Sunday, 25 January 2009

Goody goody! Paula's Buka-ed Her Kedai again

Thanks all for visiting here in Support of Paula.

NOW all of us can go back to visit masterwordsmith because her kedai has terbuka-ed - or else Paula will have to belanja me many popiahs for intercepting her well wishers on her own behalf!

Here is Paula's reply (verbatim)
Dear Gobloking and What a Lulu and other readers,
My deepest apologies to every single reader, especially DAP leaders and staff.

Yesterday, when I responded to Gobloking's post, I was in an emo state and quite overwhelmed emotionally and I FORGOT to mention the support of the DAP leaders.

Before coming to post, I put a post script to my comment in Gobloking's previous post and then I came here after reading the latest post.I am truly sorry I forgot to mention the vital support of DAP leaders particularly MP Chong Eng, MP Liew Chin Tong and also ADUN Jagdeep Singh.
MP Chong Eng has been a pillar of strength to me radiating her positive energy to me via many phone calls and also encouragement and advice.

At the same time, I will never forget that MP Liew Chin Tong was there throughout my detention on November 15th and stayed right till I was released. He also gave me his advice and directed me to his friend who could advise me better.

ADUN Jagdeep Singh has also expressed his advice for me.

MP Jeff Ooi was there when I was detained and came straight from the airport upon his return from an overseas trip. I did not meet him and thus did not have a chance to thank him personally.

For all the DAP leaders, bloggers such as Gobloking and What a Lulu etc.who cared enough to write to me or about me, I am forever indebted to you.

I am sorry for overlooking mention of DAP support. In such trying times, it is easy for me to focus on worrying. After I closed my blogs, I went offline and tried to wean myself off blogging and surfing and felt completely cut off from blogosphere.

Upon realization that many of my blog readers were still visiting my blogs daily, I told myself that I will not disappoint those who have faith in me and who enjoy reading the articles I posted so I reopened both my blogs.

And that has been quite a cathartic experience cos I was able to unleash some of the lessons, very precious albeit painful lessons learnt in this lonely journey.I will never understand why it was me and me alone and all I hope for is for my life to return to normal and my case to be dropped.

My family have suffered enough especially my 10 year old boy and I pray that you will support my family and I in prayer that somehow, there will be a breakthrough in my case.

For all DAP leaders and staff and blog readers, friends and relatives who have been with me for the past 2.5 months including Gobloking and What a Lulu et al, my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all of you. I am certain your reward is in heaven.

God bless you all....sincerely,Paula

My Postscript to whatalulu who commented
"you bloggers think you are so powerful" in relation to those of us who might we are so influential we can move political parties with our blogs

I can't speak for the world so I speak for myself. I blog not with the purpose of thinking anyone' can be swayed with my words. I blog purely as a form of self expression.

I don't flatter myself that any political party can be moved by my words.

Wah. If political parties can be moved by my blog - then I Fatt Tat lor(canto for get rich).
When I hantam BN, I get hate babimails. When I hantam the Opposition, I get hateauntymails. HELLO? Can anyone see Aunty here reserves the rights to hantam one & all - so long as it is my blog & so long as I see "Injustice"?
Isn't that what we are all trying to get? The RIGHT to be a Voice?

Now can someone please ask DAP to increase the number of people physically supporting Paula by being there with her ?
Myself quite busy today putting up my non-existent Chinese New Year decor lah! AS IF!!


masterwordsmith said...

Hello dear sistahh

Awww!!!! Thanks a lot for the lovely bouquet of pink daisies :-) And for the mini advert re my buka kedai :-) But the readers and I will still visit you because you are one heck of a SINCERE blogger who loves Malaysia and speaks fearlessly :-)

I am deeply touched. Hugs to you and the other dear friends including Antares, Uncle John, CKSaw (aiya u used to write to me by clicking the about your post and did not know my email...will email u after this). Thanks also to Looes74 for the letter, Robert Choo, kenckc1, tc8000, The Phoenix Foundation, What a Lulu (the real one and not the fake lulu)and others whose comments have yet to be posted...

No matter what, I will belanja you pohpias and many other Penang delights including my own home made stuff to express my appreciation of your solidarity and support if ever you come to Penang. And that goes to my friends and supporters too if ever we meet....Xie xie...thanks from the bottom of my heart...

Blessings to all of you,

*note that it was NOT what a lulu who posted the negative comment for the turtle post.

The real what a lulu is a sweetheart...a real smart and sassy darling :-).

GobloKing said...

ya lor. I liked those gerberas too & I also dunno why I associate you always with sunny flowers!

psychic or psycho leh?

& it wasn't whatalulu. I think she's funny & sensible.

Many immitation type got visit me lah. They no visit you meh?

& dun anyhow say gimme food. Uncle Z can tell you people eat 1 order of hailam mee, aunty here have to order 2 plates or double the portion.

U SO gonna regret feeding me.

Also sorry but i am on "diet" - in the way any true malaysian can don't see don't eat, got see must eat.