Sunday, 18 January 2009

In Sickness & in Health, For Richer for poorer?

Man vote for the Person
Aunties are likely to vote based on the partners standing by the person for whom they will vote

OK. Slay me if you like. I ain't a hardcore feminist.
Ofcourse we (notice the "we"?) women are smart.

Because we KNOW who is a critical influence in a Man's life.
I mean, WHO can make a better man great, and a great man worst? (Other than the mother lah!)

Which is why I have posted these photos for you to decide who's the one on whom the Rakyat are most likely to lay their trust...based on the WITH the spouse in the equation.

I may not support Anwar.
Or Badawi.
Or Najib.
But given the lesser evil?

And since you & I know Pakatan Rakyat does not have the majority in Parliament, and UMNO will still heads the roost, WHO will you choose?

Please lah.
I am sure Badawi WILL step down or else why is he doing a "Goodbye Tour like Bush?

So who will be the next PM?
Najib is so unpopular, it ain't even funny anymore. Not only does the Rakyat feel he ain't the most Ros-y smellin' guy, his Rose have too many thorns.

For one, we women stick together. Why & how on earth do we want to support a home wrecker?

I would rather support an unpopular man whose wife is considered a saint than an unpopular man with an even more unpopular wife!


Anonymous said...

BN is sleeping rather soundly.......

Najid had repeatedly said that KT's outcome would have no bearing to the next government-in-waiting. This is a wise move to hedge himself. If not, the defeat of BN would have been a slap on his vital part (for all people, this should be "brain", since he is brainless, must be somewhere else, go figure out :)

GobloKing said...

Touche! Anon u are a female!
I can tell! Only females can tell when a man's brain migrates south.

Idz said...

Najib has Rosmah,

Pak Lah has Jeane

Anwar has..............

...........Saiful Bukhary , mirnawan & pretty boys LOL..

make your choice now

GobloKing said...

I posted this comment not because I agree with it (as charges of homosexuality has not been proven against anwar) but to remind PR that this is the charge which will always be swirling around anwar's reputation.

I do not susbcribe to the stupid belief that a person's sexuality or sexual preference (except peadophilia) is the determinant for whether they are good or smart or ethical

Does this mean to say only straight people are fit to be leaders?

A gentle reminder - Alexander the Great was reportedly Gay & he conquered half the western world!

Idx said...

And conviniently left out the fact that Alexander died of an STD.. LOL

Anonymous said...

First comment was posted by

GobloKing said...

idz idx
we know who you are...

FYI A the G died after a bout of heavy drinking from the grief he suffered when his best friend died.