Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Let Paula Khoo fly!!

I shall be sending out Love from the Universe to Paula on Jan 28 exactly fr 8-15am for 10 minutes. Sorry only 10 mins but you know lah, Aunty here has ADD problems

Paula our Lady of Peace is NOT ALONE.

I actually wrote this "I had vinegar for dinner tonite so that I have enough to piss on the Illegal Gathering shitheads in this world" but I have decided to be positive so that my Universal Love Theory will work

Paula If you see a Bird flying high today you will know I AM with you

err...actually if anyone looks hard enough at the sky at any one time, you can see birds flying high...but you knw what I mean?



masterwordsmith said...

My dear, dear sister, are so so so selfless and I am really crying. SERIOUS!!!!

Despite your delicate situation, yet, you have the heart, time and effort to do a post for me. Really, your selflessness is an truly exemplary and I am deeply touched. This calls for a DEFINITE mega treat when you visit Penang or if ever we meet...

For once, I felt lighter (in the head, not the body - haha!) and I could celebrate CNY today!!! And for the record, I had vinegar for lunch haha...

Thanks for being so supportive, kind, loving and FEARLESS to speak the truth. Your gungho enthusiasm is a model that I must follow and I must put to death timidity and mouselikeness and develop more boldness and power :-). Thanks so much dear sister....Update is in my blog post..

I pray that God will bless and protect you and yours and the dogs during these trying moments!!! Stay strong, positive and persevere and please return!!!!

hugs, kisses and lots of love,

Anonymous said...

hi, aunty the king! sing this :
" GO ! tell it on the mountain,
over the hills & everywhere;
GO ! tell it on the mountain,
let my people GO (free) !! " (stcin)