Friday, 23 January 2009


I know.

Maybe it's asking too much of you, seeing as 28th of Jan is the 3rd day of Chinese New Year but please spare some time to support Paula Khoo at the Pattani Rd Police Station, 8am.

I can't really verify the place & time as Paula's gone off-air as masterwordsmith but if she's reading this, she will guide me gently to the truth.

All I know is Pattani Road Police Station 8am, was the place & time Paula was asked to appear in Dec to post her bail.

Am I worried? Frankly. YES

Seeing as our 23 folk heroes in KL/PJ have been charged today for illegal gathering.

Yes Peeps. Once again you are all right.
ONLY in bananalalaland, do we have more than our share of morons & oxymorons co-existing so well.
Must be a combo of the amno air they breathe & the bananas thrown to them by their keepers that makes these apes go wild.

BUT I trust you Penangnites to do the Honorable thing

After all, if you read this & do nothing, it's only your conscience that you have to live with

After all I thought Penang is the "rebel" state?

FYI - Paula was arrested for attending the anti-ISA gathering in Penang because she helped to pack stuff up & she sang!

"FARK ME" you said?
"Where the fark is DAP?" you ask?
Ye..eeap. I ask the same too.


Paula said...

My dear caring Sistahh

Thanks so much for this post. Your sincerity and solidarity is most encouraging during these dark moments which I hope will turn to light soon!!!

It has been a harrowing journey and one where I learnt a lot about the cause, solidarity, people, friendship, sincerity, loads about myself and ways in which I should change for the better and how I need to exercise wisdom, caution and what a cruel world it can be and how dangerous too...

Suffice to say that knowing you and the sincere and earnest friends/supporters of mine are behind me has lessened the burden and made this journey a less rocky one.

It has been a very lonely and stressful 2.5 months and I hope my journey will come to an end soon.I know not what lies before me but I will walk with my head held high, chin up knowing I love my country no matter what.

You know, adversity is the touchstone of true friendship and I am glad that despite the fact that we have never met, yet, you are a GENUINE FRIEND and comrade...exuding such candid comments that come from such a sincere heart that is ready to give, to share and most of all, to love.

I have cried all the tears I had to cry. Occasionally, a few drops gather at the corner of my eye but I know that through these difficult times, I have discovered the true meaning of friendship and who are my friends and I am glad you are a very very special friend. I have also learnt to draw strength from above and from learn the meaning of resilience, fortitude etc by looking at fantastic women like Puan Marina, you, Angela and without being sexist...other persevering men as well haha!

Thanks so much for this post...I hope Penangites can support me but even if they are not there, I thank God for everyone who remembers me in this moment of need and hope that they will whisper a prayer for me that there will be a breakthrough for me and for the others as well...

In the mean time, please take care. Thanks for this post and for your encouragement etc...I deeply appreciate it and will never ever forget your kindness!!!

Love you lots sistahh!!!!

berry big bearry hugs

GobloKing said...

Don't thank me Paula
Like I write, we are all people of conscience; the only diff is the size of our conscience.

Even though you may have gone for your own belief in a better Malaysia, you did this for ALL of us one day in the future

Why is it your neck's hanging out alone to dry?

WHERE IS DAP support?
Or they want to keep ISA issit?

If DAP does not even send one person to be with you - they are all TURTLES!
yeah. Right now. I will post a piece on DAP TURTLES in PG

Robert said...

Paula, please have faith in yourself, do not wilt or melt under police action. We down here in PJ had withstood the onslaught of Nazi force and we stood our ground. Of course 23 of our brothers were hauled to court, but many of us are still standing.
Fighting for the cause needs many baby steps. The first was March 8, followed by the formation of 5"opposition" state governments, then came Permatang Pauh, and most recently KT.
We will, in our own individual ways and efforts, keep chipping away at the deteriorating strength of BN, and we know that one day we will overcome. Fear not, we are on the right side of history.
Some like you may have to bear a bigger burden, but collectively we will persevere and endure while others will bear the cross when their turns come along.

kenckc1 said...

Dear Paula... i support you. You are truly Malaysian.

GobloKing said...

ok you see now Paula sistah
you tutup-ted yr site - as a result of which - now I post abt u, I got yr fan base!

Do you owe me the popiah as rent or I owe you the popiah for diverting yr traffic here ah?

jonno1951 said...


You know you have supporters from over the oceans. It is great to see that you are not being forgotten and I am grateful to the Gobloking for posting this timely reminder. The 23 in PJ got their supporters to show up with their solidarity. I hope that you will get even more supporters so that you do not feel that yoou are standing alone. It is time for the politicians to walk the talk.

Happy Chinese New Years to all readers.

Uncle John

Antares said...

Gobloking, good of you to remind us all what our beloved Paula has been facing since her ridiculous arrest. Of all the people present at any of these vigils, the last one to harass would be someone like Paula... unless my theory holds true... I've always believed that Evil has an unerring nose for Good & invariably targets it. During Mahathir's pharaonic era, almost every single individual he chose to arrest & imprison has become a prominent leader. In effect, our present crop of leaders were practically HAND-PICKED by the Evil One Himself! For something so irritatingly dreadful to befall Paula surely indicates our friend is destined for truly great things :-)

Rest assured my protective & loving thoughts are CONSTANTLY with all who have been intimidated, harassed & greatly inconvenienced by the brainless robots in blue who unfeelingly do the bidding of their
Umno Masters from Hell.

tc80000 said...

I am in KL but still with you Paula. Met up with Angela Ooi at the PJ magistrate court on Friday and mention about you. Happy CNY.

The Phoenix Foundation said...

I was informed Friday last{23rd.January,2009} whilst at the PJ Court about your pending matter & more about your "state of existence"!!!!!
Whether it the first,second,third day of the New Year , I hold the belief that once "alterted" many will be physically present.
Further, I belief that even tho' many have not had the pleasure of
meeting you, there are many who will be saying silent prayers of Divine assistance,comfort & relief

Anonymous said...

Dear Paula,

Since the day you stopped blogging, I haven't manage to get in touch with you. If it is your choice to keep incommunicado, then I'm sure all your cyber friends and fans will respect that.

Stay strong and God bless.

Have a happy CNY.



masterwordsmith said...

Dear Sistahh

Oops...In my emo state, I forgot to mention that a few DAP leaders namely MP Chong Eng and MP Liew Chin Tong have been marvelous in giving me moral and emotional support.

ADUN Jagdeep Singh also saw me once and spoke to me a couple of times on the phone...

For all their support and advice, I am eternally grateful.

:-) I reopened my site lah :-)three days ago cos readers were still visiting my blogs even though I tutup kedai for 2 weeks...:-)

And I am certainly glad my readers came here to your blog cos you are a fantastic fearless blogger!!!

Robert and kenckc1 - thanks so much for your words of encouragement and solidarity which I will hold close to my heart.

Blessings to you Gobloking and all your readers.