Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Shooting near us - TOO CLOSE for comfort

Too close.

Don't believe a woman who says she doesn't panic. I panicked when I heard the continuous popping & banging. I went immediately into my "run for the mountains" mode. Screamed at Uncle (who's home from work as situation is still hairy) "get our bags!" while slamming all doors & windows shut. Also accidentally locked the dogs into the toilet.

We have 2 backpacks ready to evacuate. Ofcourse we will leave everything behind - his gripe. He thinks we will have time to pack & leave. I would like to see us leaving in an orderly fashion too but I doubt that's happening. I don't think packing my clothes & nice stuff is my priority now.
Passports - check
Computer - check
Father's little buddha - check
Some watches etc - check
Personal photos - check
Documents & Papers (equal to the weight of our 2 dogs 10kgs!!) - check
2 small dogs who will never understand anything but english, meal & bone times - not checked.
We intend to bundle them off or they had better learn another language
Uncle standing on the blinking balcony chatting with the neighbour (whose husband had run off in the direction of the shooting) - CHECK!

You damn MEN!

The Military has come back to life today. They have agreed with the Mayor (the young punk who started all this shit; NOT that he's wrong, just too power hungry & inexperienced) to stop the looting, burning, pillaging.

The shots are from the Military protecting a small supermarket here. The other big supermarkets have already been looted & stripped to the bone. I mean it. Every last plastic bag & shelving's gone. EMPTY.

Am I calm? NO. I am way tired, tense & frankly scared from the shots. God bless this Land. Why is it that the poorer the land, the more f**ked they are / get?


Anonymous said...

Penny, this is Angie -
come over here, for goodnesss sake.
Bring the dogs.

They were all fools to think the french would let them get rid of their influence. Ratsikara is waiting round the corner.

GobloKing said...

Thanks angel!
Confirmed 10 dead in less than 5 minutes. NEAR US!

You know that old dog. Until he is forced to get out, he's not moving. I had to do all the logistics

I highly suspect we will leave much sooner than he thinks.
keep u updated!

masterwordsmith said...


I am very very worried about your safety and that of your hubby and loved ones/animals. Please send word and update us regularly re your status...I hope you have enough food, water and emergency supplies. Do you have any police protection or security guards on your side? Will be praying for you my dear sistahhh!!! Hang on there. I know you are very strong and will come out of this unscathed and even more a fighter than you already are. My heart bleeds for you now, dear sister and will be checking here regularly for your updates.

Any possibility of you leaving the country?

God speed and God bless.

hugs and lots of love and prayers,

Gregory said...

Gosh... That is so freaky. I would be panicking if I were there too, aunty. Read in AP news that curfews might be imposed soon. Being an Atheist, i con't pray for you, but sincerely hope that things will turn out fine. Is the airport still open? Can't you wait out somewhere else? Things seem a bit dicey there....

Crankster said...

Please stay safe, Penny. Obviously it's another 3rd world country.

GobloKing said...

Dear Greg & Crankster Sweeties!
You are talking to someone weaned on 513 in KL! Also watched many war movies on how to escape, & those I went.."I wouldn't do that stupid thing if that was me"

well...i am doing everything to keep safe.