Saturday, 28 February 2009

Happy Weekend!!

Can you imagine your weekends (& 2 out of 5 weekdays) when you receive emails like the one below from foreign embassies for a month now.

Actually this message is an improvement on the other messages which tells one to stay absolutely at home.

"Absolute Prohibition - to be in the downtown area, and in particular the place of xxx and the ministerial district (as of 6:00 in the morning)

- Move with prudence in the other districts
- Respect the curfew

Comments: For residents in the capital
The gathering this Saturday could prove to be a demonstration with high-risks.

- the situation requires more than the greatest caution.

For provinces

This day will be with demonstration and the intervention of the Army, which made use of their weapons.

This Saturday, demonstrations of risk could take place in a great number of provincial towns especially that of the Port City"

I don't know what "...requires more than the highest caution" means.
Stay under the bed?
FYI - We live close to the centre and for us to get anywhere - even away from the centre involves some travelling distance past a Ministery or 2 or 4!
I told Uncle we will have to make do with our (now)usual activities ie Eat, Internet, play cards, watch telly, sleep.
Happy Weekend y'all!!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Now it's uncles's company under fire

Same old same old. I hope I am not sounding flippant but 2 days of calm has once again broken.
Just read that Friday and this weekend is YET another f**king potential blow up.

Truce over. Punk is once again organizing rallies to take over the city, the government, and Uncle’s company.


Uncle told me nothing. “Little woman & all that” you understand? But I can read dear!

Seems that Punk-I-wanna-be-president is paying some 200 of Unc’s staff to do a sit-in today. There are 6000 staff in all but maybe 200 ain't a threat? So what do the protesters' want? Same old same old?
They want the Uncle OUT (too expensive!)
Let a local take over (much cheaper)
Not radical. Not new.

I know how they feel – if they were truly being patriotic. Ofcourse I wouldn’t like some foreigners running my country’s national resource either!

But I don’t think Madland has a choice.

Firstly the international community loaned this company a lot of moolahs, provided it’s run by foreign professionals.

The past 15 years of this company’s history has shown that it was run to the grounds & that this company is an extremely high risk loan.

Local management is indeed MUCH cheaper.

So, how did the company get into such a staggering debt & near bankruptcy with the former - much cheaper - local management??

How about some of the following smaller examples?
- custom made Italian furniture for private use?
- 7-series BMW?
- innumerous new 4wheel drives?
- free unlimited petrol?
- Building huge private villas with company’s materials, men & time?
- "Renting" out their (free) private power lines to the whole neighbourhood?
- Selling customers the "rights" NOT to pay their bills?
- Awarding contracts ONLY to friends, families & themselves?

Ofcourse those sitter-inners know they are being used.
Forget that they are being paid better by Punk not to work than to be paid for actually working. Ofcourse that's not the point.

The point is one can see the obvious immense love for their country, their national assets, their people etc.

NOBODY's in it for themselves. Purely altruistic.

It’s no secret Punk wants to lay his hands on the honey pot ie Unc’s company.

Running it? Repaying loans to the international community? FORGIT IT! He wants to finance his private revolution.

The international community has already come out to say to the country that ALL funds to this country will be withdrawn and in fact, has stopped. There should not be any move to do any extra-constitutional things.

This can either mean that Punk has to lay off (as if he cares!), or that the President must continue negotiating (as if he cares!)

Ofcourse I blame Unc.
If his company had still been in shitsville, then there’s absolutely no reason for Punk to take it over.

BTW: have I been saying I would be QUITE happy if this matter is taken out of our hands and we can just leave shitsville here?

That booking for next Friday? It’s either on or it’s off.

If it’s on, it can be for 2 weeks or forever. Guess which option I’d rather? Meanwhile I will try to arrange for our doggies to get their export cert.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Never ending Story

Negotiations between Prez & Punk is as good as dead.

Punk can't hold his tongue & has said his demands were not met (he wants control of national TV&radio to put out more propaganda & disinformation to the nation) plus dissolution of the entire government.

Needless to add that those were not well received conditions, hmm?

And we thought the meeting was supposed to be TOP secret until there are outcomes to the nego.

When one sleeps with thieves I guess!

Once more the people here are held hostage to a wall of silence from the Prez.

Once more, we are preparing to batter ourselves in - against the onslaught of lawlessness. We passed the Presidential office in town & his home and not 1 single guard or soldier is in sight. NOT ONE. That is worrying.

Also must tell y'all this funny story. Yesterday some of our friends decided it was nice to eat at a nice, peaceful & quiet little hotel out of town to avoid any bullshit.

They had just sat down to eat & was enjoying all that calm when - IN walks lots of soldiers with guns & the President!

Turns out THAT was the secret meeting place both parties picked as neutral to attend the 2rd negotiation.

Our friends hothoofed it outta there so fast, they are still running for the mountains today!

SO FUNNY ain't it? Just when you thought there was a nice quiet little place??!

Meanwhile we have both picked next Friday to depart; he for urgent biz he needs to settle in Europe & me home to KL.

But seeing as the tide turns every which way any day, we just held our reservations.

It's NICE to know one has a reservation...just to see if that will happen ie us leaving. I sure ain't goin' nowhere if Uncle ain't goin' too.

Monday, 23 February 2009

God are you listening??

I sure hope I don't have to point out who's Punk & who's Prez in the pic above
Anyhoos. Saturday turned out to be a non-event – much to everyone’s relief but not to the trouble makers of Punk.

He announced to about 2,000 of his supporters - that instead of their intended “march to the death” (to take over the President’s seat of power), he had accepted to meet the Prez in ½ hour.

This is despite his repeated rejections of earlier meetings. His conditions for a meeting were that the elected Prez should resign & he will take over (poor man forced to do this!?).

An election is not necessary - thank you - because it’s only transition & he already has his “ministers”.

That boy was kicked big-time in the head by a mule when he was a baby.

Many are asking & wondering why the Head of State would want to “negotiate” with someone who had commited grand treason but then who are we to guess? They are also wondering why Punk has not been arrested so far. Have I mentioned: who are we to guess?

Punk’s supporters jeered & booed him because they reasoned, did he not know of this arrangement an hour before? Or earlier? And why didn’t he tell them sooner? They wanted to go & destroy & plunder & take over the government now!!!

They were also upset he did not consult THEM before he agreed to this meeting. DUH!????

Personally I wasn’t surprised Punk agreed to the meeting. Because how else can he get out of keeping to his promise ie stand in the front line to take bullets like a man?

So far his track record of keeping promises sucks.

But his track record for lies & misinformation takes the Oscar.

Well. Punk & Prez met 45 minutes without any results. These 2 “honorable gentlemen” left their chosen reps to continue the discussion for another few hours.
End result? Zip

Today they met again for 1 hr.
End result? So far - Zip
Their reps are still talking.

Things are gonna improve & there will be a resolution? I don’t think so. Friends who’s lived here longer than us says this is not the culture ie quick conflict resolution.

But OUR personal lives improved for the last 2 days. On Sunday, we went out to lunch. Where there were 5 of us in this popular hotel. In the evening we picked up a pizza. We played cards. We chatted. We had a lovely weekend after all!!

After nearly 1 month of tension, involuntary “house arrest” & curfew at night, I am so chaffed to be able to get OUT of the house. The only time I get out is to get supplies as I want him to have a car on standby & last week I left the house twice.

I now only have 1 teensy weensy little wish.

Am I going to wish for world peace or just peace here?
SORRY! I ain’t a bloody Miss Universe contestant.

My wish is quite mundane & truly self-serving.

I wish that the next place we land up in will be boring as hell.
I want to be cursed with mobility.
I want to be cursed with places to go & things to see.

In short, I want to be cursed with an infinite amount of choices regarding my personal freedom instead of the finite 3 or 4 choices here.
GOD Are you Listening???

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Madland - yet another day of coup Today

Read my calendar this week

1700hr: Rebels (whose supreme leader buggered off after "ra-ra" speech) takes over 4 ministerial buildings (emptied of staff). Army lets them through without a struggle.

2100hr: "Transition" (rebel) government declared by 34yr old leader, ex-DJ. Armed rebels guarded these buildings. Where the arms came from no one knows but they are machine guns.

Aunty's response: WHOOPEEE!!! Finally can leave this cursed place

0300hr Government troops retakes Ministerial buildings back with lots of gunfire & 10 (?) dead, 50 arrested.

Aunty's response: DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!! No valid excuse to bugger off now!

1300hr Ex-DJ announces a march "to the death" today - as usual women & kids & some christian priests/fathers (??) in front line. He declares THIS TIME he will be in the front.

Which will be a first.
In 5 days of attempted takeover his DJ-ness simply dissapeared after benedicting the people.

Today we are breathless with anticipation because now he says they will march in all directions to confuse the army.

He does have between 5000 to 10000 people but not to forget more than half are gangsters so it won't be a loss if they are eliminated. Many are the very poor doing this for 2 to 4 Euro.

Most of all I hope ex-DJ dies.

Yeah. I am not politically correct nor religious.

What I can't stand are Hypocrites & Cowards self-professing their own Greatness.

I would any time prefer a brutally frank Gangster as my leader who says
"You are risking your life to get ME Power & Wealth. Ofcourse you may die but if you do live & I win, you won't be poor"
He never said you will be rich, he just said you won't be poor. See the double talk?

Ofcourse Punk is saying he's doing this for Democracy but not that he is in any way adhering to any principles of democracy by seizing power against the wishes of - let's say - 60% of the people

Friday, 20 February 2009

Mr Travelling Buddha

After Papa died in 1976 I kept very few of his momentoes.
Nobody stopped me taking anything but to me, Papa was alive long after he died. When the years started to go by, I retrieved 5 items belonging to my dad. It was my way of letting go but not completely.

#1 is Papa's "official" Photo. The one where he wore a suit. I have always had this photo with me but when we had our permanent home, I installed this photo there.

#2 is a wooden hat hanger my brother David would have liked to keep but I made him give it up to me. This hanger circa '50's (or earlier?) is a long wooden item with brass pegs around the top on which to hang one's hats except being Asian, he had no hats & Papa hung his pants on it. Amazingly it's in great shape & still looks like we bought it only yesterday.

#3 (also at our permanent home) is an elephant's tusk with the middle cored out to insert a non-filtered cigarette. It sits on one's lips majestically - cooler than a piece of jade to the touch. Papa used it rarely but I know he loved this piece.

#4 is a cigarette case I gave to someone who treated my father like his. To have something which belonged to our papa meant a lot to this man & he treasures this item as much as he had loved the man himself.

The last item is the Ivory Buddha in the photo. He's small enough to be portable so he has been our travelling companion for many years.

My family is somewhat confused as to my religion. I am NOT a Buddhist - not having even read a single line from a Buddhist book & yet I had our Buddhas blessed by a lovely Lama ("Lama Lambchops") from Tibet. I am not a Christian although I was brought up in a missionary school & prayed for many years as a Christian.

You can say I am "hedging" my bets?

Whenever I have conflicts or questions or troubles, I stand in front of Papa's Buddha & I talk to him. As if my father's listening. Me having a monologue with this inanimate object comforts me greatly. Much the same effect as when I have a conversation with Uncle.

Last nite and some other bad nites, when I thought we may leave suddenly, I packed up Mr TB carefully.
This morning I put him back where you see him now because to the people who works here, they know whether Madam is thinking of good or bad thoughts depending on whether they see Mr TB - or not.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Poker Hands

Poker Hand - Royal Flush
Stake: One's Own life
Winnings: The Hope of a Better Nation
The Hand: Royal Flush is the highest possible Hand in Poker. It consists of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten in the same suit eg all spades or all diamonds etc
Raja Petra has said he will to fight to the bitter end if he is sent to Kamunting without a fair trial - by fasting to death.

Haris Ibrahim of the People's Parliament not only blogs about this but has more than implied he & some friends of Bangsa Malaysia will follow suit. If that is not setting an example, I don't know what is.

Will RPK play his Royal Flush? Will Harris do the same?

Past history has shown that RPK has not taken anything provided by his "hosts" in Kamunting. His only intake came from his wife & family & even of that, he partook little.

And he did not, has not and will NOT ask anyone else to do what he's gonna do.

He's playing ALL his own chips & nobody else's. If you want to bet on his hand, do so for your own reasons & at your own risks.

Poker Hand: 4 of a Kind
Stake: Other People's Lives
Winnings: To be President & Control the Wealth of a Nation
After his 3rd day failing to take over government buildings Punk here in Madland announced (Saddam Hussein-like) that he will send women & kids (masked) who are families of soldiers to the front line today since his reasoning (sic) is that soldiers will not shoot at their own families.

Oh yeah. Cool. He also announced he will be at the front line today - ignoring all "protocols" of not being in front before this.

Will Punk play his 4 of a Kind & stake everything in especially his own life?

Punk's history has shown he will step out for some fresh air, & then send 'em all on their merry way to face the Guns alone. His reason? He HAD to observe the "protocol" set by his supporters (sic again)

And his chips? Sending in OTHER PEOPLE'S women & kids

So how will the game play out?
Well. You decide which is the higher stakes & winning in these 2 hands

As for myself.
A living Raja Petra & Harris means MUCH more for us, for Bangsa Malaysia & Malaysia.

On the other hand, I ain't gonna tell you how I wish Punk's hand will turn out. Because if I did, I may lose yet another teensy weensy chance to hear harps playing amongst the clouds!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Yesterday was another bumper crop of nerves & anticipation of bad news here.
Every 10 or 15 minutes yesterday from 1300hrs onwards, the internet updated on the confrontation between the Army/police & the opposition crowd of about 2000 to 10000 (depending on the time of day).
The Army warned the crowds: All Ministeries are now RED line zones ie trespass without authority & you will see the end of our guns
This time the crowd was lead by
1st line: a group of catholic priests in white garment
2rd line: wannabe punk prez & coterie of "ministers" with their machine gun armed guards
2rd line & all lines after: Kids (KIDS!!!), gangsters & university students from 19yrs onwards.
To add salt to the wound, Punk said "May God Bless my Soul" before he led the crowd to confront the army barricades.
I have NO idea what one does with buildings & people who doesn't want to answer (nor work) for one after a "capture".
I have NO idea what those priests are trying to say. "Kill me if you dare?" or "The Catholics are standing behind this coup attempt"?

But I have an idea what Punk was thinking when after his personal 1 hour of direct standoff & non-negotiation with the army who refused to let him through.
He & his "ministers" tried to leave by car but was stopped by HIS (supposed) supporters who demanded they absolutely take over IMMEDIATELY.
So did they stop & turned back? Not the 1st time at 1600hr when they left but Punk did come back at 1800hr to tell his crowd - who despite tear gases - did not disperse that they will continue the "takeover" tomorrow ie today.
After that?
The usual pillaging & destruction of private properties for 4 hours. Curfew or not. Criminals are criminals & they gotta live. Law abiding people here are weary & dissillusioned with Punk & the Prez who does nothing to Arrest the Punk for insurrection & causing destability to the land. This is because Punk has 100 guards around him all the time, AND armed with machine guns - Gawdknowsfromwhere&who?
We live about 2 kms fr the centre - so you can imagine how jumpy I was - trying to keep my ears out for shots.
Uncle got tired of my incessant calls to him as he is only 1/2km fr the "action".
But he came home safely at 1730hrs. The next time he does not come back on time, I promised him I will walk to his office to get him home.
I can only thank God there were no deaths.
Today - ho hum. Same as yesterday as Punk says he will continue to take over.

Monday, 16 February 2009

The Lioness Marina - wife of RPK

Post Note: Before I rush this posting off I must apologise that I seem a little off. Many things happened today & is still happening now in Madland's capital here. Minute by minute shit.
But my thoughts were on RPK & Marina so I will rush this off. Pardon all errors but the feeling's genuine

I read Raja Petra's probably last post on MT twice. Once in the morning, again many hours later. I had to read it twice to check if my choked up throat's for real. Maybe it's an episode of menopause? Maybe I am so stressed I am ready to cry at the drop of a feather from the skies?
But when I read his post a 2rd time & still felt all choked up, I know I must post this.

Please go to Malaysia Today & read RPK's post. You will know what I am trying to say in a clumsy fashion.
And by the time I post this, there will probably be only a few hours before RPK's court appearance & his entry into Kamunting.

I can't say I know Pete nor Marina personally although I have seen them a few times.
A most Extraordinary couple.
Strong & steadfast, both comfortable in their own skins. If there was a Malaysian version of a Che Guevara & there was a Mrs CG, this couple would be it.
I hardly think I endeared myself to them because when I spoke at the only anti-ISA rally I could attend in Dec, I said I was not standing up there in support of Pete but more against ISA.

Yeah. You guessed it. The crowd there laughed me off the stage! (KIDDING!!!). But all of them yelled in unison that THEY were in fact there at the gathering FOR PETE!!

But THAT shows you (me?) the type of loyalty & devotion RPK inspires in his readers.
And no. I have absolutely no right to second guess Marina's feelings but as a wife, & looking at them, I wouldn't think I am too way off base to say that this lady may look indomitable, but her soft spots for her man & family shines through. Yeah. LIONESS type.

So Dear Lioness Marina,
I wish you great Strength & Courage so that the road you travel - which often times may seem lonely - be lessened with the thought that right thinking Malaysians now & of the future thanks you & Pete & your kids for the sacrifices you have to make.

I am 110% sure Pete couldn't do what he does so well, as in the stirring of the nation's conscience, without knowing his brood is safe with you as their lioness.

Keep Safe Pete
Keep Well Marina
Please know that we are counting on both of you - that we may all become a better society of Malaysians.

It's not goodbye RPK.
We will not forget!!!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Do not squeeze the Heart

I have been sleeping well for 2 days. Yes. Windows closed. Yes. Food delivered to Hospital AND managed to buy packets of biscuits too!

There were 6 of us doing 1 meal/day for the hospital, sending different foods & goodies to try to tempt the appetites of kids on chemo or who were on their final legs.

I used to package lollipops, candies, marshmallows, biscuits & apples along with the rice & stew as a treat. Kids always love sweet stuff!
Likewise, my friends do juice, yoghurt & cakes on their day. Needless to say, nobody is in the mood to bake cakes, there's no more yoghurt to buy & the more expensive yoghurt lollipops I used to buy has been looted. So I bought local sweets, not a great treat, but sugar is what these kids need for energy. There is no glucose here to buy.

Our numbers for the meals delivery are reduced by 1/2. The issue is lack of transport as most of us share 1 car/family. We try to keep that car available for our own families in case of emergencies.

I did not make the food delivery myself but the driver who did reported he is glad I didn't go.
The hospital is full to the brim with "freedom fighters" injured last Saturday & he was worried God knows who else is lurking there. This is a local hospital & some of us are viewed with some distrust now.

I also realized something yesterday at the foreign supermarket. There were mainly single foreign men or 1 or 2 well dressed foreign woman shopping for themselves. It is true then. The wives & kids are gone.

Now we've experienced 2 days of calm in the capital but we hear the rot is spreading to the other towns.

And today there will be 2 demos instead of the usual one.

As there are "2" presidents & "2" Ministers (for some Ministeries) either it's fireworks (& another day of huddling close to the internet & mobile phones) or another uneventful day. I choose the latter.

May the red heart symbolising Love remain the same today.

The poor of this country for whom huge egos do not care, can no longer afford to have their hearts squeezed anymore

Thursday, 12 February 2009

On a bad hair day...

I snapped my own photo today. I DID have lipstick on but I feel like the person in the photo to the lower right of this blog has gone on holiday somewhere else.

Yeap. And my eyes looks like I feel. They seem to have a will of their own; just rollin' around my know the feeling?
I am eating. Food in, chew. Period.
Uncle called me as I had taken his car out today.
He tries NOT to sound worried but he tells me from his office, he can see the centre road of the city & there are 5000 people milling around. When he estimates 5000, from my experience I know it is double that number. And if he's sounding worried, I am triply worried. He is not one to alarm the little woman.
I sent the driver immediately back to him instead of taking food to the hospital. Now I have a large pot of stew & rice sitting on my stove destined for the hospital but not reaching them. Maybe tomorrow will be better?

NEW!! Photos of Home Defence System & Getaway Plan

Loyal Jean on right - such a great comfort in my times of need. I woulda fallen apart if he didn't continue in his quiet unassuming ways. Left: Victor is our new guard
Escape route. Left of picture: Plastic sheet covers 2 chairs, 1 on top of a fortunate cement slab. 1 chair on ground. Plan: climb to uppermost top of chair ie back of chair, haul self about 70cm up to wall. Walk on narrow ridge & hopefully get to someone's backyard 4 houses away
Escape mode standby. Bag. Shoes, Clothes
Security systems. White things (night shift now day gotta rest ok? Oh. & golf clubs bottom of stairs ready to whack
Before & After:
Jan 25th: Old Posting: Lady of Leisure.
Jan 26th. New Posting: Security System
Another day in Paradise
The usual threats, innuedos & psycho-assaults continue fr the Punk & Opposition.

The usual "dignified" silence from the Government. Maybe disciples of the Badawi Principle?

Today: Transport strike declared by Opposition actually took place because during the night gangsters fr Opposition barricaded bus depots, taxi stands, threatening lives.
Did I not say the false sense of the Curfew at 2000hrs doesn't stop hard working gangsters?

Now you know why we are sleeping safe at night?

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Cheekbones at last!

It's a miracle what stress can do.
To start with, I'm not someone who looks at themself in the mirror too much. My eyesight is so bad that until I can feel the moustache on my upper lip, I don't do much. And it isn't until today that I am beginning to associate myself with this cat (see above). Big Ears, killer cheekbones.

I found I had killer cheekbones the "hard" way when we went out to lunch.

Note on lunch out
Today is a rally organized by the government (about time!) to show "ANTI-Demo" support; in answer to the daily calls for strikes & demos from Young Punk (self-proclaimed President), WHO in answer to this rally has called for a dead city day.

(Now do you see how our lives are run on a daily basis?)

Every shop was closed; not out of respect for Punk's call but more out of respect for looters acting on Punk's call.

yeah. I know. Ain't it funny? The UN negotiator is giving credence to a gangster by negotiating with him.


NO. HOLD IT THERE!! Maybe the people of Perak can ask UN to negotiate for them too????

Anyhoos. Since we had friends who actually came for a holiday, we met them for lunch. You are laughing? I am in hysterics! What a time for a holiday!

Anyway I cupped my face in my hands while waiting for the menu (sorry, Miss Manners)... & OUCH!!!!

I didn't know bones can be this hard! And I've lost the fat / flesh from my cheeks! FAR farkin' OUT!

1. Do not cup face in hands
2. Inject silicon into cheeks
3. Pray Peace will come soon

Hmm! I think it's easier to accomplish #1 & #2 than hope for #3. Revise note to self. No prayers needed.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Politics 101 & Zero for Maths Test

Politics ain't my forte. Neither is Maths. Both are understatements.

Somehow Life has seen fit to teach me some Pol 101 & Maths in my old age & this is what I gather:

1. "There is no peace starring down the barrel of a gun"
It's (much) better to send some poor bugger to do the starring, so that you can re-appear later to scream Blue Murder if the guns win, & they suckas die.

Some people call this "Live to fight another battle"
Aunty calls it "The poor are dispensable"

2. Politics is a Karmic Bitch
Get what you want, however you want. Bitch always comes back the same way to bite your arse

3. Democracy? Socialism? Communism? Capitalism?
All same same for "SHOWMETHE$$$$!!!!!"

Or as Hee (running bitch of Perak) would say

Now Aunty. What about the King of Madland? Correction. There are TWO Kings of Madland here; 1 in denial. 1 in "transition". Both are Shittin' big time.

1's shittin 'cause he's in a tizzy & a dizzy
The other's shittin' 'cause he's delusional
Or maybe BOTH are delusional & in a tizzy & a dizzy?

I am sorry but in school I set the record TWICE for scoring "0" in Maths, so I ain't sure what the following stats mean:
1. 100,000 people wanted to overthrow the government on Jan 25.

2. 50,000 people listened in awe as they get a new King.

3. 20,000 people marched with new King to seize seat of power (kinda "with" as new King buggered off 1/2 way there).

4. Next day, 5,000 people attended the funeral of 26 who died.

Maths question:
From 100,000 to 50,000 to 80,000 to 5,000?
Does this reflect a decreasing # of followers or is 5,000 still a formidable # of hardcore hotheads?

Other Trivial News
I was only told last nite that ALL non-essential personnel from all the International donor agencies have left Madland including consultants, volunteers etc

Reaction: Even if one stays safely at home the roof can still fall down, no? Unc & I shrugged it off & accepted the inevitable. We are essential !!! :)

Friday, 6 February 2009

Year of Bull surely does not mean this will be the Year of Bullshit?

Politics here - PUKE! (or is it Punk?)
Politics in Malaysia - PUKE PUKE PUKE!!! (or is it that word starting with the "P" my mother absolutely forbids me to use but it has a "key" at the end)

I KNOW it is the Year of the Bull.
It started off being full of bullshit for me.
NOW it's heaped so high, it's hard to breathe anymore!
How can 1 bull shit so much?

And now. VIOLA! the US ambassador to Madland here has just waded into the BS.

I am not angry at the message, I am angry at the Timing!!

You see, Mr Prez here just couldn't separate biz from state; but HELLO???
Do I hear Mr US Amb telling his ex-Boss Bush in his 8 yrs in office that he shouldn't have business interests either??? Bush separates biz fr state? Can you really separate bullshit from cowshit?

THERE IS A TIME & PLACE FOR EVERYTHING Mr Ambassador-who-should- know better.

He has just about singlehandedly reactivated all the high emotions - because by implication of coming out to "condemn" Mr Bizman Prez - the Punk is claiming Victory & feeling vindicated because OFCOURSE now he's saying USA is siding with him

AND NOW !! F**KING HELL!!! PERAK in Crisis!!

I did not anticipate that some SOBs in Perak can just walk off with the seat people trustingly handed to them due to them belonging to the Opposition Party. During the elections both my dogs woulda won the votes for the Opposition. People were saying "anything but THEM"

So if this is Democracy Obama can take his votes & voters to become Republican ain't it?


And before my family asks me.
YES. This is going to be YET another weekend of high tension - which is why we are going out to a lake 2 hours away.

My poor hubby needs a break. I need to sleep.
I am on the verge of halllucinating from too much internet & lack of enough sleep or appetite

And No. We don't know if something happens whether we can come back to the capital but he doesn't care. He just wants to have a mini break!
Pray for Madland everywhere please!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Life goes on despite constant "threats"

I did not post for a few days, relishing the relative calm. Revelling in the revelation that the People here are tired of a Loudmouth with no substance.

Even foreign schools are opened - so long as one stays away from big crowds..ya DUH!

2 days of normalcy & Punk is getting madder & desperate.

He has been trying to destabilize companies by paying people to advocate strikes etc. Uncle's company was ofcourse hit by such low lives.

Yesterday was to be the strike of Uncle's company.

From 3000 people working here in the capital, er...let's say less than 10 went on strike. I am saying 10 because so far the known shitstirrers are 4 & I am trying to overestimate the numbers.

The 4 shitstirrers stood at 1 of the largest outlets to incite workers going to work. They were in turn shouted upon by normal workers who tell them to leave them alone. Imagine that?

Aunty went around as per normal & spied on the place Punk was supposed to appear & speak to his supporters. From 50,000 people 10 days ago, the number has dwindled down to less than 300 yesterday. MUCH less than 300 but again, I give him face & say more. I saw 100.

However I KNEW IT! 2 days of normalcy & Punk again continues his guerilla tactics. He went on the radios last nite to tell all foreigners to stay home.

WHY? No reason. He is just "warning" them.

He is totally pissed off that all the foreign emabssies "supported" the government by returning to normalcy.

In his warped mind, if you went back to normal, you are not supporting him but supporting the government.

Is he dangerous?
He incited the looting & violence where about 80 to 100 people died in less than 5 days.
Almost 1/2 of the large shops are looted & gone.
The economy here is fragile.

His followers are insane & mad like him

Mad people do mad things & when they are DESPERATE, they will do the Kamikaze thing.

What are we doing about his latest threat? We slept very well last nite, thank you

Uncle's gone to work in the city centre, & Aunty's going visiting friends to calm them (those who called hysterically re: the latest threats).

I tell my friends to remember that the IRA threatened UK & Ireland for 20years but people continued with their lives.

Just how long do we want to be paralyzed at every fear Punk throws at us?

Today he will say foreigners. If that works, tomorrow he will say Kids & then mothers, fathers etc.

He hopes to bring the country to its knees with intimidations & he comes in as the Saviour.

Yeah delcapo. You read Aunty right. I say "F**K HIM"

There are more rumors here than sands on a beach. The government should do more to communicate instead of issuing "edicts"

Monday, 2 February 2009

I am gonna whistle ZippadeeDooDah no matter what!

I woke up with a Resolve. I will not be paralysed with fear & insecurity. I will beam with confidence & smile to everyone around me because I am tired of looking tense & nervous.

We thought yesterday was a new day for all. And then the calls start coming in the evening again.

On Sat, the same day Punk declared himself head of state for a transition govt, he had also asked for a Countrywide strike.

Uncle received a call that 1 of the leaders from more than 20 unions in the company (with 6000 employees)appeared on Punk's radio station to appeal for all in Unc's company to strike today.

I am quite sure common sense will prevail especially when a known alcoholic union leader made the appeal. I am not knocking the fella, it's a fact.

At the same time, an informant tells us Punk has announced his intention to take charge of Unc's company. I hope he does. That would take things outta Unc's hands & then we can bugger off.

Ofcourse everyone is still edgy & uncertain of life being normal after a week of hell.

My friend working here also called. She's not sure she wants to go back to work today as she's received calls from local friends saying they are still supportive of the strike.

The locals are increasingly mad with the Prez - who seems as arrogant & recalcitrant as ever - because he worded his press statement saying he will always be Prez.

I asked her to ask her friends

1. How long will you allow each & every rumour to strike fear in you so that you are constantly paralysed?


Even when the IRA was active in Ireland for >20 years bombing this & that, the inhabitants had to go on with their daily life for >20years!

2. Yeah. Prez is morally wrong & arrogant & a shithead. But at the same time, he had brought in lots of confidence to investors, pumping in money due to the stability.

Don't forget you are not the only hungry fish in Africa. There IS a global economic crisis & foreign investors & donors have LOTS of other places to put their money in.

3. Is everyone happier when the country takes 10 to 20 yrs back? So the Idiot is still arrogant.

Should we sacrifice peace & stability for the entire country because we someone farted in our face?

4. Who is a creditable leader to unite disgruntled people now that Punk has shown he's delusional?

NOBODY goes on strike without leaders & instigators.

Which sane person is gonna walk behind a discredited leader, alcoholics & religious fanatics?

Loyal Jean working in the house asked me if I will leave the house today. I assured him I will. But he asks "What about the Strike?"

I answered "WHAT STRIKE?" He looked visibly relaxed & said "Bien"

As for Uncle, I told him to stay relaxed & remember "This is just another Day as per normal"

I don't know if it is false bravado but I AM NO LONGER LETTING A PUNK GET ME DOWN!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

All's well-ish ?

Yesterday was the day of the supposed reckoning. But quite anti-climax. Thank THE LORD!!!

Punk called for a demonstration - & from photos - er...I'll give him 1,000 (max) turned up. This was after the army dismantled the speakers etc.

At this Madland only real criminals ie looters who didn't stop after being warned was shot.

The Police & Army used NO TEAR GAS, No WATER CANNONS (laced with chemicals) to disperse the demos since the crowd was non-violent - unlike another Madland - where peaceful crowds are treated otherwise, no?

Unfortunately for this Oppostion leader, he lost his credibility quite a bit.

Because yesterday he proclaimed himself the New Leader of a Transition Government; after which he Orders all Ministries closed tomorrow, Central Bank & the Army to report to him etc.

People actually think he's gone mad now.

But nobody should knock this mad man off too easily. He has many UNKNOWN supporters (who dare not show their face until he can pull this trick off) from within this government & from the previous regime plus "foreign" friends.

The government wants the Ministry of Justice to deal with him. It's the right thing to do & we are all "told" this show is FAR FROM OVER!

However people still want a change from the corruption & abuse of power they know is happening.

Which is how a Mad Man rose to power. You know how it is? Sometimes we want change so badly we will go with the unproven & unknown - anything other than what we know is bad for us.

Anyhoos. Aunty's analysis of Madland's situation which - feel free to compare to Madland 2 are:

1. Don't choose the wrong candidate
Punk was really too young & unproven.

Let's face it. ANY person in their 30's - even if they just happened to marry into the "right" family can not have the trust of the nation just by virtue of association.

At least not in a Democracy.

2. Wrong (un)Democratic Steps
Yeah. Democracy is a 2-edged bitch.

It's like a marriage. We all marry for different reasons. So it is that we vote for different reasons.

The vote of the Majority rules because it is the voice of the people - not just of a few, no matter how sane the few are, & how mad the others are.

3. Understand Your Terrain
Punk obviously did not understand his terrain.To give him credit, he does try to understand the common folks. But you know how it is.

You listen, then you solve the problem. Have a Plan. ANY plan!

Mao must have a Plan for China's "Great Leap Forward" didn't he? Oh sorry. He did but it sucked & it leapt backwards.

Ok. Anyways. A plan is better than NO plan. Not Just Mother-hood Statements like "Everyone will have a TV in every home when I am the King!"

How can you help them get it is the plan dear!

4. Foes can be better than Friends
Your friends who aren't telling you the truth (MUCH as you hate it) are really your Foes.

The small man will believe those telling him nice things but the big man believe those telling him what isn't nice to know.

Turns out in this Madland, Punk & Pressie both have lotsa "friends" telling him beautiful beautiful things, then foes they shoulda been listening to.

4. Don't under-estimate the Ant
Mr Pressie here thought he could stamp out his ants by knocking down the anthill but this ant escaped & crawled down his pants & has now bitten him on the arse.

Ants have friends. So be careful!

5. Learn Every Lesson
Yeah. I hope the government of this Madland learns how to be a better government from this.

Someone told me the people here Forget Easily. What? Sounds like another Madland you know? Weird about the coincidences ain't it?

Personally what I have learnt is this
1. Don't save that special food, face cream, dress etc for a special time. EVERYDAY is special

2. Stop buying bullshit because in the end I looked around & go, "WHY DID I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF I didn;'t need?"

3. Family, friends & emotional support is a MUCH more luxurious commodity than any damn bottle of La Mer (which I don't have)

4. One really knows who real friends are in a crisis

5. Lastly. The next time I give a teary pseudo farewell speech to my loved ones, I will try not to blubber & panic the world. Communications skills are really non-existent when one is stressed.