Monday, 26 January 2009

The Burning & other things continuing

The calm here in our house belies what's happening outside somewhere..and it seems everywhere.

I am also totally floored by Uncle. He has directed all non-essential staff (about 2000) to go home by 14-30hrs.

I am alone at home with 2 oblivious & happy dogs & 1 unhappy guard, whom I would like to send home but he lives some ways away so I am scared he may not get home safely. What to do? I haven't a clue.

But we have enough to feed everyone because I happened to stock up last week.

As of 1 hour ago, there are some fires in the city. The fire engines have been stopped from going in to put out the fire. This place isn't far from Uncle's office.

And there is nary an enforcement guy in sight.

What a contrast to Malaysia who gives us 4x or more of the enforcement we don't need at peaceful gatherings ain't it?

My friends who live on a hill overlooking the burning parts say 2 state radio stations are burnt, & they see many people on the march. They who have lived here through 2 other riots say this is the fastest & worst they have seen. I hope they are kidding me!

When I asked Uncle (nicely but firmly) when he is coming back - since even his own Ambassador has directed all its nationals to stay home, Uncle mustaseentoomanywesternmovies says "I'll come back an hour after all the staff has left"

WTF was that? All the other people with the same nationality as Uncle are home EXCEPT him.

I shall try to stay calm. To distract myself, I am preparing some rations, candles etc in a not-that-secret-a-room in the event we need to hide.

I hadn't realized my New Year will be this exciting.


Gregory said...

Dear Aunty

So relieved to see your latest blog entry. That mans you are still OK. Searched Google News. AP Site reported burning of the TV stations and an oil depot outskirts of Antananrivo. No Police or Military seen, probably supporting the revolt. No casualties reported yet.

Again, take care and God bless.

zorro said...

Penny, apologise for not visiting for some time and therefore miss the mess happening in Madland. Uncle is like the captain of a ship. Last to leave. I met him during your last visit. He is a good man. Stand by your man. Keep us posted.And take care of each other.