Thursday, 26 February 2009

Now it's uncles's company under fire

Same old same old. I hope I am not sounding flippant but 2 days of calm has once again broken.
Just read that Friday and this weekend is YET another f**king potential blow up.

Truce over. Punk is once again organizing rallies to take over the city, the government, and Uncle’s company.


Uncle told me nothing. “Little woman & all that” you understand? But I can read dear!

Seems that Punk-I-wanna-be-president is paying some 200 of Unc’s staff to do a sit-in today. There are 6000 staff in all but maybe 200 ain't a threat? So what do the protesters' want? Same old same old?
They want the Uncle OUT (too expensive!)
Let a local take over (much cheaper)
Not radical. Not new.

I know how they feel – if they were truly being patriotic. Ofcourse I wouldn’t like some foreigners running my country’s national resource either!

But I don’t think Madland has a choice.

Firstly the international community loaned this company a lot of moolahs, provided it’s run by foreign professionals.

The past 15 years of this company’s history has shown that it was run to the grounds & that this company is an extremely high risk loan.

Local management is indeed MUCH cheaper.

So, how did the company get into such a staggering debt & near bankruptcy with the former - much cheaper - local management??

How about some of the following smaller examples?
- custom made Italian furniture for private use?
- 7-series BMW?
- innumerous new 4wheel drives?
- free unlimited petrol?
- Building huge private villas with company’s materials, men & time?
- "Renting" out their (free) private power lines to the whole neighbourhood?
- Selling customers the "rights" NOT to pay their bills?
- Awarding contracts ONLY to friends, families & themselves?

Ofcourse those sitter-inners know they are being used.
Forget that they are being paid better by Punk not to work than to be paid for actually working. Ofcourse that's not the point.

The point is one can see the obvious immense love for their country, their national assets, their people etc.

NOBODY's in it for themselves. Purely altruistic.

It’s no secret Punk wants to lay his hands on the honey pot ie Unc’s company.

Running it? Repaying loans to the international community? FORGIT IT! He wants to finance his private revolution.

The international community has already come out to say to the country that ALL funds to this country will be withdrawn and in fact, has stopped. There should not be any move to do any extra-constitutional things.

This can either mean that Punk has to lay off (as if he cares!), or that the President must continue negotiating (as if he cares!)

Ofcourse I blame Unc.
If his company had still been in shitsville, then there’s absolutely no reason for Punk to take it over.

BTW: have I been saying I would be QUITE happy if this matter is taken out of our hands and we can just leave shitsville here?

That booking for next Friday? It’s either on or it’s off.

If it’s on, it can be for 2 weeks or forever. Guess which option I’d rather? Meanwhile I will try to arrange for our doggies to get their export cert.

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