Thursday, 29 January 2009

Viva La Mad-France!

Today is calm - ish. I ventured out. To get a visa to Europe, in case the only flight out when things go belly-up would be to Europe. Got the visa.
Against the advice of Uncle, I decided to cook & deliver the meal to the cancer kids. (Does anyone really listen to their spouse?). All the Local markets were opened & everyone walked around as if nothin's happenin'.

And if you think the poor were grateful you turned up - despite a big increase in prices for everything & personal risk to one's limbs - to deliver the meal, you may be slightly wrong. Anyhoos.

On our 30 minute ride through the city, I didn't see a single soldier or law enforcement officer.

Young Punk has asked people to stay home & declared this city a Ghost Town. I guess the only ppl obeying this are them law enforcement people. I saw people on the streets but ofcourse, far fewer than usual.

The INTERESTING thing is I THINK I know where the police went. A friend of mine has hired 3 of 'em with guns to guard his premises. He's not alone.

Result? The Government has just announced a total change of the Heads of Police Force. 'bout time Baby!

I went into a neutral website to check what the locals are saying. Many of the commentators asked very valid questions of young punk (ie the Opposition)

They held him responsible for the looting & pillaging & people getting out of control. They also felt he did not live up to true values of Democracy he was propounding. IF it is a Democracy he is advocating, then isn't he supposed to go through that little process called "an ELECTION"?

But if you were the govt & troops sent out to protect people & biz, what would you do to control hundreds of looters? Shoot or Not? Don't shoot. They loot. Shoot? YOU KILLERS!!!!

The estimated damage to this country is HUGE. It will take years to rebuild. Investors & Donor Confidence is one. Another is the shortage of funds from donors - seeing as countries are trying to help themselves before others given these times.

The looters looted not only furniture & electronics. They looted food. So did they loot food due to hunger?

I don't know. It seems everything was sold especially foods.

I mean if you are looting to evade starvation, wouldn't you keep the food & sell the electronic?

What are they going to do with the money? Hint: Cheap Rum is really cheap here

The result now is: The poor majority who did not loot find themselves out of a job, busineses are closed, closing, empty. Prices have shot up, rations are scarce & investors are now SURE to leave.

This will now give the French the best excuse to take over via Puppet Punk.

A driver gave me an interesting perspective.

He said they all knew the French wants this resouce rich place for themselves & they were all doin' brilliantly here before the current govt who allowed (dear god!) the other countries into the "action" or THEIR rightful wealth; this being a former colony.

Now if the Fs are behind the Punk, then Madland could then be declared a protectorate of France - thereby ensuring the people here lotsa EC money PLUS they will all become French citizens.

Didn't I say "interesting"?

Now if I didn't know that the French are having more than their share of economic crisis, immigrant problems, & they are only a part of the EC so they can't simply say "GIMME $$$" then I could believe this theory.

Or maybe the few who could make BUCKS here don't mind their country or that sucker EC inheriting 18 million very poor people?
If France can make this Madland a protectorate & give endless money, then I sure think my Madland stands a better chance to get the French to "protect" us & give us the endless EC money instead.


Anonymous said...

Declaration of the Minister of Economy, Commerce and Industry, Mr. Ivohasina RAZAFIMAHEFA, at Zoom – Thursday 29th January, 3 PM

Speaking in the name of Government, Mr. Ivohasina Razafimahefa reiterated the Government’s will to rebuild the country, and to pursue the promotion of national and international investment in Madagascar. Tomorrow a meeting with the private sector will be organised to determine which measures need to be undertaken to support activities in Madagascar. Zoom will be opening again around the 1st of March. The Minister asked the population to help the Government to create a calm and stable environment so the country does not return to the same situation as in the 1970s-1980s.

Just found. You know where.

masterwordsmith said...

With all that you are going through and have seen, little wonder that what happens in our own backyard is chicken feed to you, dear friend.

Please be very careful my precious sister...

I sincerely hope you and urs can leave asap!!!

hugs and lots of love to you,