Thursday, 19 February 2009

Poker Hands

Poker Hand - Royal Flush
Stake: One's Own life
Winnings: The Hope of a Better Nation
The Hand: Royal Flush is the highest possible Hand in Poker. It consists of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten in the same suit eg all spades or all diamonds etc
Raja Petra has said he will to fight to the bitter end if he is sent to Kamunting without a fair trial - by fasting to death.

Haris Ibrahim of the People's Parliament not only blogs about this but has more than implied he & some friends of Bangsa Malaysia will follow suit. If that is not setting an example, I don't know what is.

Will RPK play his Royal Flush? Will Harris do the same?

Past history has shown that RPK has not taken anything provided by his "hosts" in Kamunting. His only intake came from his wife & family & even of that, he partook little.

And he did not, has not and will NOT ask anyone else to do what he's gonna do.

He's playing ALL his own chips & nobody else's. If you want to bet on his hand, do so for your own reasons & at your own risks.

Poker Hand: 4 of a Kind
Stake: Other People's Lives
Winnings: To be President & Control the Wealth of a Nation
After his 3rd day failing to take over government buildings Punk here in Madland announced (Saddam Hussein-like) that he will send women & kids (masked) who are families of soldiers to the front line today since his reasoning (sic) is that soldiers will not shoot at their own families.

Oh yeah. Cool. He also announced he will be at the front line today - ignoring all "protocols" of not being in front before this.

Will Punk play his 4 of a Kind & stake everything in especially his own life?

Punk's history has shown he will step out for some fresh air, & then send 'em all on their merry way to face the Guns alone. His reason? He HAD to observe the "protocol" set by his supporters (sic again)

And his chips? Sending in OTHER PEOPLE'S women & kids

So how will the game play out?
Well. You decide which is the higher stakes & winning in these 2 hands

As for myself.
A living Raja Petra & Harris means MUCH more for us, for Bangsa Malaysia & Malaysia.

On the other hand, I ain't gonna tell you how I wish Punk's hand will turn out. Because if I did, I may lose yet another teensy weensy chance to hear harps playing amongst the clouds!

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