Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Never ending Story

Negotiations between Prez & Punk is as good as dead.

Punk can't hold his tongue & has said his demands were not met (he wants control of national TV&radio to put out more propaganda & disinformation to the nation) plus dissolution of the entire government.

Needless to add that those were not well received conditions, hmm?

And we thought the meeting was supposed to be TOP secret until there are outcomes to the nego.

When one sleeps with thieves I guess!

Once more the people here are held hostage to a wall of silence from the Prez.

Once more, we are preparing to batter ourselves in - against the onslaught of lawlessness. We passed the Presidential office in town & his home and not 1 single guard or soldier is in sight. NOT ONE. That is worrying.

Also must tell y'all this funny story. Yesterday some of our friends decided it was nice to eat at a nice, peaceful & quiet little hotel out of town to avoid any bullshit.

They had just sat down to eat & was enjoying all that calm when - IN walks lots of soldiers with guns & the President!

Turns out THAT was the secret meeting place both parties picked as neutral to attend the 2rd negotiation.

Our friends hothoofed it outta there so fast, they are still running for the mountains today!

SO FUNNY ain't it? Just when you thought there was a nice quiet little place??!

Meanwhile we have both picked next Friday to depart; he for urgent biz he needs to settle in Europe & me home to KL.

But seeing as the tide turns every which way any day, we just held our reservations.

It's NICE to know one has a reservation...just to see if that will happen ie us leaving. I sure ain't goin' nowhere if Uncle ain't goin' too.


Anonymous said...

First good news from you both since weeks !
Seems they are all infected by mad cow desease, so leave the paddock asap !!!
Uncle can go back, if ever the story should come to a good end.

My nerves just can't stand any longer knowing you are still there !!


Anonymous said...

At last we have something to look forward to...your home coming!


GobloKing said...

Talks broke down totally yesterday.

Today the brouhaha starts again until the weekend..waiting to see what the army will do next!

IF the troubles persist, we will NOT make our trips.

He HAS to be here although he's just about had it with all this stress.

We try to stay positive & he hates me for reminding him we DO have a choice ie he leaves the job so we can REALLY REALLY leave without a conscience!

masterwordsmith said...

Hi sweetheart!!!

Ooooo I am so happy to hear that you will be back!!! When are you arriving? I can meet you cos I will be in KL too!!! Gimme a call ok when u r back!!

Phew! What a relief to know you will be leaving that place although I know you will miss your darling :-).

Hope to see you soon....