Thursday, 15 January 2009

Will KT be the Gallipoli of umm...- NO?

Before I even go on, today, tearing myself away from a really f**ked up net connection, (I am still bitchin' & harrasin' the providers), I visited Masterwordsmith's site & was SHOCKED to see that she has logged off from blogging. I hope it's not forever because that would be a waste of fine brains on some dumbasses who arrested her allegedly for "helping" to organize Penang's candle-lite GATHERING.

I wish you GodSpeed Paula & we will always be SISTAHS!

NOW. As to that dumbass same person who keeps comin' to my site under different dumbass MF names - so long as you drop racsist dumbass comments - I will just continue to DE...EE..LETE! Comprendez vous?

Ya. I am totally DEMOCRATIC! Do I look like I give a damn? nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Now.Back to the KT elections. I have the strangest feeling that KT will be ummm....NO's Gallipolli. I can just picture those poor ummm...No footsoldiers not knowing if voters will take the bait - despite all those attractive freebies . KT people should know who paid for these freebies. YA. YOU DID YOURSELF!!!

Now why do I have this "green" feeling?

From doing my usual "extensive" research from my armchair ie reading main-& not-at-all mainstream media, I can tell you people.
No need to bet on who's gonna win.
No need to stay glued to the news.
No need to drink Brands Chicken Essence to go to work next day because you stayed up late for the count. (Keep that Brands for the late nite soccer match)

Wah Aunty! You so sure KT will go green meh?

Oh Totally baby! Cause..IF I was a resident of KT, I will ask myself.
1. Oil money go where ah? How come the federal gomen dunno KT gets flooded every - single - f**king year? KT flooding's more predictable than my bowel movement & they still haven't done dick for this long?

2. Someone much wiser than me said that the non-Malays who live in KT know exactly that the Malays in KT are nothing like those ummm...putttt...uitas from the big city. The threat of PAS & hudud do not scare them

What has scared them is the disunity within the Opposition. But that shoulda been settled because the parties within PR has signed an agreement to act in mutual agreement on all matters.

On the other hand have you heard of disagreements within BN? And have you heard that they have come to an agreement to be mutually agreeable? NO, right?

Lastly, and not unimportantly. I don't understand why Handsome Khairy went to KT. I thought he is perceived more as an arrogant playboy type than a serious politician. They shoulda send Siti Norhaliza. She woulda gotten more positive reaction for sure.

And talkin' about arrogant playboy types.
For once in my miserable existence, I am totally sucked up into the world of chinese soaps - with this stupid "The Gem of Life" (TGOL). Now when my connection gets up to speed, I would rather waste time downloading TGOL than trying to get the foregone GREEN conclusion of the KT elections.

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