Sunday, 1 March 2009

Postscript of this saturday

Unethical journalists gets my goat! When you choose to use stringers for a reputable news agency, choose an objective reporter who will just report the facts!

Some french journos obviously misreporting the events here supporting the opposition (perhaps with their government's tacit support?) are really PISSING me off.

Maybe because this current regime did not accord the frenchies the same exclusive monopoly to ru(i)n Madland as the former regimes had over the past 30 years?

The French Press Agency or the equivalent of Reuters actually reported between 2000-3000 people at today's event "hosted" by the MadPunk & his newly formed All Opposition Coalition.

Guess how many were ACTUALLY there? According to locals who attended the event - 200.

Man! That's a Mother-of-a-huge-difference in numbers designed to scare the 99.9999% of us who stayed home & weren't there to know any better.

Look. I am ALL for a strong Opposition. I consider the Opposition parties unpaid policemen of the People to check and balance the Powers-that-be

But what I HATE above all is Unfair Play. By anyone! Journos, politicians, government, maid/wife bashers etc.

The opposition here are using really underhanded methods including outright LIES & threats & paying gangsters

Especially in Madland where the majority are really poor, illiterate & gullible - this is a FARKING crime!

The opposition here has managed to discredit all & any worthy opposition with what they are doing.

Who's gonna trust a real Opposition in future?

Starting Monday onwards Punk has announced there will be permanent sit ins for THE WHOLE COUNTRY until this government leaves (him to be Transition Prezzie).

As usual, soldiers, civil servants, citizens, gangsters, intellectuals etc are "invited" to join them

So far the anarchy here has cost the country close to 1 billion Euro of foreign development funds.

Imagine how much rice that will buy?

Many here have already lost precious employment due to global recession, and now this !!

I sure would like to see Punk's non-existent economic plans to feed the people.

I would like SOMEONE to tell the President here TO PULL HIS SOCKS UP & BE A LEADER by arresting the Cuprits (Snake Heads) who have created & instigated Treason & caused such great destablity to the land

But I gotta tell you I hand it to Unc. He's cool as a cucumber because his little strike has now more or less vanished. He sure has a lot more inner steel than me.

My steel comes from a golf club or 2 or 5.

Can you tell I am more the physical type? Hmmm?
I tend to find physical activities like bodybashing more invigorating than he does!

AND HELLO... we are heading away this coming Friday !!! Providing nothing bad happens between now & then!!

Diana, Paula- I will be there by Feb 7th afternoon !!! YIPPEE!!!!


Helena said...

Dear Penny,

I am THRILLED to hear that you are leaving on Friday. Holiday or are you coming back? What happens to the dogs - will you be taking them with you.

Hope all goes well, you get to leave and have a nice holiday. Sending love, courage and strength!


PS The other day I was at Spirit Rock - the meditation centre near us. At the end of the meditation session we can all name anyone who we want others to think about and bless- people who are sick, struggling, etc. As I was thinking of you and Bernhard a woman spoke up and said " i am thinking of my frieds in Madagascar who are in danger because of the civic instability." I tried to see who it was but couldn't. So know that there are others there who we are thinking about and sending good thoughts to. Love you both and be safe.

masterwordsmith said...

C'est la vie, mon ami...One can get unethical journalists in many parts of the world and even closer to home...which is why i wrote one post on From Paparazzi to Stalkarazzi :(.

A four digit difference is a LOT! Either they are morons or never learnt the 3Rs or are really blind or maybe even all!

Anyway, on the brighter side, I will be there by 7pm Feb 7th and Yipppppeeee too!!!

Sorry to digress- what will happen to your doggies????

Take care and c ya soon, honey!

hugs and much love

GobloKing said...

Funny how dog lovers think of dogs ain't it?

As for us, we can't leave for good YET - not for a few more mths.

it's just a respite fr here for 2weeks. he's onto europe for biz,me home.

The pooches will be having their very own companion our Jean to stay in the house with them.

GOD FORBID they do not have the comforts of a home & the touch of a human!

H - ain't it bizarre that someone else is thinking of this lil' place?

P - Meet Monday lunch can or not? I will email you!