Tuesday, 13 January 2009

SELAMAT DATANG Robert Mugabe & Family

Pi Daeng my Thai friend called me very early this morning. To say I am not that smart in the morning is an understatement.

PD: Good Morning my Rich Friend!
Me: Hah? Who's rich?
PD: YOU or at least yr country. You guys beat us Thais this time
Me: Soccer? What? What have we beaten you at?
PD: Robert Mugabe is reported to be retiring to Malaysia. You guys are good at attracting foreign investors. With 1 guy, you have the equal of many MANY.

So I quickly hung up & fished around the net & found this news on our very own Malaysia Insider.

YOWZAH!! It is true? Malaysia Insider reported that the world's surviving greatest living legends of malevolent dictators, Robert Mugabe (Owner of Zimbabwe) has bought a house in Malaysia.

Further diggin' around the net reveals an underground posted from Zim that says Grace Mugabe has literally cleared out a bank in Zim to bring her money to Malaysia (January 10, 2009).
Even as we speak, the Mugabes are on their way, or at least it is reported that Grace M is already in Malaysia.

On behalf of my fellow Msians, I would like to bid a warm “Selamat Datang” to the Mugabes.

Now please People.
Don’t get moralistic on me as to whence or with whom the money cometh.
The important thing is we are helping out a fellow man needing a safe haven. The important thing is the money will help Malaysia simulate our economy.

Or is it stimulate? Anyhoos.

The important thing is
This shows the world that we have Bola !!

Who cares what the rest of the losers in this world thinks of us accepting into our bosoms the ill gotten fortunes of Zimbabwe?

(Dontcha tell us all you Sarkozys, Browns, Bushes etc have yr fortunes fall from the Heavens?)

So what if the Mugabes have cost (directly or indirectly) the deaths of thousands & thousands of Zimbabweans?

Has 1 Malaysian died there? No, right?

And what does it matter if the Mugabes have bankrupted & devastated a country once known as the Bread Basket of Africa?

You guys with the hands purer than the driven snows, betcha wish you too had a chance at doing the same?
We have a wonderful track record of treating people well. Whatever the source of wealth!
I personally think the Mugabes can bring a lot to Malaysia; and that is much MORE than their wealth or reputation.

I think the Mugabes should share their management experience with Malaysians.

Because, who in the world can boast of having managed an economy with >2 MILLION percent inflation rate?
Adoi! Don't get technical with me on who caused that in the 1st place.
So PD darling. I think you are just plain old jealous of our entrepreneurial skills in luring investors to our fair shores.

I think the people running "Malaysia my second home" program knows what they are doing.

And for your sake, try not to visit Mugabe's property in Malaysia.
Robert Mugage has not stayed alive for so long because he's just plain lucky. Luck has nothing to do with his formidable security detail. So don't get too close.

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Anonymous said...

My Second Home campaign.........this is definitely a better strategy than awarding nationality to `illegal' immigrants!