I think the people running "Malaysia my second home" program knows what they are doing.

And for your sake, try not to visit Mugabe's property in Malaysia.
Robert Mugage has not stayed alive for so long because he's just plain lucky. Luck has nothing to do with his formidable security detail. So don't get too close.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

A kind touch meant everything to me

This weekend I have tried really hard to distract myself. My other half is away so I have more than enough time to myself.

My friends are all away too, so I have nobody I can really speak to. Having too much free time on one's hand is a bad thing.

I have tried to distract myself by watching a series until 5am in the morning so that I can wear myself out. It didn't work.

I can't help it anymore. Even as I am writing this I feel wretched. I am not posting this to elicit sympathy. After all, I am not the family suffering the loss.

This posting is really to help me cope. Writing helps me cope. It's also to post the photo of the child who has died. Jeanie & Check, your donation helped to pay for the chemo of this child too.

I would never have suspected he could not survive. He was still running & playing around 3 weeks ago when we gave a Christmas party. His mother is very well dressed right? We kinda suspect that she has been trying to earn some side income while she's been in the "big city". But we are not there to be moral judges. They actually arrived here 3 months ago with only the clothes on their backs.

Looking back, Dec was a terrible month. 3 kids died before Xmas. Of the 13 who have died in the past 6 months, 10 are kids we have sponsored. I don't know if being sponsored by us is a bad thing or if the kids sent to hospital are already terminal cases.

We have no news of the other 5 we have sponsored for treatment. One never knows until they come back to hospital. Often they will not come back. Due to lack of money for transport or if the kid has died.

The risks of having very under- & mal-nourished sick kids take chemo is worst than playing Russian Roulette.

But it seems we have no choice. We try to build the kids up with feeding first. Then the doctors put them on chemo. The side effects of chemo sucks. Medication here sucks. Equipment sucks. Medical help sucks. Being poor & sick sucks BIG time.

When I visited this week, I saw a well dressed, well spoken Indian gentleman talking to this mother. When the mother saw me, she came to take my hands to wish me Happy New Year.

I hadn't realized then that her child is dead. But when I saw her face, I realized what had happened. I had to turn my face away because I just could not stop my tears from coming.

For a year now, my friends & I have resolved to ourselves that we will NOT cry publicly whenever we see all the suffering around us. We didn't want to give signs of hopelessness to the kids & parents.

But I failed this day. When the tears came, I was as surprised as I was sad. And I failed to find a tissue in my bag. As I was trying hard to rub away the tears from my eyes, a gentle hand patted me on my shoulder. It was this Indian gentleman. He said "Don't give up"

I have thought of giving up. But this gentleman is right. If even we gave up, what chances do these kids have?

Then I found out that this gentleman is a benefactor who takes care of the dead. He & his friends sponsor the traumatic task of helping the burial or transportation of hardcore poor who has died.
So now I know. God has given us the task of helping those alive, while this kind gentleman & his friends have the task of helping the bereaved & dead.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Hearing Aid needed

Maybe I heard wrong. This old age thingy is no fun. I seem to be getting deaf.

I thought someone from the government said the Jerit protesters should not have used kids in protests?

Hah? Sorry. THAT was a whole last month ago?

NOW it's another month. NOW, not only are we using some kids, dang! We will throw the whole dang lot into a protest. So, are you telling me the operative word is "some" as vs "all"?

WHAT? Surely you have read that our Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein will be mobilising all five million pupils and teachers from over 10,000 schools to protest against the Gaza offensive?

Our esteemed Minister says
"This is to create a wave of pressure for the Israelis to stop their violence and oppression of Palestinian civilians."

This begs the question of "If the Isrealites ain't bowing to pressures from the UN, why would they bow to any pressure; even (or especially) from Malaysian Kids?"

How about exposing our kids to such atrocities? The minister said "When they grow up, they will have to face global issue like peace, environment and the economic crisis"

I do agree we should educate our kids to be aware of global issues. We all should be.

But why not exposing them to issues in our own democratic environment?
Hey Hey HEY! Don't aunty-whip me so fast.

Ofcourse I am horrified & angry at what's happening in the Gaza. What the Isrealites doing is inhuman & inhumane. But Hamas is wrong. The Isrealite government is wrong. BOTH their Approaches are wrong!! But the issue of the Palestinians & the Isrealites are real.

But is what we want our kids to do right?

Aren't we telling our kids
"We can protest about international affairs, but do NOT get involved in your own country's issues of peace, environment & economic crisis. What we do here in our country has nothing to do with you but what they do outside our country has everything to do with you"

HAH? Dammit! I AM getting hard of hearing in my old age.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Universal Human Rights - The Ethiopian Way

I am not one for deep thinking. I'd rather do shallow thinking.

If thoughts were a swimming pool, I would still be lying on a deckchair.

But as usual, here I go again.

This time, my deckchair pondering is on Ethiopia. Look at this direct cut&paste from BBC on what Ethiopia's Government is doing

"The bill bans international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from five sorts of activity:
• The advancement of human and democratic rights
• The promotion of equality between peoples, sexes or religions
• Campaigning for children's rights or the rights of the disabled
• Conflict resolution and reconciliation
• Work on criminal justice issues.

Are there some serious retards in this world or what?

Is this happening only in Ethiopia?

Does any of this sound familiar to you wherever you are?

Can someone point me to the passage in any holy text stating the inequality of sexes, peoples & religions is part of their religion?

Can someone tell me sane people think this way?

Did I hear you say that at least the Ethiopians ain't hiding behind any curtains to state the obvious?

Can you tell I ain't heading out to Ethiopia any time soon?

*photo from BBC Africa website

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Story of Sophie Scholl - VERY inspiring!

Now I truly believe in "Everything Happens for a Reason"

I do not usually watch anything on TV, especially a movie between the times of 6 to 8pm.
That's the time I am trying to come up with something called dinner. Or what passes for dinner - that looks like I spent the whole day lovingly preparing it for my family. Sorta justifies my existence in the family. Homemakers everywhere will know what I am trying to say.
I only meant to switch on the TV to catch the horrific news on Gaza but the TV happened to be on the channel with this movie.

So, due to watching "Sophie Scholl - The Final Days" a German movie (with English subtitles lah), I totally ignored cooking dinner (& thus jeopardizing my existence as HomeMaker) until after 8pm.

I figured that God must want me to watch this movie - which is the exact excuse I gave to the family when dinner was served at 9pm! ("Talk to God, not me, ok?")

This movie is truly worth watching. The lumps in my throat. The speeches & conviction makes one think. It is as applicable now as it was during WW2.

In short, Sophie (21yrs old) & her brother & friends were executed for acts of treason in Germany during 1943.

They were anti-Nazi & wrote propaganda to encourage the Germans to be passive about the war & Hitler. When asked why (when she can get out of this mess by denouncing the others & disassociating herself) she would risk her life to break the law, her reply was "Laws can change, CONSCIENCE does not"

I strongly encourage you to watch this award winning movie made in 2005. Donwload it. Buy it. Whatever. Get the Kleenex ready but it is NOT the typical Holocaust movie. It answers the question of "Why did all the Germans not react to the horrors of Hitler?"

Paula sweetie - YOU will love it.

More on Sophie & the White Rose resistance below:

Monday, 5 January 2009

Aunty for Parliament?

If you know me, you would know that I am always looking at & for angles to stay afloat.

I dunno why but I DO worry. In fact the more I worry, the more I should worry about staying afloat because then I go shopping to alleviate my worries. Typical Female. Ye..ap.

Now, what with all the uncertainty in today's (& the next few years) of the global recession & maybe even depression (ptui on that!)

Coupled with the high unemployment rate, & not forgetting I am no longer very employable, I have been looking at some recession proof sources of generating income.

Making & Selling food? Direct selling? Tour guiding? Dog training? Housekeeping? Aiyoh. All these jobs are very recession prone plus they require actual hard work.

So I hit on the idea of being a Politician. Parliamentarian?

Ya. Yah. I know. That's also hard work.

But that seems like the only job I know where PERHAPS I can have a very valid excuse to get out of the house, have my internet paid for, while continuing to knit, take a nap, cruise the net on my prepaid Blackberry, plus drink free kopi & eat free kueh.

I also like chatting, & wasting people's time - so basically I think I am suited to be a Parliamentarian. Ya.

But before you all go voting for me, I have some Qs I would like answered. Can you help me out?

Q 1. How many toilets are in Parliament for females?
I hear there are pathetic few toilets for females & if you know women, we will miss all our sittings in Parliament if we were to wait for each other to use the toilet. Also we need to go in pairs & that would take 2x the time

Q2. Are blow pipes with arrows tipped with sedatives (organic lah..I am quite green) allowed at meetings & Parliament sittings?

Q2 is linked to Q3 & Q4.

Q3. Is one liable for prosecution, if, say, one sedates some other asinine parliamentarians?
Because there should be some law stated somewhere that says MPs found purposefully & maliciously hampering the due & fair course of justice, productivity, & religious & racial harmony should be sedated for the entire duration of Parliament sitting.

OK. Some hardly need any sedatives to be sedate. In fact some are hardly there. But let's face it. There should not be more than 1 asinine fool at any time allowed at any one sitting. No?

Q4. Is one allowed to be paid for blowing arrows?
If so, I would like to start taking reservations immediately. That would be better biz than direct selling.

I will do my price list later but shooting Bung with the sedative would be my first charitable act for women & the public. But if you know his mouth, he would say I was blowing him (blow pipe?).

Whatever. So long as trash's put out, it's OUT.

And lastly but not at all unimportant to me
Q5. Who's the caterer at Parliament?
Because if they need one, I know people who can do the job. wink wink

And yes. I am the one on the far right of the photo