Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Citizen N on Bigots & Racsists in Pakatan Rakyat

I was moved when I read Page 14 of The Sun today on a piece by Citizen Nadeswaran (above photo). I like Citizen N. He's a good columnist. Go read his piece on what one PAS councillor from Sepang said.
Nades only confirmed what I felt about the many "discreet" forms of racism.

Sure. I will admit it. I USED to & occasionally still do, harbor some sort of insane racism especially towards very dark skinned people.

I can only rationalize (?) it was because I was never exposed to Africans or their culture.

And yet, I was never fearful of people whose shade of skin was slightly darker or lighter than mine. Isn't that farking insane????

Later (& I still continue to learn today), that it is entirely up to me, as a Mensch, to suppress my ignoble feelings & rationalize that racism is absolutely NOT RATIONAL, LOGICAL OR SANE.

God has been giving me lessons I didn't know I needed. One great one is on NOT discriminating.
I have met lovely white, yellow, brown & very dark skinned people. Conversely I have also met nasty, crazy white, yellow, brown & very dark skinned people.
I just try my darnest not to let negative experiences wipe out the positive ones.

And I continue to learn that one can never judge a person's heart by the color of his skin.

Back to the thought provoked by Nades' piece. What saddens me is that it would seem that PR is no different from BN.

Scratch the surface within the cadre of "leaders" of Pakatan Rakyat & one confronts the same demons that we think exists only within the hardcore Keristuans of UMNO.

PR would do well to ask ALL its candidates, councillors & MPs to sign a declaration & promise to uphold & upkeep Bangsa Malaysia, regardless of color & faith.

What if they were to break this Promise?

Shit man! Fire the shithead! Don't tell me all good (wo)men are dead?

A Good Person regardless of his faith will not break a promise once they have made it.

Think about this PR.

Think about this People

Meanwhile, Mr PAS COUNCILLOR from Sepang. Please go get a life & live amongst people of other faiths & colors & know that the color of our blood's the same as yours.


GobloKing said...

I didnt post a comment on how washing is cleaner & more superior which is why chinese are not clean

I guess this person was implying that no matter how dirty one's hands, mind & soul is, so long as the nether region's clean, all's A-OK!

And THAT FOLKS is the extent of how some ppl's brains function. WOW! There is a need for Amno after all!!

GobloKing said...

Hey Babi!
I deleted yr comment because you used the N word. I will continue NOT to publish yr comments so you can just do yr own blog

And I don't know I should be happy or sad that you are reading my pieces so judiciously

And NO. I am not fearful or afraid of any colors in this world because I prefer to see the goodness of everyone for who they are.

and you really do NOT know what I do - because if you do, you would know - Colors means nothing to me

Yes I had to learn & I did that because God has taught me well

I wish you Salaam & goodbye. Don't come back now y'hear?

Crankster said...

I wonder why people are naturally afraid of dark-skinned people and not of the light-skinned ones.

I'm Indian, but I confess to being just as bigoted.

GobloKing said...

crankster dear!
ONLY dogs are color blind. They see black, white & grey. And even they do not discriminate. I will do well to learn from my dogs

have u eaten that vindaloo (hot) for me yet?