Monday, 26 January 2009

May a thousand flowers bloom

As I post this, I realize I am posting this for my own cold comfort.

I didn’t want to say anything this far, in case our family gets nervous & then I realized that hey! They don’t really read my ramblings.

Here, the past 2 weeks has been one of some great unrest.

Unfortunately it has culminated in last night’s spotty troubles, & today’s call from the Opposition for a nationwide strike.

Ok. If I were to compare last nite’s bit of a rampage (grenades, military, barricades, cars set on fire), it doesn’t seem as bad as when soccer hooligans ran mad in Frankfurt 12 years ago.

The diff here is we live in the centre where the “action” is.

More critically, the better half is err….quite “critical” to the country’s service here, & many know him as "He who is ridding the company of corrupted people" & the same now wants to get him so they can get back to cari makan again

How did it get where it’s gotten?


The issues affecting here are no different from those affecting Malaysia.

And you are wondering “WHAT? Even dirt poor people feels that the right to be heard, & to rid the country of greed, cronyism, corruption are important?”

Yes. Surprised right?

I support that people in a democracy should have their rights. But most times, we are mere pawns in the hands of powerful & manipulative men

So in the end, we get taken in for the ride of a promise for a better tomorrow.

Here people are just like us in Msia. They too feel someone else MAY be better than the current people? Who knows? Let’s take a gamble.

But unfortunately you know how it is. Same clothes, different day.

Seen too many new regime who’s just like the old regime

Last nite showed us how hairy things can get.

Although we heard that there were sporadic demos around town this weekend, we were assured all was ok.

That’s why we kept to plan & a group of us went out for dinner. We even called the restaurant to see if all’s ok & indeed all seemed fine as the restaurant was full. As we passed through town, it seemed quieter, we didn’t see a single police or military person, lots of cars, just less people.


Throughout our meal, everyone’s phone kept ringing.

Every time a phone rang, the whole table of 14 went quiet to see what the situation was. We kept getting calls that the situation was getting a bit dicey. So we rushed home after dinner. So much for Reunion Dinner celebrations.

Today the situation seems to have grown tenser.

We hear that buses have stopped running, many are milling around the city, both civilians & military because the nationwide strike is supposed to start at 10am.

We are less than 5 mins from this dateline. My better half has gone off to work to reassure his staff that life goes on, & he is there with them & for them.

After all, what good would it do anyone to be without power or water?

All I can do is to pack him some food (in case he is cut off from me), & have all our important papers in a bag.
I pray for the people here that they will be fine.
I am tired. I spent ½ the night keeping an ear out for any untoward sounds. I wanted to protect my better half. What more can I do?
But I also hope for a thousand flowers to bloom


masterwordsmith said...

My dear sistahh,

My heart goes out to you and everyone there now...I pray that you have enough food and other supplies and that God will watch over you and your household and protect you all from all harm.

Most of all, I pray that not only will a thousand flowers bloom but that there will be peace that rational thinking that will fill your land....

Take care and God be with you always.

hugs and much love

Gregory said...

Dear Aunty

I am one of those silent ones that surf your blog, day by day, laughing at your funny posts, getting angry when you are angry and indignant at the injustices that goes on in our society, and sad when you are sad.

Your blog has become a part of my life, without me realising it until now. Please stay calm and I am confident you will get through the current adversity. I do not know you personally, but sincerely hope that you and your family will be safe, and I hope you will be able to read this comment from where you are right know.

Please take good care of yourself and Uncle too.


GobloKing said...

thank you Paula & Greg
strangely enuff the net is working - better than it usually does.
I AM scared. For Uncle. I am a tough old bitch that if they swallow me they will get food poisoning. He is a kind calm soul. I always fear for the gentle souls!