Monday, 23 February 2009

God are you listening??

I sure hope I don't have to point out who's Punk & who's Prez in the pic above
Anyhoos. Saturday turned out to be a non-event – much to everyone’s relief but not to the trouble makers of Punk.

He announced to about 2,000 of his supporters - that instead of their intended “march to the death” (to take over the President’s seat of power), he had accepted to meet the Prez in ½ hour.

This is despite his repeated rejections of earlier meetings. His conditions for a meeting were that the elected Prez should resign & he will take over (poor man forced to do this!?).

An election is not necessary - thank you - because it’s only transition & he already has his “ministers”.

That boy was kicked big-time in the head by a mule when he was a baby.

Many are asking & wondering why the Head of State would want to “negotiate” with someone who had commited grand treason but then who are we to guess? They are also wondering why Punk has not been arrested so far. Have I mentioned: who are we to guess?

Punk’s supporters jeered & booed him because they reasoned, did he not know of this arrangement an hour before? Or earlier? And why didn’t he tell them sooner? They wanted to go & destroy & plunder & take over the government now!!!

They were also upset he did not consult THEM before he agreed to this meeting. DUH!????

Personally I wasn’t surprised Punk agreed to the meeting. Because how else can he get out of keeping to his promise ie stand in the front line to take bullets like a man?

So far his track record of keeping promises sucks.

But his track record for lies & misinformation takes the Oscar.

Well. Punk & Prez met 45 minutes without any results. These 2 “honorable gentlemen” left their chosen reps to continue the discussion for another few hours.
End result? Zip

Today they met again for 1 hr.
End result? So far - Zip
Their reps are still talking.

Things are gonna improve & there will be a resolution? I don’t think so. Friends who’s lived here longer than us says this is not the culture ie quick conflict resolution.

But OUR personal lives improved for the last 2 days. On Sunday, we went out to lunch. Where there were 5 of us in this popular hotel. In the evening we picked up a pizza. We played cards. We chatted. We had a lovely weekend after all!!

After nearly 1 month of tension, involuntary “house arrest” & curfew at night, I am so chaffed to be able to get OUT of the house. The only time I get out is to get supplies as I want him to have a car on standby & last week I left the house twice.

I now only have 1 teensy weensy little wish.

Am I going to wish for world peace or just peace here?
SORRY! I ain’t a bloody Miss Universe contestant.

My wish is quite mundane & truly self-serving.

I wish that the next place we land up in will be boring as hell.
I want to be cursed with mobility.
I want to be cursed with places to go & things to see.

In short, I want to be cursed with an infinite amount of choices regarding my personal freedom instead of the finite 3 or 4 choices here.
GOD Are you Listening???

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