Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Life goes on despite constant "threats"

I did not post for a few days, relishing the relative calm. Revelling in the revelation that the People here are tired of a Loudmouth with no substance.

Even foreign schools are opened - so long as one stays away from big crowds..ya DUH!

2 days of normalcy & Punk is getting madder & desperate.

He has been trying to destabilize companies by paying people to advocate strikes etc. Uncle's company was ofcourse hit by such low lives.

Yesterday was to be the strike of Uncle's company.

From 3000 people working here in the capital, er...let's say less than 10 went on strike. I am saying 10 because so far the known shitstirrers are 4 & I am trying to overestimate the numbers.

The 4 shitstirrers stood at 1 of the largest outlets to incite workers going to work. They were in turn shouted upon by normal workers who tell them to leave them alone. Imagine that?

Aunty went around as per normal & spied on the place Punk was supposed to appear & speak to his supporters. From 50,000 people 10 days ago, the number has dwindled down to less than 300 yesterday. MUCH less than 300 but again, I give him face & say more. I saw 100.

However I KNEW IT! 2 days of normalcy & Punk again continues his guerilla tactics. He went on the radios last nite to tell all foreigners to stay home.

WHY? No reason. He is just "warning" them.

He is totally pissed off that all the foreign emabssies "supported" the government by returning to normalcy.

In his warped mind, if you went back to normal, you are not supporting him but supporting the government.

Is he dangerous?
He incited the looting & violence where about 80 to 100 people died in less than 5 days.
Almost 1/2 of the large shops are looted & gone.
The economy here is fragile.

His followers are insane & mad like him

Mad people do mad things & when they are DESPERATE, they will do the Kamikaze thing.

What are we doing about his latest threat? We slept very well last nite, thank you

Uncle's gone to work in the city centre, & Aunty's going visiting friends to calm them (those who called hysterically re: the latest threats).

I tell my friends to remember that the IRA threatened UK & Ireland for 20years but people continued with their lives.

Just how long do we want to be paralyzed at every fear Punk throws at us?

Today he will say foreigners. If that works, tomorrow he will say Kids & then mothers, fathers etc.

He hopes to bring the country to its knees with intimidations & he comes in as the Saviour.

Yeah delcapo. You read Aunty right. I say "F**K HIM"

There are more rumors here than sands on a beach. The government should do more to communicate instead of issuing "edicts"


masterwordsmith said...

Thanks for such an accurate update. There is no news in the Malaysian press (as least not any that I have seen) on the situation there...

You have a mission there because you and Uncle have a vision and I am sure the strength and fortitude is bursting from within ....

Stay strong and cheerful as always and keep us posted ok?

Take care and hope u have enough supplies and that you have tightened up security measure. :-)
hugs and lots of love

masterwordsmith said...

Yooooohoooo anybody home? no news from you for a few days....hope all is well with you.

Take care dear sister!!!!!

hugs and muaks