Saturday, 24 January 2009

Is DAP a Turtle?

I could be wrong but where is DAP in Penang as far as support to Paula Khoo's case is concern?
Or is DAP in PG doing a "turtle"?
All I can do is to say to DAP "Eh. Come out of the shell & give some support to Paula ok?
Or is it because Paula's case ain't "political"?
I think it is. After all, doesn't democracy covers the right to have a voice?
And was Paula's voice offensive?

Or GASP!!!! Is DAP like MCA ?

"We represent YOU"
Ya ke?
Well. Here is Paula Khoo. A fine example of a Rakyat!

So be a Mensch. Go to see how she is.
Your Support for Paula will mean alot
And no. This ain't no paid advertisement. It's only the small voice of an Ah Soh.


What A Lulu said...

i wish that you had shown more support and given more encouragement to Paula because your post sounds more like an attack on DAP than support for Paula.
btw, MP Chong Eng and Chin Tong are standing with her. And one of the DAP lawyers has been in contact with her.

btw, PDRM is Fed Control. Even the S'gor EXCO, MP and SA are prosecuted and persecuted.

Anonymous said...

You can always drop a word with Karpal Singh. I am sure he would go balistic. He has always gone balistic these days.
I could write an e-mail to him. See what happens! Meanwhile, his son is busy dealing with A Kugan who is brutally murdered.
Yeah, criminal but "bluegoned" to death.....You know the story


GobloKing said...

I appreciate wht u r the limited ways I can, I AM supporting Paula.

You go ahead & do a post on Paula since she's gone off the bloggersphere.

This is why I wrote the post. I hope it strikes a raw nerve.

I woulda thot Pg being a hardcore DAP place woulda shown far more formidable support for Paula ?

IF I am not wrong, you can see the handful of supporters for her when she first went in Nov.

btw - even if I have failed paula, you plse do yr lulubits & go spread the word for jan 28th


lulu said...

Because you bloggers over estimate yourselves. You think that you are hell of an influence and political parties owe you a living.

well, truth hurts ya? no one cares ...

Anonymous said...

I have done my part in writing the letter. Lets see! Some DAP leaders are well seasoned in these matters. Lets see!


masterwordsmith said...

Dear Gobloking and What a Lulu and other readers,

My deepest apologies to every single reader, especially DAP leaders and staff.

Yesterday, when I responded to Gobloking's post, I was in an emo state and quite overwhelmed emotionally and I FORGOT to mention the support of the DAP leaders.

Before coming to post, I put a post script to my comment in Gobloking's previous post and then I came here after reading the latest post.

I am truly sorry I forgot to mention the vital support of DAP leaders particularly MP Chong Eng, MP Liew Chin Tong and also ADUN Jagdeep Singh.

MP Chong Eng has been a pillar of strength to me radiating her positive energy to me via many phone calls and also encouragement and advice.

At the same time, I will never forget that MP Liew Chin Tong was there throughout my detention on November 15th and stayed right till I was released. He also gave me his advice and directed me to his friend who could advise me better.

ADUN Jagdeep Singh has also expressed his advice for me.

MP Jeff Ooi was there when I was detained and came straight from the airport upon his return from an overseas trip. I did not meet him and thus did not have a chance to thank him personally.

For all the DAP leaders, bloggers such as Gobloking and What a Lulu etc.who cared enough to write to me or about me, I am forever indebted to you.

I am sorry for overlooking mention of DAP support. In such trying times, it is easy for me to focus on worrying. After I closed my blogs, I went offline and tried to wean myself off blogging and surfing and felt completely cut off from blogosphere. Upon realization that many of my blog readers were still visiting my blogs daily, I told myself that I will not disappoint those who have faith in me and who enjoy reading the articles I posted so I reopened both my blogs. And that has been quite a cathartic experience cos I was able to unleash some of the lessons, very precious albeit painful lessons learnt in this lonely journey.

I will never understand why it was me and me alone and all I hope for is for my life to return to normal and my case to be dropped. My family have suffered enough especially my 10 year old boy and I pray that you will support my family and I in prayer that somehow, there will be a breakthrough in my case.

For all DAP leaders and staff and blog readers, friends and relatives who have been with me for the past 2.5 months including Gobloking and What a Lulu et al, my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all of you. I am certain your reward is in heaven.

God bless you all....


Anonymous said...

Well Lulu,
People do care! I am speaking it through my own experience. My dad's experience actually. That events affected the whole family that was happened 20 years ago. I am not going to dwell on it as it have to come to past

Well Paula,
Today, I have heard a wonderful sermon at church. It's about Psalm 16. You see when chips are down, truly knowing that God would always be your refuge and tower of strength strengthen and comforts you.
Paul has felt that before plenty of times. Anyway, be strong ya


P.S : Got to learn not to jump to conclusion

Crankster said...

Paula, KTemoc has also shown his support for you here.

masterwordsmith said...

Dear Gobloking, Looes 74, What a Lulu and Crankster,

Thanks for your words of encouragement. Indeed God is my refuge and a very present help in trouble. I am trying my best to be strong and to have faith to believe in a breakthrough.

Take care and blessings to you all.

warmest wishes,