Saturday, 21 February 2009

Madland - yet another day of coup Today

Read my calendar this week

1700hr: Rebels (whose supreme leader buggered off after "ra-ra" speech) takes over 4 ministerial buildings (emptied of staff). Army lets them through without a struggle.

2100hr: "Transition" (rebel) government declared by 34yr old leader, ex-DJ. Armed rebels guarded these buildings. Where the arms came from no one knows but they are machine guns.

Aunty's response: WHOOPEEE!!! Finally can leave this cursed place

0300hr Government troops retakes Ministerial buildings back with lots of gunfire & 10 (?) dead, 50 arrested.

Aunty's response: DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!! No valid excuse to bugger off now!

1300hr Ex-DJ announces a march "to the death" today - as usual women & kids & some christian priests/fathers (??) in front line. He declares THIS TIME he will be in the front.

Which will be a first.
In 5 days of attempted takeover his DJ-ness simply dissapeared after benedicting the people.

Today we are breathless with anticipation because now he says they will march in all directions to confuse the army.

He does have between 5000 to 10000 people but not to forget more than half are gangsters so it won't be a loss if they are eliminated. Many are the very poor doing this for 2 to 4 Euro.

Most of all I hope ex-DJ dies.

Yeah. I am not politically correct nor religious.

What I can't stand are Hypocrites & Cowards self-professing their own Greatness.

I would any time prefer a brutally frank Gangster as my leader who says
"You are risking your life to get ME Power & Wealth. Ofcourse you may die but if you do live & I win, you won't be poor"
He never said you will be rich, he just said you won't be poor. See the double talk?

Ofcourse Punk is saying he's doing this for Democracy but not that he is in any way adhering to any principles of democracy by seizing power against the wishes of - let's say - 60% of the people

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masterwordsmith said...

Please take good care dear sister and come back soon...

Very scary to read all this and I feel for you ....

Big hugs