Monday, 16 February 2009

The Lioness Marina - wife of RPK

Post Note: Before I rush this posting off I must apologise that I seem a little off. Many things happened today & is still happening now in Madland's capital here. Minute by minute shit.
But my thoughts were on RPK & Marina so I will rush this off. Pardon all errors but the feeling's genuine

I read Raja Petra's probably last post on MT twice. Once in the morning, again many hours later. I had to read it twice to check if my choked up throat's for real. Maybe it's an episode of menopause? Maybe I am so stressed I am ready to cry at the drop of a feather from the skies?
But when I read his post a 2rd time & still felt all choked up, I know I must post this.

Please go to Malaysia Today & read RPK's post. You will know what I am trying to say in a clumsy fashion.
And by the time I post this, there will probably be only a few hours before RPK's court appearance & his entry into Kamunting.

I can't say I know Pete nor Marina personally although I have seen them a few times.
A most Extraordinary couple.
Strong & steadfast, both comfortable in their own skins. If there was a Malaysian version of a Che Guevara & there was a Mrs CG, this couple would be it.
I hardly think I endeared myself to them because when I spoke at the only anti-ISA rally I could attend in Dec, I said I was not standing up there in support of Pete but more against ISA.

Yeah. You guessed it. The crowd there laughed me off the stage! (KIDDING!!!). But all of them yelled in unison that THEY were in fact there at the gathering FOR PETE!!

But THAT shows you (me?) the type of loyalty & devotion RPK inspires in his readers.
And no. I have absolutely no right to second guess Marina's feelings but as a wife, & looking at them, I wouldn't think I am too way off base to say that this lady may look indomitable, but her soft spots for her man & family shines through. Yeah. LIONESS type.

So Dear Lioness Marina,
I wish you great Strength & Courage so that the road you travel - which often times may seem lonely - be lessened with the thought that right thinking Malaysians now & of the future thanks you & Pete & your kids for the sacrifices you have to make.

I am 110% sure Pete couldn't do what he does so well, as in the stirring of the nation's conscience, without knowing his brood is safe with you as their lioness.

Keep Safe Pete
Keep Well Marina
Please know that we are counting on both of you - that we may all become a better society of Malaysians.

It's not goodbye RPK.
We will not forget!!!

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masterwordsmith said...

My dear sister,

You are very stronglah!!! I broke down when I read it the first time :(. I fully agree with all that you wrote and have utmost admiration for that fearless, resilient and patriotic couple - RPK and Puan Marina... and did a post on his case and another one on YB Elizabeth Wong a few minutes ago..Looking at the current turn of events, I guess I am muzzled no more :-).

Apart from RPK and Puan Marina, YOU have greatly inspired me too and for that, you know you have my eternal gratitude and friendship.

And yup, I refuse to say goodbye. It is not over!!!

Take care and God bless you and yours always. Keep safe ya?

hugs and much love,