Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Universal Human Rights - The Ethiopian Way

I am not one for deep thinking. I'd rather do shallow thinking.

If thoughts were a swimming pool, I would still be lying on a deckchair.

But as usual, here I go again.

This time, my deckchair pondering is on Ethiopia. Look at this direct cut&paste from BBC on what Ethiopia's Government is doing

"The bill bans international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from five sorts of activity:
• The advancement of human and democratic rights
• The promotion of equality between peoples, sexes or religions
• Campaigning for children's rights or the rights of the disabled
• Conflict resolution and reconciliation
• Work on criminal justice issues.

Are there some serious retards in this world or what?

Is this happening only in Ethiopia?

Does any of this sound familiar to you wherever you are?

Can someone point me to the passage in any holy text stating the inequality of sexes, peoples & religions is part of their religion?

Can someone tell me sane people think this way?

Did I hear you say that at least the Ethiopians ain't hiding behind any curtains to state the obvious?

Can you tell I ain't heading out to Ethiopia any time soon?

*photo from BBC Africa website


masterwordsmith said...

Dear Gobloking,

Happy New Year to you and yours. I am so sorry i have been delinquent in visiting you...meant to but have been bogged down recently by some issues.

I am glad that you blogged about a very pertinent issue and that you see beyond common problems that are making headlines in the mass media.

Unfortunately, while our world SEEMS to be making inroads in science and technology, we seem to be taking many steps backwards where human rights issues are concerned. What you posted, seems eerily prophetic and I hope it does not come to pass that way.

On a recent trip, the passenger beside me was the Agriculture Minister of Ethopia who had just attended a conference in Penang. Curious me asked him many questions which he patiently answered and it seems that the country has many similar issues facing Malaysia today.

Indeed you are right. We have to give credit to the Ethiopians for not playing a cat and mouse game with its people but having the testicular gumption to terrorise the people into intimidation.

Again I wonder and pray that this is not a foretaste of what might befall our nation.

Take care, sister.

Thanks for asking all those questions because we need people like you who are brave enought to make others think lest we become robots that bow in submission to warlords.

GobloKing said...

I have always had lotsa questions even from the start!

Since u were teaching, you would know what a PIA of a student I was..but in my days, one was not allowed to ask so many questions for fear of disrupting class!!

You met the Agric Minister of Ethiopia? Wah. MORE questons!

He is either 1 very free person or very busy!

What is there to plant in Ethiopia?

And going to Msia to visit? I thot our climates are different so what was he trying to pick up from a tropical agricultural place where cultivation & water are not big issues?

Dang! Ethioppia is more eerily familiar to another country than I had thot!

When I did this posting I had to delete all the anger I wrote for the 1st hr. Then I thot I would just slay 'em with sarcaam instead.

Didja think anyone got my sarcastic-ness? LOVVL (laugh out velly velly loud)

Last time I was told a fool was born every minute, I think in these cyber times, a fool is born every second! ME included!