Monday, 2 February 2009

I am gonna whistle ZippadeeDooDah no matter what!

I woke up with a Resolve. I will not be paralysed with fear & insecurity. I will beam with confidence & smile to everyone around me because I am tired of looking tense & nervous.

We thought yesterday was a new day for all. And then the calls start coming in the evening again.

On Sat, the same day Punk declared himself head of state for a transition govt, he had also asked for a Countrywide strike.

Uncle received a call that 1 of the leaders from more than 20 unions in the company (with 6000 employees)appeared on Punk's radio station to appeal for all in Unc's company to strike today.

I am quite sure common sense will prevail especially when a known alcoholic union leader made the appeal. I am not knocking the fella, it's a fact.

At the same time, an informant tells us Punk has announced his intention to take charge of Unc's company. I hope he does. That would take things outta Unc's hands & then we can bugger off.

Ofcourse everyone is still edgy & uncertain of life being normal after a week of hell.

My friend working here also called. She's not sure she wants to go back to work today as she's received calls from local friends saying they are still supportive of the strike.

The locals are increasingly mad with the Prez - who seems as arrogant & recalcitrant as ever - because he worded his press statement saying he will always be Prez.

I asked her to ask her friends

1. How long will you allow each & every rumour to strike fear in you so that you are constantly paralysed?


Even when the IRA was active in Ireland for >20 years bombing this & that, the inhabitants had to go on with their daily life for >20years!

2. Yeah. Prez is morally wrong & arrogant & a shithead. But at the same time, he had brought in lots of confidence to investors, pumping in money due to the stability.

Don't forget you are not the only hungry fish in Africa. There IS a global economic crisis & foreign investors & donors have LOTS of other places to put their money in.

3. Is everyone happier when the country takes 10 to 20 yrs back? So the Idiot is still arrogant.

Should we sacrifice peace & stability for the entire country because we someone farted in our face?

4. Who is a creditable leader to unite disgruntled people now that Punk has shown he's delusional?

NOBODY goes on strike without leaders & instigators.

Which sane person is gonna walk behind a discredited leader, alcoholics & religious fanatics?

Loyal Jean working in the house asked me if I will leave the house today. I assured him I will. But he asks "What about the Strike?"

I answered "WHAT STRIKE?" He looked visibly relaxed & said "Bien"

As for Uncle, I told him to stay relaxed & remember "This is just another Day as per normal"

I don't know if it is false bravado but I AM NO LONGER LETTING A PUNK GET ME DOWN!


masterwordsmith said...

And I will whistle along with you here in Malaysia too!!!

Yup - way to go my dear sister. You are a mighty strong lady and you will overcome and come out of this unscathed with many a tale to tell and heck - maybe even a book to write!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, ZippadeeDooDah, what else !

Right now le train TGV is preparing for a roundtrip, I read.
Good on you, he'll be busy for a while.

Why isn't there anybody writing an emphatic, compassionate speech for Ra8, adressing his people ?

Maybe he is still stubborn.
Maybe he is tired and longs to return to his milk business.

I keep both eyes on you, my friends.
As for the praying, I have to part it into two - 12 hours for you, 12 hours for the island.


Anonymous said...

GODBLESS to auntyking & uncle !! (stcin)

Anonymous said...

greetings from Malaysia!!

Take care & keep kicking ass!!