Saturday, 28 February 2009

Happy Weekend!!

Can you imagine your weekends (& 2 out of 5 weekdays) when you receive emails like the one below from foreign embassies for a month now.

Actually this message is an improvement on the other messages which tells one to stay absolutely at home.

"Absolute Prohibition - to be in the downtown area, and in particular the place of xxx and the ministerial district (as of 6:00 in the morning)

- Move with prudence in the other districts
- Respect the curfew

Comments: For residents in the capital
The gathering this Saturday could prove to be a demonstration with high-risks.

- the situation requires more than the greatest caution.

For provinces

This day will be with demonstration and the intervention of the Army, which made use of their weapons.

This Saturday, demonstrations of risk could take place in a great number of provincial towns especially that of the Port City"

I don't know what "...requires more than the highest caution" means.
Stay under the bed?
FYI - We live close to the centre and for us to get anywhere - even away from the centre involves some travelling distance past a Ministery or 2 or 4!
I told Uncle we will have to make do with our (now)usual activities ie Eat, Internet, play cards, watch telly, sleep.
Happy Weekend y'all!!


masterwordsmith said...

Dear sister,

Please take care ok??? If you catch me on Facebook, then I can sembang and sing with you perhaps ;)...

Stay happy always and eat well.

Really take good care ok????

*Love the he yours???


GobloKing said...

very anti climax...yawn..nnn!!!
only 200 turned up to hear Punk's blablabla & he reiterated starting fr monday onwards until the government hands him the throne, his supporters will continue to sit in..IN A RED ZONE ie the army has the right to shoot or arrest.

but so far they sure ain't arrest them yet esp Punk

p/s that dog's so cute I had to slot him in SOMEWHERE!!!
not mine because I only have 2 arms & both already occupied by 2 jealous dogs.