Saturday, 3 January 2009

I may not know what I am talking about...

Have y'all been missin' me? No? DANG!!!!!
But. IF you wanna know - the family's been on holiday. Uncle loves his year end rest.

And anyone who's an Aunty out there will tell you. The term "family's on holiday" = to Aunties hard at work. It's only when the family's working that we are on "holiday". Got it? LOL

Anyhoos. This post is brought about by a family member who actually reads my blog. (The rest of my family ignores me when they can...which is a blessing cause this blog is my personal ranting space)

Robert tells me I shouldn't write about what I don't know about.

True enuff. My rebuttal is "I know enough to know what's right & what's wrong & what hits me in the guts"
I dunno if I mentioned that it is MY blog so I can write about what pleases me? I think I did. Many times awreddy!

But life goes on. And here, folks, are more things I know f-all about but will continue to blog on

Corruption & Governance
Yeah. I don't know if a government other than the one I've known since Malaysia's independence will be better than a new one.

I don't. because if I did then the whole bloody world will be beating a path to where I live & I will be stinking rich as a Fortune Teller.

I just know we need a change from corruption. Corruption sucks. That's what I know.

Another thing I don't know about but on which I will continue to hantam.

A Just & Fair Judiciary System
I do not want the ISA at all. Whatever the fcuking reason it's there for. I don't want it.

A Fair & Due Process will be infinitely much preferable than just arresting people for their own protection (sick), or because they are a "threat". But as we all know, a Judiciary System is only as good as the ones running it.

& POLITICIANS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO RUN THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM. 'Cause as any Aunty worth their salt in the fish market can tell you, rotting really does start from the head!

WAH. Aunty. So many things you don't know about but will continue to write about? Uh Huh! Bite me Baby...& the list continues!

Yeah yeah yeah.
Y'all can say whatever you want & I will continue to tell you.
I am NOT a Raja Petra, Hindraf, Anwar, Mahathir, Badawi, Pakatan, DAP, MCA, Teresa Kok etc..supporter.

However, I still think it is WRONG to arrest anyone under ISA because that is a catchall phrase for "Piss me off & you will never see the light of day again"
And...if you are all still wondering about that picture up there?
That's My Special New Year's Greeting for ...

All the Leaders of our Glorious Politcal Parties

All those who joined Pakatan & BN for their own benefit
All those who beats the downtrodden, the disenfranchised & the disadvantaged

& last but not least...that picture is also dedicated to
The Israelite Government who makes peace loving Jewish people hang their heads in shame

& that HUGE A-Hole - Robert Mugabe


Anonymous said...

what about hamas ? or darfur?

GobloKing said...

yeah anon..agree but it's not darfur (that's a place)..I think you mean the regime(s) - whose names I can't recall...all headed by powerhungry leaders too.

Juanito said...


Happy New Year...