Monday, 19 January 2009

1 Banana, 2 Banana, 3 Banana, FOUR!

While Nik Aziz reminds Opposition Supporters to be humble in their victory in KT, BN comes up with yet another assessment of their performance.

Umno’s VP, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam has called for a change in approach by BN to woo voters. And the secret to changing approach?


He says that “while BN is responsible for doing all the work and bringing development, yet opposition supporters continue to vote for the Opposition” and this is the punchline “in the belief that they will go to heaven”. I hope Bloggers who posted such unflattering - obviously doctored - photos of all that non-development in KT will take note.

After all. WHO put KT on the Map if not for the Prestigious Monsoon Cup? Of the island bought by Datuk Seri Ferrari?

Yeap. BN has indeed novel & creative approaches to winning hearts & souls. Don’t call people idiots or gobloks to their face. Just imply that people are simpletons & buffoons.

We ain't smart enough to see through THIS new strategy.
I guess he must also be impling that is the selfsame belief why urban folks voted for the Opposition in the last election?

Sure as hell now that we’re told we’ve been “had” will we vote BN next round.

At least in KK, the Parti Bersatu Sabah president Joseph Pairin Kitingan was a tad more sensitive when he notes that BN should “put their ears to the ground and read the implications seriously”.

He believes that BN needs to “re-brand”

Now. IF I recall, a re-branding exercise is more an effort to to change an image rather than modifying the product or service offering.
Because that's like saying, "Hey. My stuff's great but people aren't buying. Must be we need to make the packaging more attractive"
Err...No. I don't think so. Ask yourself this
“If customers are not convinced the product’s performing, are they likely to buy the same product in a different packaging?”
But then WHO KNOWS? So long as BN believes we are the same people voting in the hope of an instant Heaven Pass, maybe just a rebranding effort surfices?

And the Opposition would also do well to remember the lessons of BN.

From what some of us have heard, it would seem that some leopards who joined PR have not lost their spots. In like manner they too have demanded the spoils of the victory in the form of lucrative contracts & positions.
Does this mean that some of the Opposition leaders are no different from the other party?

Yeap. 1 banana, 2 banana, 3 banana, 4. All are the same banana.


Crankster said...

A brilliant write-up, I enjoyed reading it! :)

GobloKing said...

thank you dear!

If you read MT you will also read some wannabe1stlady said something truly inspiring to the voters of KT. She said "WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE" ie those who do not vote "correctly"

I love that. Shows gangsterism of the 1st degree.

btw eat a lovely chicken vindaloo for me. helps to warm you up!