Thursday, 12 February 2009

NEW!! Photos of Home Defence System & Getaway Plan

Loyal Jean on right - such a great comfort in my times of need. I woulda fallen apart if he didn't continue in his quiet unassuming ways. Left: Victor is our new guard
Escape route. Left of picture: Plastic sheet covers 2 chairs, 1 on top of a fortunate cement slab. 1 chair on ground. Plan: climb to uppermost top of chair ie back of chair, haul self about 70cm up to wall. Walk on narrow ridge & hopefully get to someone's backyard 4 houses away
Escape mode standby. Bag. Shoes, Clothes
Security systems. White things (night shift now day gotta rest ok? Oh. & golf clubs bottom of stairs ready to whack
Before & After:
Jan 25th: Old Posting: Lady of Leisure.
Jan 26th. New Posting: Security System
Another day in Paradise
The usual threats, innuedos & psycho-assaults continue fr the Punk & Opposition.

The usual "dignified" silence from the Government. Maybe disciples of the Badawi Principle?

Today: Transport strike declared by Opposition actually took place because during the night gangsters fr Opposition barricaded bus depots, taxi stands, threatening lives.
Did I not say the false sense of the Curfew at 2000hrs doesn't stop hard working gangsters?

Now you know why we are sleeping safe at night?


masterwordsmith said...

My dear sister,

My heart goes out to you and yours, including Jean, Victor and the people of that land....

I feel for you and hope that your security systems work and that you have the strength - both physical and mental to survive. But then again, you have always been a fighter and I can hear you singing at the top of your voice, be it in the bathroom or in your sleep - Gloria Gaynor's "I WILL SURVIVE".

I know you will.

Hugs and much love from me and my whole family

GobloKing said...

ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG! I have no chance lah!

No worries. All fine. Play it by ear & I LOVE to sing "I WILL SURVIVE"
p/s I always read yr blog to cheer me up. SO remember yr blog's invaluable to ME!!!