Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Money for Nothing ??

Sometimes we only understand the worthlessness of stuff when we are forced to pack a life into 1 luggage. We packed the “nice to have” luggage IF there is any need for an orderly evacuation. I looked at all those stuff we had - which thinking I am a prudent Aunty, was saving to eat, use or wear for a special occasion.

Ohh Baby. Last nite we celebrated my foolishness by eating expensive nuts & choccies. Even the doggies find themselves having extra treats! My friend tells me the only thing one can hope to take out if things gets bad is a passport & money. I agree.

His Uncle-ness has maintained his stance that he must continue his responsibility. To run away while head of an essential service of the country would be an act of cowardice. He refuses to entertain any other thoughts until he has proof his life is under threat. Or the threat is in his face.

I don’t know if I should applaud his act of Heroism or to cry. One never knows a choice until confronted directly with adversity.

Who is the kettle to call the pot black? Which is why I am supportive of his decision.

So far, none of the foreign missions see any need for evacuation yet but the Swiss are contemplating this seriously as they have a tiny contingent here. We know & understand the Americans for trying to leave because they are always blamed for something but it is a personal decision.

The “hit list” so far includes: The Chinese & the Chinese Embassy, The Koreans, The Germans, & a smaller extent the Indians.

His Unc-ness also wrapped 2 kitchen knives in a kitchen towel & put it into his essential bagpack. I took the news calmly. Later I told him I wouldn’t be able to use it. He says he will - if pushed. Not easy for a gentle soul to say this.

But there is no point of a kitchen knife against a machete or a gun.

All Parents pay attention now please. Let yr kids watch telly!
All those years of watching tv has paid of. I recalled this trick. Throw a stack of money into the air. People will stop to pick it up.

Non-violent & effective

Money is useless unless you can use it. I am only happy that today seems "normal". What made me feel better is we have our loyal Jean, a local who is going to stay with at our house to translate or at least to talk "sense"


masterwordsmith said...

My dear sistahh,

I am praying for you and your family. Please take good care of yourself and know that my family and I (and I am sure your family and friends too) are interceding for you and very concerned. Is it possible for you to leave?

Your tongue-in-cheek humor worries me lah esp re the chocs ...but seriously, do you have enough food, water and emergency supplies????

What about flights out????Please come back or go elsewhere that is safer....Update please regularly as we await news from you with nail-biting tension!!!

Blessings to you and yours,

Crankster said...

Wow. It's so strange getting real time commentary from a country that seems to be limited only to television.