Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Politics 101 & Zero for Maths Test

Politics ain't my forte. Neither is Maths. Both are understatements.

Somehow Life has seen fit to teach me some Pol 101 & Maths in my old age & this is what I gather:

1. "There is no peace starring down the barrel of a gun"
It's (much) better to send some poor bugger to do the starring, so that you can re-appear later to scream Blue Murder if the guns win, & they suckas die.

Some people call this "Live to fight another battle"
Aunty calls it "The poor are dispensable"

2. Politics is a Karmic Bitch
Get what you want, however you want. Bitch always comes back the same way to bite your arse

3. Democracy? Socialism? Communism? Capitalism?
All same same for "SHOWMETHE$$$$!!!!!"

Or as Hee (running bitch of Perak) would say

Now Aunty. What about the King of Madland? Correction. There are TWO Kings of Madland here; 1 in denial. 1 in "transition". Both are Shittin' big time.

1's shittin 'cause he's in a tizzy & a dizzy
The other's shittin' 'cause he's delusional
Or maybe BOTH are delusional & in a tizzy & a dizzy?

I am sorry but in school I set the record TWICE for scoring "0" in Maths, so I ain't sure what the following stats mean:
1. 100,000 people wanted to overthrow the government on Jan 25.

2. 50,000 people listened in awe as they get a new King.

3. 20,000 people marched with new King to seize seat of power (kinda "with" as new King buggered off 1/2 way there).

4. Next day, 5,000 people attended the funeral of 26 who died.

Maths question:
From 100,000 to 50,000 to 80,000 to 5,000?
Does this reflect a decreasing # of followers or is 5,000 still a formidable # of hardcore hotheads?

Other Trivial News
I was only told last nite that ALL non-essential personnel from all the International donor agencies have left Madland including consultants, volunteers etc

Reaction: Even if one stays safely at home the roof can still fall down, no? Unc & I shrugged it off & accepted the inevitable. We are essential !!! :)


masterwordsmith said...

My dear friend,

The tenacity and commitment displayed by you and Uncle is an inspiration to many fighting for their cause. That you would put others above your own safety is not something that many would do.

Please take care and know that I think of you daily and say a little prayer for you and yours.


GobloKing said...

we are hardly taking risks, dear paula! foreigners like us are covered under an evac plan

one hears of 70 legionaires 1.5hrs away who will arrive to escort 10,000 foreigners away.

If I divide this by 250/plane, it would take only 40 days.But if there are 6 flights a day it may take only 10days! :)

thanks so much for yr prayers!