Friday, 9 January 2009

Hearing Aid needed

Maybe I heard wrong. This old age thingy is no fun. I seem to be getting deaf.

I thought someone from the government said the Jerit protesters should not have used kids in protests?

Hah? Sorry. THAT was a whole last month ago?

NOW it's another month. NOW, not only are we using some kids, dang! We will throw the whole dang lot into a protest. So, are you telling me the operative word is "some" as vs "all"?

WHAT? Surely you have read that our Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein will be mobilising all five million pupils and teachers from over 10,000 schools to protest against the Gaza offensive?

Our esteemed Minister says
"This is to create a wave of pressure for the Israelis to stop their violence and oppression of Palestinian civilians."

This begs the question of "If the Isrealites ain't bowing to pressures from the UN, why would they bow to any pressure; even (or especially) from Malaysian Kids?"

How about exposing our kids to such atrocities? The minister said "When they grow up, they will have to face global issue like peace, environment and the economic crisis"

I do agree we should educate our kids to be aware of global issues. We all should be.

But why not exposing them to issues in our own democratic environment?
Hey Hey HEY! Don't aunty-whip me so fast.

Ofcourse I am horrified & angry at what's happening in the Gaza. What the Isrealites doing is inhuman & inhumane. But Hamas is wrong. The Isrealite government is wrong. BOTH their Approaches are wrong!! But the issue of the Palestinians & the Isrealites are real.

But is what we want our kids to do right?

Aren't we telling our kids
"We can protest about international affairs, but do NOT get involved in your own country's issues of peace, environment & economic crisis. What we do here in our country has nothing to do with you but what they do outside our country has everything to do with you"

HAH? Dammit! I AM getting hard of hearing in my old age.

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