Thursday, 12 February 2009

On a bad hair day...

I snapped my own photo today. I DID have lipstick on but I feel like the person in the photo to the lower right of this blog has gone on holiday somewhere else.

Yeap. And my eyes looks like I feel. They seem to have a will of their own; just rollin' around my know the feeling?
I am eating. Food in, chew. Period.
Uncle called me as I had taken his car out today.
He tries NOT to sound worried but he tells me from his office, he can see the centre road of the city & there are 5000 people milling around. When he estimates 5000, from my experience I know it is double that number. And if he's sounding worried, I am triply worried. He is not one to alarm the little woman.
I sent the driver immediately back to him instead of taking food to the hospital. Now I have a large pot of stew & rice sitting on my stove destined for the hospital but not reaching them. Maybe tomorrow will be better?


masterwordsmith said...

My dear sister,

Adversity has a way of making us lose weight!!! You look much thinner and for women, that is supposed to be good!!!;-) During my recent encounter, I lost 11 pounds in two weeks..since then I have regained 4 pounds thanks to Chinese New Year...

I admire your resolve to stay calm and strong and you will get stronger :-)...Thank you for inspiring me in the made a lot of difference to me then and even now.

Thank you so much for being such a selfless person. You know, each time I come here, I never cease to be amazed by the way in which, despite your challenging circumstances, you soldier in MOST selflessly and this is the stuff that heroines are made of!!! And YOU MOST DEFINITELY ARE ONE in my heart..

Thanks also for visiting my the bored char bor trying to entertain myself!!! *wink*

By the way, the person whose photo is at the lower end of the blog has metamorphosed into someone even more beautiful :-) not just on the outside, but from inside...

Your courage and resilience is really, I mean REALLY a force to be reckoned with and Uncle is really really blessed to have you, and me too, for knowing you in cyberspace.

hugs and lots of love to a beautiful lady

GobloKing said...

See why I don't have a scale Paula?

don't know don't care mah! 11lbs in 2 weeks! OK YOU WIN!

I am dreaming of Mee Yoke, satay, ice kacang, thosai, rojak, assam fishhead, a walk in a well stocked market and supermarket, ice potong.

See? How to not live in Msia with cravings like this?

Anonymous said...

The pictures have ripped my heart again, so many good memories and the place so near in my imagination ...

That punk is worse than Goebbels reloaded !

You know what I want you to do !
All my love to you both.


juanito said...


nice hair do.. neat...

Gregory said...

Dear Aunty Penny,

Sorry for being so quiet for a long time. Just came back from my short CNY break, and the Perak government was in turmoil. And I am still upset over it.

But rest assured, I am sill visiting your blog everyday just to see how you are doing. You strike me as a strong, resilient and kind lady. And under such trying circumstances you are still thinking about the poor kids in the Hospital... I don't know how i would be coping if I was under the same amount of stress as you are right now. How you remain optimistic and cheerful amazes me. And believe me when I say that I am in awe of you. How you live your life and how you remain optimistic and selfless while facing al these adversities.

Although we have never met physically, just through little bits of electrical charges in electrical circuits, you continue to inspire me.

Well, if the going gets too tough, please come back and let us fatten up your cheecks and satisfy your food cravings.

Meanwhile, take good care of yourself and uncle too.


GobloKing said...

Thank you Angie, Juanito & Greg!
I wish I was as selfless as you think. I feel like a coward for having missed sending 1 meal already.

It was a commitment I made to myself that we will do a little something

It just makes me mad that even the little we can do, we are unable to do - due to fear & cowardice of not being able to move with constant threats

As for fattening up, Uncle has volunteered to cut up his fat to paste onto me; so with his help I might resemble Lola Ferrera, the infamous tiple E cup porn celebrity!

JLim said...

You are great..keep the spirit up..

Anonymous said...

Penny dearest,

Your resolve and positive attitude is truly amazing! It is good that you are blessed with a wicked sense of humor. You are looking a tad thin so do take care of yourself.

Love and hugs,


Anonymous said...

(stcin) : ... different from the foto in red !
cheers, anyway !

GobloKing said...

we found a scale. I am not that thin after all. just lost 2 to 3 kgs. Yes stcin dear. I do look so different. The person in the red hs gone MIA for 3 weeks but I AM looking hard for her!! :)

Anonymous said...

you look 'kind & gentle' macam ibu aku, GODBLESS !