Friday, 30 January 2009

Deadlock on Friday or Dead-line on Saturday?

We are biting our nails.

In 1/2hr, Dud1 & Even Bigger Dudwannabe (young punk) has agreed to meet with international ambassadors & church elders to observe & mediate.

Only problem is Dudwannabe has said he will stick to his guns to ask Dud to step down & being kind & obliging & absolutely respectful of democracy, he has decided he will appoint himself the unelected head of a transition government.

What Dudwannabe has always brushed aside is that his father-in-law happens (surprise!) is the man the ex-pressie (in exile in Paris) appointed to look after all his personal & biz affairs left in Madland.

So who's backing him huh?

Aunty went on an extensive translation of about 150 comments of what the peeps here are saying.

Most called Dudwannabe an idiot. I am being kind. They were ruder. Too young. Too stupid. A puppet. "Hey! If I wanna be King, can I just become King?" "Who asked you to be my leader?" (quote verbatim)

IF there is an impasse - which there is 100% to be, as Dudwannabe says he will not give up his demands, then tomorrow he will call a large rally to demolish the government.

More gunshots. More deaths. More fearful. Economy royally f**ked. Already even some Multinationals have sent the wives & kids off.

There are ofcourse people in Dudwannabe's camp working in the government - ready to take over (again another surprise?) but they are equally as guillable as Dudwannabe about their abilities. But they are top experts in what they want. TO BE KING!

France is playing both sides of the card. Just in case but ofcourse deny deny deny. Too obvious.

When all the lootin' happened, only 1 supermarket chain was spared. Absolutely spared. Or it's a miracle & coincidence they are french owned with the same rollup doors everyone had - which got bashed in by looters.

I would ask the same question too if all the neighbour's houses are bashed - saved for one.

Last night, we slept maybe 3 hours from all the stress. I even took an aspirin resulting in only my legs sleeping. Wierd huh?

Maybe we will be so tired tonight we may sleep well?

I doubt it.
The next 3 days will be the longest weekend night ever. Don't laugh. But Aunty here is practising her non-existent golf swing because as long as I'm around, nobody is gonna touch a hair on Uncle's head.


Anonymous said...

Nowbody dare touch you both, my dear friends !!

Keep off the streets on saturday !

Sleep as well as possible, meanwhile I'll pray for some miracles. Sometimes they happen !
Give a smack to the hero dogs !

Anonymous said...

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