Sunday, 1 February 2009

All's well-ish ?

Yesterday was the day of the supposed reckoning. But quite anti-climax. Thank THE LORD!!!

Punk called for a demonstration - & from photos - er...I'll give him 1,000 (max) turned up. This was after the army dismantled the speakers etc.

At this Madland only real criminals ie looters who didn't stop after being warned was shot.

The Police & Army used NO TEAR GAS, No WATER CANNONS (laced with chemicals) to disperse the demos since the crowd was non-violent - unlike another Madland - where peaceful crowds are treated otherwise, no?

Unfortunately for this Oppostion leader, he lost his credibility quite a bit.

Because yesterday he proclaimed himself the New Leader of a Transition Government; after which he Orders all Ministries closed tomorrow, Central Bank & the Army to report to him etc.

People actually think he's gone mad now.

But nobody should knock this mad man off too easily. He has many UNKNOWN supporters (who dare not show their face until he can pull this trick off) from within this government & from the previous regime plus "foreign" friends.

The government wants the Ministry of Justice to deal with him. It's the right thing to do & we are all "told" this show is FAR FROM OVER!

However people still want a change from the corruption & abuse of power they know is happening.

Which is how a Mad Man rose to power. You know how it is? Sometimes we want change so badly we will go with the unproven & unknown - anything other than what we know is bad for us.

Anyhoos. Aunty's analysis of Madland's situation which - feel free to compare to Madland 2 are:

1. Don't choose the wrong candidate
Punk was really too young & unproven.

Let's face it. ANY person in their 30's - even if they just happened to marry into the "right" family can not have the trust of the nation just by virtue of association.

At least not in a Democracy.

2. Wrong (un)Democratic Steps
Yeah. Democracy is a 2-edged bitch.

It's like a marriage. We all marry for different reasons. So it is that we vote for different reasons.

The vote of the Majority rules because it is the voice of the people - not just of a few, no matter how sane the few are, & how mad the others are.

3. Understand Your Terrain
Punk obviously did not understand his terrain.To give him credit, he does try to understand the common folks. But you know how it is.

You listen, then you solve the problem. Have a Plan. ANY plan!

Mao must have a Plan for China's "Great Leap Forward" didn't he? Oh sorry. He did but it sucked & it leapt backwards.

Ok. Anyways. A plan is better than NO plan. Not Just Mother-hood Statements like "Everyone will have a TV in every home when I am the King!"

How can you help them get it is the plan dear!

4. Foes can be better than Friends
Your friends who aren't telling you the truth (MUCH as you hate it) are really your Foes.

The small man will believe those telling him nice things but the big man believe those telling him what isn't nice to know.

Turns out in this Madland, Punk & Pressie both have lotsa "friends" telling him beautiful beautiful things, then foes they shoulda been listening to.

4. Don't under-estimate the Ant
Mr Pressie here thought he could stamp out his ants by knocking down the anthill but this ant escaped & crawled down his pants & has now bitten him on the arse.

Ants have friends. So be careful!

5. Learn Every Lesson
Yeah. I hope the government of this Madland learns how to be a better government from this.

Someone told me the people here Forget Easily. What? Sounds like another Madland you know? Weird about the coincidences ain't it?

Personally what I have learnt is this
1. Don't save that special food, face cream, dress etc for a special time. EVERYDAY is special

2. Stop buying bullshit because in the end I looked around & go, "WHY DID I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF I didn;'t need?"

3. Family, friends & emotional support is a MUCH more luxurious commodity than any damn bottle of La Mer (which I don't have)

4. One really knows who real friends are in a crisis

5. Lastly. The next time I give a teary pseudo farewell speech to my loved ones, I will try not to blubber & panic the world. Communications skills are really non-existent when one is stressed.

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masterwordsmith said...

Hi Gobloking

Thanks for this post. I can identify with you especially the last three points of your post.

Am glad things seem to be stabilizing although I am aware that sometimes, there's a calm before the storm, which I hope is not going to happen for you.

Take care and as always, hugs and lots of love to you.