Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Not Christiane Amanpour reporting fr Ground 0 here

I know I would make a bad reporter.
Going into a war zone? Looking presentable & also be coherent? Grace under fire? How aptly that does NOT describe me!

I was not that freaked out until the news that ALL the prisoners from the largest prison here - less than 2 km from our house escaped during last night's lawlessness - NO police or military to be found!

Hello! Don't ask me why I choose a house near a prison. Nobody tells you such (non)sallient features when they are renting out a place & I don't think we think to ask "Is this house near a prison, mortuary, grave yard" etc.

Yes. You are talking to someone who's rented a place right next to a mortuary before. I had no idea of this until someone pointed out to me that my bedroom was actually facing the entrance to the mortuary & this mortuary even had a large signboard saying "XXX hospital mortuary"

Anyways. Prison break. I did not take this piece of news well so I thought I would spread my unhappiness around by telling my neighbours - who all freaked out.

It's true what they say. A worry shared is a worry halved. I told them this news under the pretext of asking them to be more vigilant.

I dunno how any of us can be even more vigilant given that there is only so much you can do.

Here, just like in Malaysia, grills are everywhere to keep people out but also to keep yourself in - because how to escape leh? Nobody is the incredible Hulk you know?

To make me happy, at midnight, ye olde Uncle sought out an escape plan - which is why there are now 2 chairs hidden in the back for us to climb over barbed wires, & hide amongst 10 sq meter of shrubs & bushes if things get bad. He alone will take up 9sq meter so I will have to contort myself into that remaining 1 left.

But that is not the world's best laid plan. We have 2 dogs, who if left out of the realm of Mummy will immediately come to that spot to bark - thereby alerting all & any intruders as to where we are.

As to the political situation here.

Currently there is NO leader in this country. Yeah. There is one but he is the target of all the bandits' & people's looting & burning last nite.
The Opposition leader who started the spark could not hold back the flames. He is a 34yr old who thinks he can hold all the power himself. Sounds familiar no?

NOBODY knows who can control the Military or internal security. They are taking orders from NOBODY. In fact the entire military went into hiding. In fact, they themselves are not sure who they want to listen to, the elected leader? the Opposition? Or their own divided faction.

This morning we woke up early from hardly any sleep at all. The night always makes things look worst. And to realize I shoulda taken taekwando now is too late. Our "defence" weapon is our 2 dogs. They know when things are bad. They even took turns to sleep guarding us.

Sometimes animals are much better than humans, ain't it?


masterwordsmith said...

My dear sistahh

You have my deepest respect for your courage and fearlessness.

You also have my prayers and please know that my thoughts are with you and yours 24/7 and that I am deeply concerned and will be praying for God's divine intervention not just for you and yours but for the nation as a whole.

Hang in there and continue to be the woman of steel that you are!

God bless!

hugs and lots of love

jonno1951 said...


You take care of yourself and it was a pleasure to meet you at the 12th PJ Vigil or was it it the 13th? Anyway I do remember you from one of the vigils or perhaps it was at the Wharf. I am suffering from the "over the half century mark" syndrome of forgetfulness.

However, I will not forget your kindness of posting a reminder to all readers regarding Paula's visit to the Balai on the 3rd day of Chinese New year and requesting their presence in support.


kensan said...

I know how you felt during this trying times cos I was in the same predicament when Lansana Conte the previous president of the Republic De Guinea was nearly lynched by his own soldiers just a few roads away from my villa and when I had to face civil wars in the two Congos!Be always alert and vigilant whether day or night as bullets are cheap in the African Continent!

Richard Loh said...

Hi Penny,

Just got to know you through zorro's blog. From a Malaysian to another Malaysian, please do take care. This is not the time to be brave, please leave if you can.
As noted from zorro posting; Uncle refuses to leave as he cannot allow water and power to be disrupted.

Although we sympathize with the people there is no telling what will happen if a full scale civil war erupts.

Any way, may the good Lord looks over you all.

Anonymous said...

SIGH ! at the endtimes ...SIGH !!

GODBLESS ! ( to uncle too ) --stcin.

amoker said...

Take care and God bless