Saturday, 14 February 2009

Do not squeeze the Heart

I have been sleeping well for 2 days. Yes. Windows closed. Yes. Food delivered to Hospital AND managed to buy packets of biscuits too!

There were 6 of us doing 1 meal/day for the hospital, sending different foods & goodies to try to tempt the appetites of kids on chemo or who were on their final legs.

I used to package lollipops, candies, marshmallows, biscuits & apples along with the rice & stew as a treat. Kids always love sweet stuff!
Likewise, my friends do juice, yoghurt & cakes on their day. Needless to say, nobody is in the mood to bake cakes, there's no more yoghurt to buy & the more expensive yoghurt lollipops I used to buy has been looted. So I bought local sweets, not a great treat, but sugar is what these kids need for energy. There is no glucose here to buy.

Our numbers for the meals delivery are reduced by 1/2. The issue is lack of transport as most of us share 1 car/family. We try to keep that car available for our own families in case of emergencies.

I did not make the food delivery myself but the driver who did reported he is glad I didn't go.
The hospital is full to the brim with "freedom fighters" injured last Saturday & he was worried God knows who else is lurking there. This is a local hospital & some of us are viewed with some distrust now.

I also realized something yesterday at the foreign supermarket. There were mainly single foreign men or 1 or 2 well dressed foreign woman shopping for themselves. It is true then. The wives & kids are gone.

Now we've experienced 2 days of calm in the capital but we hear the rot is spreading to the other towns.

And today there will be 2 demos instead of the usual one.

As there are "2" presidents & "2" Ministers (for some Ministeries) either it's fireworks (& another day of huddling close to the internet & mobile phones) or another uneventful day. I choose the latter.

May the red heart symbolising Love remain the same today.

The poor of this country for whom huge egos do not care, can no longer afford to have their hearts squeezed anymore


masterwordsmith said...

Dear Gobloking,

You have squeezed my heart dear sister because I wish I could do something for the kids there in the chemo ward.

Your selfless devotion and that of your friends is most commendable. That you would risk your safety and put the well-being and happiness of these kids above your own is sacrifice springing from a bottomless heart of love.

Thank you for sharing this with us on Valentine's Day. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know...I have a friend in South Africa who is in a NGO for you need any supplies like reading material etc for the kids? I will contact him and ask ..

In the mean time, I am glad to hear you are sleeping well and hope that you are doubling or maintaining your intake of vitamins during this stressful period.

Take care dear friend and please keep us posted...

Our hearts and thought are with you and yours....

hugs and much love,
Paula and family

MikeLing said...

Dear Aunty,
You are experiencing a troublesome period in madland. However we pray that you are not writing the future of bolehland. Stay safe, stay sane.