Saturday, 31 January 2009

OK at midday

We are fine. Better here at least 1 nite with friends as we are too central in town.

There is no resolution - which is bad. Military is out.
Only (?) 10,000 are out to hear the Opposition who proposed to have a transition regime. Last saturday the crwd was 5x more

My neighbours tell me it's calm at home. They are all watching out for our house. We lied to the guard & said we are somewhere out of town. Hope to be home by tomorrow

It has been traumatic, sad & stressful not knowing from 1 minute to the next what will happen. We have prepared what we can - and I am relearning how to stay calm

Imagine how I feel when I locked the house today - not knowing if this is the last time. Left everything there. We can always get more stuff but we can't get back our sense of security.

Thank god uncle slept well last nite after a week of nonsleep.
Thank god our girl dog kept patrolling so well
I am relying on muesli for food although we have so much food at home. We are prepared for a stockade.

Thanks Diana, Justin, Lorna, Robert, Julie, Paula, Bernard, Greg for your calls, support & calming me down. I have just been crying & crying especially due to stupid messages from embassies telling us " High alert. get yr neighbour's phone numbers" WTF is such a message for? To calm us or scare us.

The problem is the Legitimate government has remained virtually incommunicado with the people & many in this govt are ready to turn coat at the drop of a hat.

Uncle feels sad that all he built & turnaround are likely to go out in 1 day or less when the opposition takes over. Here the opposition unfortunately is worst than the current government!

Keep you all posted! Wish us luck. This may continue for days or only minutes. Nobody knows. I wish only for a definite this or that instead of living minute to minute not knowing where the wind blows


masterwordsmith said...

Hi Penny,

Glad to know you are ok for now. And that you have supplies. Let it all out and cry but not for stupid messages...You will need the physical and emotional strength dear friend for any tough time that befalls your way.

Thanks for keeping us posted...i am on skype as masterwordsmith if you are on skype. Stay strong and know that we are praying for you and yours, and also for the country as a whole.

hugs and much love,

Anonymous said...

Conférence de Marc Ravalomanana " je suis toujours le Président"

Le Premier ministre Charles Rabemananjara dirigera la délégation malgache au prochain sommet de l'Union Africaine à Addis Abeba
Aux déclarations de Andry Rajoelina, Ravalomanana déclare que le ministère de la justice s'en occupera
Ravalomanana déclare qu'il est toujours le président

Posted on 31 Jan 2009 by Admin

Uffffff !
Take a good nap tonight :)
Wife of 2DF ;)

GobloKing said...

OMG 2DF! I had to laugh when you remind me of this joke! I had totaly forgotten that! :)

Can u see Queen Elizabeth saying she is still Queen of Engliand even if all the 82yr old ladies start proclaiming they are her?

Thanks Sis Paula. I am very aware you have us in yr prayers. :) :)
fr yr beloved atheist