Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Cheekbones at last!

It's a miracle what stress can do.
To start with, I'm not someone who looks at themself in the mirror too much. My eyesight is so bad that until I can feel the moustache on my upper lip, I don't do much. And it isn't until today that I am beginning to associate myself with this cat (see above). Big Ears, killer cheekbones.

I found I had killer cheekbones the "hard" way when we went out to lunch.

Note on lunch out
Today is a rally organized by the government (about time!) to show "ANTI-Demo" support; in answer to the daily calls for strikes & demos from Young Punk (self-proclaimed President), WHO in answer to this rally has called for a dead city day.

(Now do you see how our lives are run on a daily basis?)

Every shop was closed; not out of respect for Punk's call but more out of respect for looters acting on Punk's call.

yeah. I know. Ain't it funny? The UN negotiator is giving credence to a gangster by negotiating with him.


NO. HOLD IT THERE!! Maybe the people of Perak can ask UN to negotiate for them too????

Anyhoos. Since we had friends who actually came for a holiday, we met them for lunch. You are laughing? I am in hysterics! What a time for a holiday!

Anyway I cupped my face in my hands while waiting for the menu (sorry, Miss Manners)... & OUCH!!!!

I didn't know bones can be this hard! And I've lost the fat / flesh from my cheeks! FAR farkin' OUT!

1. Do not cup face in hands
2. Inject silicon into cheeks
3. Pray Peace will come soon

Hmm! I think it's easier to accomplish #1 & #2 than hope for #3. Revise note to self. No prayers needed.

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