Thursday, 29 January 2009

What to do with a Yoga Mat

I seem to have too much time on my hands - too nervous to do anything constructive & constantly jumping when the phone rings, ears flat out trying to listen for any shots.

For a once fastidiously clean & neat person, the house is in a mess. Turned upside down in my search for stuff.
Clothes not ironed? Fuck it. I may never use it again
Food Bland? Fuck it. Be happy we are able to eat a meal
Floors dirty? Fuck it. We may be leaving any time anyhow
Dogs not bathed? Fuck it. Who's got time to look good now?
Plus his Uncle-ness is home (from all that political meltdown) & he's occupying almost 80% of my net time. Claims he has to work on files & he is SUPER stressed, like an enforced holiday only worst.

The cell phone turned out to be best communicator on what's happening out in the whole country. Shootin', lootin', plunderin' & a general show by the power who wants to be & the power who is clinging to be over whose penis is bigger. I've spend half the talktime comforting others out in the country suffering the same fate as here.

"Don't worry. It will be fine. Just stay home" LIE LIE LIE!
BTW - Why are men so stupid?

It's all about POWER ain't it? POWER leads to other goodies like wealth, fawning syncophants & general grovelling. Yeah. I can get to like that too.

Mr Young Turk (Opposition) says "I am all about the People"
Yeeaahhh HA!

Yet plunging the country into chaos & even more poverty (as if that is possible?) is far less important than seizing power?

"FUCK foreign investments & aid. I just wanna be King & I will be a good King. So we lose some lives but we must lose some to gain some. Because I am 34 yrs old. I KNOW it all. The French & ex-regime loves ME"

Yeah right. Get a Reality & Sanity check plse?

The King? He just ate too much. Yeah. He not only eats what he has, he eats what others has, leaving NO CRUMBS

If you so much as let him smell what you are cookin', you would lose the entire kitchen, house & dog to him.

"MONOPOLY RULES! Why? Because I AM KING! And I am benevolent..oh yes. That's cause I model myself after Lee Kuan Yew. My people are NOT starving!"
(you know how you always gets the apple-cheeked kids standing in the front of the North Korean orphanage when a VIP visits? same here!)

"Lookee my new Jet costing US$60million. Why? I NEED A 25 seater Jet. That's why"

I lied. He actually said on TV "You have to be powerful to have a jet. Not everyone has the power to (be able) to use a jet like this"

ON TV!!! No wonder People are MAD at him.

BIG REALITY CHECK just got dumped on his lap.Maybe he can get a promo rate if he & Turk goes together? Why are they not talking? Both still checking out the size of their little manhood, that's why
Yeah. The poor are revolting, stealin' & dying.
Meanwhile a rich & powerful nation's & an ex-despot (you mean to say there's an honest despot out there?) are using that poor deluded shithead Young Turk as the matchstick (he looks like one too) to "light the flames of democracy"

DE-lusion or what??

It's like Aunty just now.
Uncle says part of our escape path involves climbing over a wall with rusty barbed wires. So I offered (with all sincerity) to throw my brand new Nike Yoga Mat onto it to pad it up.

We both looked at each other & burst out laughing. "Your brand new NIKE yoga mat? How inappropriate are you? In a time like this & a place like this, you mean you think your Nike yoga mat can save us?" FINALLY. A light moment in this time of stress.

Seems like they are spraying Delusion into the Air again!


Anonymous said...

What can we do ?
I won't sleep, try praying to any whatever god is listening

Justin said...

Hello Aunty,

We are worried about you and please come home NOW! You can put practice your yoga back here!

Justin & Family

GobloKing said...

Dearest Families, Friends & Supporters
We passed a safe night. But we cannot leave because he cannot leave - you understand.

History judges us all & now you know we shall not be labelled cowards or desserters.

For the 1st time since all this started, I cried. Speaking to the hospital to tell them we must suspend all donations of food & payment of medications.

The people are resilient but they are running out of food & medicines & there is NO shops to buy them anything.

I have decided to f**k the world off & am cooking 1 meal for the kids today. wish me luck

masterwordsmith said...

My dearest sister,

I am absolutely shattered after reading this post and yet strengthened because you are such a steel-hearted woman who stands by her man no matter what with a heart for the children.

Please stay calm and do the best that you can with the given situation. What about help from external groups???

Stay praying for you and everyone...

hugs and lots of love